Undercover Billionaire Glenn Stearns

What You Can Learn From the Undercover Billionaire?

There’s a lot to be learned from billionaire Glenn Stearns. Including that it doesn’t matter where you came from or what your grades were — you could still make a billion. Stearns is relaxed, humble and honest when we speak at the Beverly Hilton prior to a press panel for the docuseries Undercover Billionaire, on which he is a featured panelist at the Television Critics Association’s semiannual press tour. The eight-episode series airs on Discovery Channel Tuesdays at 10pmET/PT. Unlike most in the billionaire boys circuit, Stearns was not born into wealth — he grew up in a working-class family, […]


Interview: David Hasselhoff on Taking on Former ’80s Superstars and Cars

There’s a lot to love about the former Knight Rider and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, but one of our favorite things is his humble candor — he’s never been afraid to just tell it as it is. After 40-plus years in the business, the international superstar radiates positivity as he talks to us about what’s on the horizon, which includes a tour in the fall, a possible Knight Rider movie and a two-hour special on History titled Battle of the ’80s Supercars With David Hasselhoff. The special, airing Wednesday, July 10 at 8/7c, is part of History’s now annual Car […]


‘Amazing Race’s’ Phil Keoghan Answers Fan Banter With One of Reality TV’s Biggest Crossover Events

What were you doing 18 years ago? These would be the days before Facebook and Twitter, and when TV was pretty much limited to what’s on is what’s on. For Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race, he was embarking on what would become one of the longest-running careers in reality TV history. As the race-around-the-world series begins its 31st season (Wednesday, April 17 9/8c) — yes, 31st season! — Keoghan shares with us what’s in store for the new season and why fans will be excited to see the show’s newest theme that pits former contestants of The Amazing Race, […]

Laura Kai Chen

‘Days of Our Lives’ Star Laura Kai Chen Loves Her Job

Laura Kai Chen grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago near Lake Michigan. When we spoke, she gushed about how beautiful the city is, and one of her favorite restaurants as a child, “There was a Japanese restaurant called Akia Hana near where I grew up, where we used to go quite a bit. And then there was a fondue restaurant in Chicago. Downtown. I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of it right now. And of course, there is so much great pizza.” After graduating as a theater major with a master’s degree from […]

Karimah Westbrook 2

“All American” Star Karimah Westbrook Counts Her Blessings

Karimah Westbrook’s welcoming demeanor made our conversation feel like home. The soft-spoken, kind-hearted star of the CW’s All American fearlessly conquers her dreams and breaks ground for new possibilities. We recently caught up with the Chicago native who candidly opened up about crashing an audition, booking All American and her future goals. In her early 20s, Westbrook took a chance on herself. Without any formal representation besides a commercial agent, she crashed an audition for a major feature film that she caught wind of. “I didn’t have a theatrical agent. I only had a commercial agent. A lot of actors […]