Nurse Jackie series finae, season 7, episode 12

Nurse Jackie series finale recap: An exquisite end

Nurse Jackie series finale recap Season 7, Episode 12 “Say A Little Prayer” (original airdate June 28, 2015, Showtime) Series creator Clyde Phillips delivered on his promise in the Nurse Jackie series finale, providing an “authentic” end to the show’s seven-season run. True to real life, addiction can be a losing battle and Jackie Peyton reminded us of that continuously — losing absolutely everything she loved along the way. As much as we so wanted to trust her this past season — after working so hard to get her family and her job back — we expected her to disappoint, […]

Nurse Jackie's Mackie Aladjem

Nurse Jackie series finale: We talk to Mackie Aladjem on saying goodbye

Saying goodbye to a series you grew up on, literally, isn’t easy. For Mackenzie Aladjem, who has played Fiona Peyton since she was 8, it was more than just the Nurse Jackie series finale that brought out the emotions, it was watching her house get ripped down and saying goodbye to her TV mom (Edie Falco), her TV sister Grace (Ruby Jerins) and the rest of the cast. The series finale is June 28 at 9pmET on Showtime. “Before the last day, I actually watched them tear down my house and start taking apart the picture frames and everything,” Mackie […]


Nurse Jackie recap episode 11 – Flying high never looked so promising

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7, Episode 11 “Vigilante Jones” (original airdate June 21, 2015) Jackie’s back in blues and ready to return to All Saints. As she strolls along to work with her beau Eddie (Paul Shulze) suggests he stops in and gets some doctor signatures to help pad his sample report. Come on Eddie, seriously? Give your gal a fresh start, it’s her first day back. Thankfully, Jackie takes a pass thinking the same and requests that they stop today and not “bring the mess” back into All Saints. Jackie’s literally rocking the rounds, as if she’s never been […]

Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton in Nurse Jackie Season 7, Episode 10

Nurse Jackie recap episode 10 — she didn’t just do that!?!

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7, Episode 10 “Jackie and the Wolfe” (original airdate June 14, 2015) Oh gawd, we’re so close to a possible happy ending and episode 10 of Nurse Jackie has Jackie fearing she’s going to test positive on her next drug test. But hang on — it’s not what you’re thinking (at least in the beginning). The episode starts with an angelic looking Jackie (Edie Falco) hanging at Eddie’s (Paul Schulze) place, where she’s teasing him over his hand-written wedding vows that she stumbled upon when a knock at the door brings an unexpected guest. It’s an […]


Nurse Jackie recap episode 9 – Zoey and Jackie take a road trip

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7, Episode 9 “Serviam in Caritate” (original airdate June 7, 2015) Jackie and Zoey take an emergency road trip in search of Grace. Prince is the rockstar of the community at All Saints and Eddie comes to Akalitus’ aide. Episode 9 of Nurse Jackie was a bit of a wild ride. The episode starts with Dr. Prince and Jackie. “You could stick that fucker in my eyeball if it would buy me another six months,” Dr. Prince (Tony Shalhoub) tells Jackie (Edie Falco) as she inserts him with a needle of his experimental treatment. Prince has […]


Nurse Jackie recap episode 8 – weddings, death and Donna Summer?

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7, Episode 8 “Managed Care” (original airdate May 31, 2015) We start with a little mommy/daughter one-on-one time with Grace (Ruby Jerins) and Jackie (Edie Falco) shopping. Grace can’t pick between two outfits. Jackie suggests she gets them both. Grace knows all too well, and reminds she doesn’t have money for that. Plus, she usually only buys her things when she feels guilty. Neither is the situation this time, so Jackie springs it on her. “I’m getting married to Eddie.” Grace ain’t digging that idea. When Jackie tries to defend Eddie as a good man, Grace digs […]

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Nurse Jackie recap episode 7 – help from some shrooms and a pill mill

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7, Episode 7 “Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?” (original airdate May 24, 2015) OK Jackie, we are proud of you. When we left Jackie last week, I wasn’t 100% confident that Grace truly did save her from a relapse. I envisioned Jackie taking Grace’s call and then turning back to take the hit she was offered. Glad I was wrong. We start Episode 7 with Jackie (Edie Falco) and Kevin (Domenic Fumusa) meeting with a school counselor to discuss Grace’s future. “May I say you two did something right,” the counselor says pointing to Grace […]

Nurse Jackie Episode 6

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7 Episode 6 “High Noon” – Bring on the angry Viking princess

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7 Episode 6 “High Noon” (original airdate May 17, 2015) We get a bit of a psychedelic start to this episode, where Jackie plunges (literally) into her fridge chasing the only item in it — a bottle of pills. It was a craving dream and the start of her insomnia, which brings her to All Saints three hours early. There she finds a very hung over Dr. Prince. But he seems to have the cure for both of them. Jackie (Edie Falco) and Prince (Tony Shalhoub) share some one-on-one time while rehydrating (true nurse style) compliments […]

Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 5 marks Coop's finale goodbye

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7, Episode 5 — it’s all about Coop (tissue please)

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7, Episode 5 “Coop Out” (original airdate May 10, 2015) As the title implies, this episode sees Dr. Fitch “Coop” Cooper (Peter Facinelli) making his final rounds and a pretty heartfelt goodbye (yep, I almost cried), but before we go there, here’s the rundown on the episode. It’s all about Jackie (Edie Falco) and Eddie (Paul Schulze) – and they got that thing everybody wants. Jackie thinks it’s the suitcase of drugs that Eddie is towing in his pharma-bag, Eddie thinks it’s a special kind of love. He’d do anything for her, and he kisses her […]


Wait, Jackie’s a nice lady … Nurse Jackie recap Season 7 Episode 4

Nurse Jackie recap Season 7 Episode 4 “Nice Ladies” (original airdate May 3, 2015) We start in the courtroom where Jackie’s attorney Barry Wolfe (Mark Feuerstein) is making his case. He starts by explaining how Jackie is “a nice lady.” Ahem, what? Oh, yes. Remember how she was on her way to help Hurricane Penny victims and then how she stopped to save another lady? “Is it any wonder that that one person, Jackie Peyton, took something to smooth the edges?” Heck, even Wolfe, pops a drug / alcohol combo before he flies, he tells the judge. “Gratitude,” Wolfe says. […]