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Reality TV

Survivor recap episode 10: double elimination shakes up the game

Survivor: Second Chance recap “Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil” Season 31, Episode 10 (original airdate Nov. 25): With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, CBS graciously decided to treat us to a Survivor feast tonight with a two-hour episode that included two contestants going home. Rain, rain and more rain. Not only did it make it miserable for the contestants from a physical standpoint, but it made it more difficult from a mental and strategic standpoint because leaving the shelter was darn near impossible. Keith, whose feet were waterlogged, went on an epic rant: “People ask me if Survivor is fun. I […]

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Chicago Fire, Chicago PD cross over on NBC again

Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. will cross over once again on NBC, with the plots intertwining Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. NBC got a big lift with its three-show crossover in November with its dramas Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Law & Order: SVU sharing a running plot over three nights. In fact, as Variety reported at the time, ratings increased 29-percent for Chicago Fire and at least 50-percent for the other two programs. I wrote at the time that I had reservations about whether this stunt would work. First, I only watch Chicago Fire, so I wasn’t familiar with the other […]

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Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SVU and Chicago P.D. crossover on NBC

The Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SVU and Chicago P.D. crossover on NBC this week is a rare television event that has the opportunity to bring together the cast, creators and fans of the three dramas, but it also presents a serious challenge for viewers in this heavy DVR environment. Taking place this Tuesday and Wednesday nights in three one-hour segments, the shows will unite for a single case that involves the police and fire departments from Chicago and the Special Victims Unit from New York. The plots of the three series become intertwined when a pornography ring stretches from Chicago to […]

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan Returns Sunday, July 13

For a man whose job revolves around eliminating trouble for his celebrity clients in Hollywood, Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) sure has a lot of it in his personal life. The second season finds Ray’s life spiraling even more out of control. He and his wife are in marriage counseling, his father has gone on the lam, his son Conor is in trouble at school, one of his brothers is stalking an ex-girlfriend, and another brother is battling addiction. Things get even more complicated with an FBI agent — played by new cast member Hank Azaria — breathing down his neck […]

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TV News & Program Updates

Ann B. Davis, Alice of “The Brady Bunch,” dead at 88

Ann B. Davis, Alice of The Brady Bunch, died yesterday. While some might look at her age of 88 and dismiss her passing as a life well traveled, I can’t help but picture the vibrant maid named Alice who spent five TV years keeping the Brady family in line. The legacy of The Brady Bunch has defied logic for the past 40 years. The show was never a hit when it ran on ABC from 1969-1974. In fact, it never even climbed into the Top 30 when was airing original episodes; but when it hit syndication in 1975, it developed a loyal following […]

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The Voice Season 6 debuts tonight, with much to prove

The Voice Season 6 starts Feb. 24 on NBC, and it’s a pivotal juncture for the popular musical competition. Cee Lo Green announced recently that he is leaving the show, marking the first deviation from the original cast of judges. Sure, we’ve seen Usher and Shakira fill in for Green and Christina Aguilera for a season — as they will again beginning tonight at 8pm ET — but this is the first scratch in the program’s armor. The second scratch could be the recent news that Aguilera is pregnant with her second child. Although NBC would obviously do everything to […]

CBS NFL Today Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez joins “The NFL Today” on CBS

Tony Gonzalez joins The NFL Today on CBS in a major shakeup that has former analysts Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe now looking for new jobs. With Gonzalez retiring at the end of this past season, there was bound to be a bidding war for the personable and well-spoken future Hall of Famer’s services. Realizing he needed to do all he could to lure the big name to his network, CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus struck quickly. “Having just stepped off the playing field, Tony brings a fresh and insightful perspective,” McManus said in a statement. “We are excited for […]

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Awards Shows

Golden Globe Nominations: 2014 Surprises

Golden Globe nominations. Every year the mere mention of this trophy-fest brings joy to many and anger to many others. There’s never been much rhyme or reason for many for the annual decisions made by the mysterious Hollywood Foreign Press, but if nothing else they do give us something to discuss until the more respected Academy Awards and Emmy Awards come around. Airing Jan. 12 on NBC, The Golden Globes telecast does offer the rare opportunity to see movie stars and TV stars mingling together. And with all of the drinking that is allowed at this event, the speeches tend […]

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Cory Monteith tribute on Glee

Cory Monteith tribute on Glee. Many fans of the late actor and the show have been waiting anxiously to see how FOX will handle his death as well as that of his character, Finn Hudson. We will find out Thursday night at 9pm ET with the Cory Monteith tribute. While the episode is being billed as “The Quarterback” in reference to the position Finn played before joining the school glee club, the cast and everybody watching on television knows this is everybody’s way of saying goodbye to Monteith (who died of a drug overdose in July). Even after his character […]

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Burn Notice series finale: How will it end?

Burn Notice series finale: How will it end? That’s the million-dollar question millions of loyal fans are dying to find out when they tune in to USA Network tonight for “Reckoning,” the Burn Notice series finale episode. And speaking of dying, we are told that a major cast member will not make it through tonight’s episode (9pm ET). Surely, it can’t be Michael Westen, the burned CIA spy brilliantly played by Jeffrey Donovan, right? For seven glorious and action-paced seasons, viewers have grown attached to Michael and his quest to find out who burned him in the 2007 series pilot. If […]