All American Episode 9

All American Episode 9 “Keep Ya Head Up” RECAP

The CW’s All American has returned from their hiatus with an episode filled with grief, betrayal, retaliation, manipulation, and heartbreak. Coop takes a turn for the worst and I don’t believe Spencer has enough will power to save her. Death could be Coop’s demise. Player of The Year This episode opens with Spencer taking an afternoon run but the whole time he’s distracted by Shawn’s death. Meanwhile, Jordan is still feeling anxious about his drug test results and it’s affecting his focus. So, Baker tells him to stop worrying about it. This is a slippery slope for everyone because Baker knows […]


National Geographic’s “Valley of the Boom” Looks At The Meteoric Rise And Cataclysmic Burst Of The Dot-Com Bubble

On a brisk spring day near the Vancouver waterfront, Steve Zahn is ready to dance in the street. Not that anyone who passed by would ever recognize the actor. Boasting an unruly blond mullet and impressive faux girth, Zahn is about to join a carefully choreographed flash mob that, like the rest of the series the scene is part of, is a sort of grownup Schoolhouse Rock! about the financial excess and unchecked egos of Silicon Valley’s earliest days. It’s pure ’90s gone wild … and surprisingly educational. And it’s exactly what filmmaker Matthew Carnahan had in mind for Valley […]


Dakota Fred Says Buckle Up for Season 2 of ‘Gold Rush: White Water’

The Dakota Boys, father and son team Fred and Dustin Hurt, are back again in Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush: White Water to continue their search for the bounties of gold resting at the bottom of Alaska’s McKinley Creek. Season 2 of Gold Rush: White Water begins on Discovery Channel Friday, Jan. 4 at 10/9c. We caught up with the elder Hurt, Dakota Fred, who claims this season was cringe-worthy and the “adventure was off the charts.” “When we first finished Season 1, I was not sure I wanted to go back, but after a few months we got to thinking […]

Red Nose Day
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NBC To Host Red Nose Day In May 2019

Red Nose Day – the national fundraising campaign to help end child poverty created by Comic Relief USA – will kick off on Thursday, May 23, 2019 on NBC. The three-hour star-studded night of programming will make it a fun experience as people from all over the world come together to aid this much needed cause. “Red Nose Day is all about making it fun to make a difference. The brilliantly simple idea has really taken off. This past year, we raised almost $47 million thanks to the outsized generosity of Americans across the country and our amazing partners – […]


All American RECAP Episode 8 ‘Homecoming’: Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?

The premise of this episode is friendship, hence the title that I have chosen. Layla and Spencer get a handle on what they’re doing because they’re both confused at this point. Asher throws some serious shade and Coop gets a wake-up call that takes a turn for the worse. No Sunshine The show opens and the homecoming dance is over. Everyone is going home. Spencer gets dropped off in front of his home in Crenshaw in a limousine and sees Coop sitting on the front steps. He can tell something is wrong. “Somethings don’t work out as we plan,” Coop […]


‘All American’ Episode 7 RECAP: Ready for some ‘California Love’?

I apologize for a late review. This week’s episode had me feeling like maybe this show has a chance. I’m going to be jumping around a bit, so bare with me. Let’s get into it. “I’m getting real good at not taking no for an answer thing y’all do here in Beverly Hills.” – Spencer After last week’s kiss, Spencer has become more persistent on courting Layla but she’s like, ‘I have a boyfriend now’. Layla is very indecisive, what do you expect? For the first time Layla is not the innocent one and her vulnerability is starting to show. […]

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Discovery Takes Us Live To U.S.-Mexico Border in “Border Live”

What side are you on? Where do you stand on the U.S.-Mexico border war? These are just a few of the questions explored and discussed as Discovery Channel takes us live to the border in their new six-part series Border Live beginning Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 9-11 ET/PT. The series will broadcast live each Wednesday from its New York-based studio where journalist Bill Weir tracks the action and stories as they unfold, engaging with a panel of experts and field reporters live at the border. Don’t let the title or the format of the show fool you, as this is […]