Recap: Shameless Season 7, Episode 3 – “Home Sweet Homeless Shelter”

Now that Frank got ousted from the family compound, what devious acts does he have up his sleeve this week? Let’s find out on the recap of Shameless Season 7, Episode 3 — “Home Sweet Homeless Shelter.” Frank: Waking from a horrific dream in his new home of the homeless shelter, Frank tells his new girlfriend all about it. How his family was tearing his flesh away from his bones and Monica was drinking his blood with a straw. Wondering what sort of meaning this could have, they are given  the news that this particular homeless shelter will be closing by […]


Recap: Shameless Season 7, Episode 2 – “Swipe, F**k, Leave”

After learning last week that Frank survived his forced jump off a bridge, let’s see what’s in store for the Gallagher gang this week on Shameless Season 7, Episode 2 – “Swipe, F**k, Leave” Frank: He’s still barricading himself in Fiona’s room, but Fiona takes matters into her own hands and crowbars the door apart, but Frank — having escaped out the window — is now downstairs. He starts spewing venomous insults at every member of the Gallagher clan. Claiming he is disowning them, he says he is only keeping Liam on as his kin and they leave the house. Headed to a […]


Shameless Season 7, Series Premiere – “Hiraeth”

  Thankfully Showtime has lessened our wait time to see the fate of what happened to Frank Gallagher in the Season 6 finale. They were even more generous by airing it early in the week on certain social media platforms. So let’s dive into the Shameless Season 7, Series Premiere – “Hiraeth.” Frank: We start of seeing Frank floating in a black abyss of water with his life flashing before him in a disturbing montage of his family members and all his vices. He wakes to find himself in a hospital by the arousal of the nurse cleaning his manhood. The nurse on […]