Nurse Jackie recap episode 10 — she didn’t just do that!?!

Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton in Nurse Jackie Season 7, Episode 10 Barb Oates

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7, Episode 10 “Jackie and the Wolfe” (original airdate June 14, 2015) Oh gawd, we’re so close to a possible happy ending and episode 10 of Nurse Jackie has Jackie fearing she’s going to test positive on her next drug test. But hang on — it’s not what you’re thinking (at least in the beginning).

Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton in Nurse Jackie Season 7, Episode 10The episode starts with an angelic looking Jackie (Edie Falco) hanging at Eddie’s (Paul Schulze) place, where she’s teasing him over his hand-written wedding vows that she stumbled upon when a knock at the door brings an unexpected guest. It’s an “investigator” of sorts from his pharmaceutical company who is investigating a discrepancy with Eddie’s Alleria account. It’s a sizeable difference — like 200 samples unaccounted for. Come on Eddie, for real? He’s asked to turn over all of his remaining samples until they can get it sorted out, but first they need to clear his house for any traces of drugs (apparently it was in the employment contract he signed). So in comes a drug-sniffing dog. But Eddie’s somewhat careless and he spots a pill on the floor, motions to Jackie so Jackie’s on the spot to hide it so she pops it into her mouth. NO!!!!!! Good news, she didn’t swallow. Bad news the pill is half dissolved and she needs to take a drug test in about an hour. She decides to call in sick. But the problem is far from being solved, as Jackie’s attorney Barry Wolfe (Mark Feuerstein) got her court date moved up and guess what?! It’s that day.

Jackie meets with Barry and comes clean, telling him she may test positive. Wolfe tells her she’s going to need to act calm and whatever she does — do not take a pee test. Zoey (Merrit Weaver) sees her outside All Saints and is thrilled that today’s the day that they can potentially go back to being colleagues. Inside All Saints Akalitus accuses Zoey of looking chummy with Jackie. “All I know is Jackie’s done everything right,” Zoey says. “I’ve got all my reports and urine screens ready to go — clean screens, every day.”

Nurse Jackie recap

Carrie (Betty Gilpin) checks over Karlsen (Jeremy Shamos) — the hated Norwegian trying to close the hospital — and he asks her to some snore event. Thor kicks him out of the ER claiming they need to save the space for real patients. I think she’s warming up to him.

Jackie and Barry kick Prince (Tony Shalhoub) out of his office so they can prepare for the hearing. Jackie’s nervous. Barry tells her to keep her plea short, simple and honest. When he asks how she stands with Zoey and Akalitus  — Jackie knows she has Zoey in her court, but Akalitus has never been a fan. Barry knew that and has a red folder filled with some of her “past skeletons” to help discredit her. Jackie insists no one needs to get buried in this process and asks him to put it away. Zoey interrupts looking for a urine sample. Ugh. This ain’t going to work.

Prince is tending to a full house in the ER. Thor (Stephen Wallem) thanks him for being such an inspiration. When he hands him an otoscope, Prince’s brain tumor makes itself known and he struggles to see and grasp the object in front of him. He brushes it off to Thor as a brain freeze. Thor doesn’t buy it.

Jackie’s outside All Saints pacing — her hearing’s in 10 minutes — so she calls Eddie to help her nerves. But out comes Zoey with the plastic pee canister — she needs her final urine sample to get her paperwork in check. Jackie refuses and walks out on a confused Zoey, who reports the situation to Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) just as they sit down for the hearing.

nurse_jackie_710_1858.RThe hearing is in a conference room with the respective parties gathered around. The monitor, Ellen, knows Barry — he sarcastically reminds her of his passion for nursing. Jackie starts by thanking the group for coming all this way and for the diversion program — because it gives nurses, like her, a second chance. “I love being a nurse more than anything, it’s who I am,” she tells them. But Prince and Thor burst into the hearing and Prince starts to ramble — dropping expletives on why Jackie’s such an awesome nurse and how she saved three lives during a trauma event …. slurring on as if drunk or on drugs himself. Not helping Prince! Thor grabs him and helps him out. Barry’s quick to interject that “yes” Jackie did help people despite being on the diversion program and explains that all three lived because she intervened. When the review team asks for other comments, Zoey has nothing to add. Akalitus just wants to know; “I’m just wondering why we haven’t been able to get a urine screen today?”

Nurse Jackie's Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton and Merritt Wever as Zoey in Nurse Jackie (Season 7, Episode 10). They take a slight recess. Inside the bathroom Jackie tells Zoey what happened in the morning, as crazy as it sounds. “I don’t even understand how you keep getting in these situations,” Zoey asks.

Crying, Jackie says it’s because she’s an addict. “This is my life. It has cost me everything. Every relationship I’ve ever had including with you. This is not something that goes away. I will likely have these craving for my whole life. But right now I am clean,” Jackie pleads.

“It’s just that you are a good liar,” Zoey counters.
“I am,” Jackie acknowledges. “But right that’s not what I’m doing. This is not about a hearing … it’s about you and me. Do you trust me?”

It feels like a long wait filled and an emotionless face from Zoey, until she says: “Give me the cup, I’ll do it.”

They go back to the boardroom and Ellen shuffles through the papers indicating all the reports and urine tests look good so they can wrap things up. Akalitus, however, chimes in citing serious concerns on Jackie’s future sobriety and her pending engagement to a pharmaceutical rep.


But she doesn’t stop there, she tells Barry: “Your client lies. Your client makes bad choices. Choices that have cost her her career. Her husband and her daughters.”

Jackie pulls that red folder from Barry’s stack and tells him to do it.

Barry lashes into Akalitus on bad choices bringing up her son Michael who is an addict, who has a string of arrests across the country  — a son she abandoned — and who is now wanted for suspicion grand larceny. Barry accuses of her of having a misplaced vendetta.

But Ellen stops them and tells that none of this blaming and foul language speaks well for anyone. They are going to need some time to make a decision. While Jackie waits in the hall, Karlsen strolls by and asks about her fiancé. He tells her that it was he who contacted someone at Eddie’s company to get the dogs brought in.

All we hear is the decision is final. Jackie bolts from the room. Heads to her locker — no expression on her face. This is it, it’s over. We think she’s packing up her gear, but instead she’s there to change her scrubs and get back to work. Smiling in blue scrubs walking the halls of All Saints, she reaches in her pocket. Pulls out a handful of something and pops them in her mouth with a smile. Those better have been frickin’ Mike and Ikes!




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  1. A very well-written recap. I like your style. Would have been happy to hear more of your opinions and speculation. Thanks for hanging in there with Jackie.

  2. Edie Falco is such a fine actress that when Jackie begins to use again, it makes me feel just sick for her! At first, it feels good, but later it causes her a lot of trouble. I’m not sure I understand what Eddie is doing – taking some pain meds out of each set for selling? Surely he is not using, or giving them to Jackie to use, but why is he selling them? So Jackie can pay her lawyer? Just a bit confusing. Also, I don’t see how Jackie can do her nursing work so skillfully while she is high. Wouldn’t she be slurring words, dizzy, etc.? My firm belief about the way it will end is that somehow, they may all be hired by another hospital, but Jackie will still be using, and maybe starting to mess up her life — but it will fade to black while she is still an addict. That would be in keeping with the way the show has always gone. Maybe someone will know, maybe no one will know.

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