Man Among Cheetahs Naborr

‘Man Among Cheetahs’: We Ride Along with Filmmaker Bob Poole to Spot Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week Stars

On a brilliant early September day, acclaimed wildlife filmmakers Bob and Gina Poole await visitors on a tiny airstrip in Kenya’s Mara Naboisho Conservancy. When we — 10 international journalists primed for adventure — land, there’s time for quick hellos before everyone leaps into waiting safari vehicles. There is somebody else we need to meet. And he’s a bit unpredictable. In their specially outfitted Land Rover, the Pooles lead the caravan to a nearby stand of acacia trees. The twitch of a tail beneath one draws our eyes to magnificent cheetah Forester, a feline star of the Pooles’ latest film, […]

Story of Us With Morgan Freeman

‘The Story Of Us With Morgan Freeman’: Nat Geo Expands Freeman’s “Story” Franchise From God to Man

Several years ago, Morgan Freeman and his producing partners Lori McCreary and James Younger traveled the globe to explore the uniting power of faith for National Geographic’s smart and intensely moving The Story of God With Morgan Freeman, which bowed in 2016. Critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated, the series debuted a shorter second season last January, even as the group was already at work on another approach to spotlighting global unity in a time where we can’t even get along with our neighbors. “Story of God felt so eye-opening to all of us,” Younger explains. “Then we realized that religion is […]

Swim Team POV PBS

Swim Team: Lara Stolman’s Insightful PBS Film Spotlights Autism, Athleticism and the Power Of Hope

Michael “Mikey” McQuay Jr., Robert Justino and Kelvin Truong each have the lanky bodies and lean muscles that are hallmarks of champion swimmers. Star members of the Jersey Hammerheads swim team, the boys idolize Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, and are laser focused on the starting block and lightning fast in the water — earning medal upon medal in local, regional and statewide competitions near their New Jersey homes. All three are also on the autism spectrum — a challenge that could make achieving their full athletic potential improbable. But these guys and their dozen-plus teammates have a pair of […]

Diana In Her Own Words Nat Geo

“Diana: In Her Own Words”: Nat Geo Gives The Doomed Princess Her Say

Odds are good that — even 20 years later — you recall exactly where you were when you found out Diana, Princess of Wales, had died of injuries sustained in a horrific car crash on August 31, 1997. Whether you considered Diana the very picture of a modern monarchy, an example of unimaginable grace in the face of infidelity, a fearless humanitarian or just another obsession of the tabloid press, the 36-year-old beauty made an impression. An impression that keeps her memory alive decades after her death. While this month is rife with Diana specials and documentaries, only one tells […]

If You're Not in the Obit Eat Breakfast

HBO’s ‘If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast’: We Talk With Carl Reiner!

Carl Reiner is 95. I’m 51. I forget everything, including most appointments, where I put my purse and how to brush my teeth. Reiner — the Bronx-born comedy legend responsible for a lifetime of laughs, including The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Jerk and, well, his comic-genius son Rob — remembers everything. As we chat about If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast, HBO’s delicious homage to aging with grace and a large dose of humor, Reiner treats me to a bit from his and longtime bestie Mel Brooks’ iconic 2000 Year Old Man, then the theme song to […]

CBS documentary explores truth behind Princess Diana's death

Truth Behind Princess Diana’s Death Explored In New Documentary

Twenty years after her death, viewers will get the answers to the questions surrounding the crash that killed Princess Diana in the new CBS documentary, Princess Diana: Her Life, Her Death, The Truth that debuts on Monday, May 22 at 8pmET. Anyone over 40 most likely can still tell you exactly what they were doing on Aug. 31, 1997, when news broke of Princess Diana’s horrific car accident and death. While you may have never been to Paris, the Pont de I’Alma tunnel is etched in your memory, along with many lingering questions and sadness. Iconic people have that impact. […]