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All American Recap Episode 5: “All We Got”

Okay ladies and gents, you might be wishing for more or asking for it to be over. Personally, I had to walk away just to process this episode of All American: ‘All We Got’, when it left me feeling annoyed. The campaign for ‘Who’s Spencer’s Daddy?’ is making me impatient. This is the only thing keeping the show hanging on. Spencer’s invisible father is the star. Honestly, Grace could’ve already told Spencer the truth about his father. Please do not have us investing our time for nothing.Photo: Robert Voets/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved Happy Birthday […]

All American Ep. 4 (RECAP) – Trust

‘All American’ Recap: Ep. 4 “Lose Yourself”

Whoa! This story keeps getting deeper and deeper. Unlikely alliances come together and Coach’s secret is slowly coming to light. Asher’s Party Picking up from the last episode, the Beverly Hills Eagles reconciled after Spencer’s much-needed apology, and this time we get to see them bond as a team. It’s great, they’re all getting along until Asher throws one of his infamous parties, which are known for wild escapades. Spencer senses that Asher is acting strangely but can’t put a finger on why. Meanwhile, Leila and Olivia are BFF’s again and Leila encourages Olivia to go to the party by […]

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‘All American’ Recap: Episode 3: ‘i’

This week proved to be a very emotional time for Spencer, Jordan and Coop, whose storylines revolved around the need to feel accepted into their families — either blood related or on the field. In Denial During the opening, Spencer and Jordan seemed to have reconnected since the previous episode, but Asher still sees Spencer as a threat. This time he was more aggressive and blamed Spencer for losing the game. If only he knew the real reason behind Spencer’s performance, maybe he would’ve curbed his jerkish reaction. Coop and her mother’s relationship is very charismatic and charming on the […]


‘All American’ Episode 2 Recap: Another Day in Beverly Hills

So, we’re back at it again. Spencer (Daniel Ezra) is still trying to adjust to living in Beverly Hills and tending to his family and friends in Crenshaw. “99 Problems” — Episode 2 of The CW’s All American — deals with a huge lesson to be learned for Spencer, who wants it all for himself, family, friends and team, but finds the weight of the world is becoming too heavy for the star high school football player. It seems that Spencer is trying to replace his father with himself. As a young African American man it can feel like the logical thing to […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 57 recap: The Proposal

There’s nothing wrong with some girl power, but it looks like Jane needs to work on her gender bias on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin.  She can start by allowing some men to have a say in her life, including her editor. That’s going to be difficult. Okay, is this editor a high school jock? Everything this guy seems to care about is related to sports and partying. I’m just as shocked as Jane when he tells her that he wants to see more obstacles in her novel. You know, the one she wrote about based on her […]

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Jane the Virgin Chapter 56 recap: Whodunit

The sudden discovery of Scott’s skeleton in the sand was where we left off on last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. Now the police will be involved with another dead body found at The Marbella. Rafael and Petra have something to celebrate. Scott’s body was officially found on Chuck’s hotel property, not at The Marbella. This still isn’t sitting well with Petra since she’s transformed the hotel to be kid friendly. One bad press release and the hotel is done for. Jane finally heard back from the publisher interested in buying her book. They’re offering her $50,000 which sounds […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 55 recap: New Beginnings

After last week’s devastating loss, I don’t know how we can just jump back into the groove of things with this week’s new episode of Jane the Virgin. At least we’re able to mourn with Jane during this hard time. It doesn’t hurt that Alba is there with helpful advice from her experiences. Three years later, Jane has a shorter haircut and Mateo is up and running around the house. I thought it was the terrible twos, not a forever lasting terrifying, badmouthed state. It seems that Petra and Rafael are having better luck with the twins than with Mateo. […]

Jane-the-Virgin-Chapter Fifty-Four-Michael-Jane

Jane the Virgin Chapter 54 recap: Until His Dying Breath

We sure get whipped around on an emotional rollercoaster ride on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. I don’t want to spoil the ending, or basically ruin your day/night, so read at your own will. Just warning you, there will be tears. Looks like both Jane and Michael are looking for new careers. Michael still has to pass his LSAT and Jane has a new job opportunity as an assistant for Chloe Leland. You know, I kind of understand Petra’s lack of connection with her daughters. Sure, they’re her daughters but she might be like me and not like […]

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Jane the Virgin Chapter 53 recap: Stressed Out

From tests to novels, series finale drama to secrets and lies, everyone is stressed out on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. Michael wants to open up his own law office as a part of his new career. Now all he needs to do is ace the standardized test, LSAT, to get prepared for law school. Good luck with that! We know that Jane is quite the competitive person. It’s no surprise that she feels Mateo has some competition when she notices other kids in her mommy and me classes were speaking in full sentences. Rafael tells Jane about […]