Available On Demand and DVD: The Wolf Hour

By Stephen Whitty The Bronx is burning, and June Leigh isn’t doing so well herself. She was a famous novelist, once. But then came a death in the family. A case of writer’s block. Mounting debts. Now, in 1977, she sits locked away in her dead grandmother’s apartment, afraid to look outside, terrified of looking within. June is sometimes funny, sometimes edgy, often infuriating — and onscreen in every scene of The Wolf Hour. It’s a role that demands a fiercely committed actress, and luckily director Alistair Banks Griffin has her in Naomi Watts. Ever since David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive […]


New to On Demand and DVD: Gemini Man

Everyone looks in a mirror. Sometimes we like what we see, while other times our reflection is a painful reminder of who we are. What happens though, when the mirror image of you is trying to hunt you down and kill you? That’s just part of the story for the film Gemini Man from director Ang Lee. Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is an assassin. Working for various arms of the government, Henry is brought in for that special shot that takes the best, because he is the best. But the number of kills in Henry’s past is catching up with […]


New to On Demand and DVD: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

It’s never fun to start a review to a sequel with this comment: “Did we really need a sequel to this movie?” But I have to admit my true feeling and related skepticism when sitting down with Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, as when I left Maleficent I had no desire to see any kind of resumption of the story. Despite my total and complete apathy at there being a sequel released, I left my night with the Mistress of Evil in delight, as I actually enjoyed the sequel, maybe even more so than the original. I know; that last comment […]


On Demand DVD New Releases Jan. 13-19

On Demand DVD New Releases Jan. 13-19   Gemini Man A hitman is being hunted by the one person who knows his every move: a younger clone of himself. Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen (PG-13, 1:57) 1/14 Jexi Phil has a major dependency issue – he’s addicted to his phone. He has no friends, a job writing pop culture ‘Top 10’ lists, and his love life is non-existent. (R, 1:24) Adam DeVine, Alexandra Shipp 1/14 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (pictured above) In this sequel to the 2014 hit film, Maleficent and her goddaughter Aurora are pulled in different […]

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Meet The Frasers Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Promises We’re Going To Laugh, Cry And Maybe Even Wet Our Pants

Brutally honest, impeccably dressed and with an ego like no other, 28-year-old psychic medium Matt Fraser is one entertaining whirlwind. The Rhode Island superstar has been wowing fans for years with his self-claimed ability to communicate with the dead, and he is now the subject of E!’s new Meet the Frasers. He’s also got a book coming out in March titled When Heaven Calls: Life Lessons From America’s Top Psychic Medium. Helping Matt handle his growing fame are his psychic mother (who thinks she’s his manager), his skeptic father and sister (they don’t buy into talking to the dead), and […]

5 Questions With...

5 Questions With “Supernanny” Jo Frost

U.K.’s Supernanny Jo Frost is back in action — Wednesdays on Lifetime — helping parents with their ongoing challenges of raising children in this busy digital age. Jo continues to focus on positive reinforcement and connectivity, but has structured the show to be more documentary in style, where her teachings are outlined and her help extends to the entire family, including couples who need help in their relationships. Here she answers our “5 Questions.” 1. Is parenting getting harder or easier in this busy digital/social media world we live in?  Raising a family has always had its challenges. In an […]


Russell Hornsby Brings Some Cerebral Swagger To His Role As Lincoln Rhyme

It “felt like home” in some ways for Russell Hornsby when he stepped into the role of Lincoln Rhyme, a revered New York City forensics expert, in the new serial-killer thriller Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector. Hornsby, who is no stranger to NBC or to playing a seasoned TV sleuth, having starred as Detective Hank Griffin for six seasons on Grimm, was up for a new challenge. “He is a man that has a dogged sense of duty and purpose, of trying to find killers or save lives,” Hornsby tells. “The challenges for him are to make peace […]