7 Questions With...

7 Questions With … Jodie Comer of BBC America’s “Killing Eve”

7 Questions With … Jodie Comer Of BBC America’s “Killing Eve” By Jacqueline Cutler Jodie Comer is so eerily convincing as serial assassin Villanelle in BBC America’s breakout hit Killing Eve that it’s best to not binge-watch this before bed. Villanelle, with her exquisite wardrobe and Slavic accent, only seems to derive joy at one point — when her victims take their last breath. The biggest surprise when Comer gets on the phone to answer our “7 Questions” is that she has a Liverpudlian accent and sounds very much like the sweet 25-year-old she is. What were a few of […]


New to On Demand: Red Sparrow

New To On Demand: Red Sparrow By Stephen Whitty The name is Bond. Jane Bond. Jennifer Lawrence is a super-secret agent in Red Sparrow, and her mission is simple — worm her way into an enemy spy’s affections and find out who’s feeding him info. Except — here’s the twist — she is working for the Russians. And her best secret weapon isn’t an ejector seat or killer briefcase but her own irresistible sexuality. Oh, and here’s one more twist: She might actually be working for the Americans instead, or, also. Or not at all. Red Sparrow is a wild […]

Game Night

New to On Demand: Game Night

New to On Demand: Game Night By Stephen Whitty OK, what’s the answer to “Harmless comedy with two likable stars”? Two words, nine letters? I think we have the solution right here. Game Night is a slick farce that takes a ridiculous situation and works it pretty painlessly, thanks to Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. You won’t leave the theater holding your sides from laughter, but you won’t walk out holding your head, either. Bateman and McAdams play Max and Annie, young marrieds whose idea of a wild Friday is a night at home with two other couples, chasing after […]