All American, Episode 14

All American Recap: Episode 14 “Regulate”

WTF?! Did your mouth hit the floor as mine did during the final scene of this week’s episode of All American? So, what’s the reason? : Cory wants a legitimate relationship with Spencer and Dillion. Cory recognizes that Spencer is destined to be a football star. Cory wants revenge because Grace and Baker had an affair. Cory has been subjected to bad impressions all season long because he’s been the twinkie dangling at the end of the rope. So, I’m going to say that it’s all three. Why? They all seem like legitimate reasons that influence each other. Think about […]

All American, Episode 13

All American RECAP: Episode 13 ‘Legacy’

Finally, finally, finally. I’m jumping straight into the meat of this week’s episode of All American. After all of this time, Cory James (Chad L. Coleman) finally graces us with his presence! It happens during the final game of the season and it paralyzes Spencer. He can’t focus on the game and he keeps messing up all over the field. Meanwhile, Jordan still can’t win the approval of Baker. Prime Time It all started with one little essay titled, “Who Influences You The Most?” Since football is Spencer’s claim to high school stardom, his natural instinct was to pick renowned […]

The Enemy Within

TV RECAP: NBC’s New Crime Drama, ‘The Enemy Within’, Episode 1

Well, NBC’s new crime drama, The Enemy Within, premiered last night on NBC at 10/9c. It’s a little grim for my taste. I’m still trying to process the first five minutes! I get that they’re trying to be different but it’s too much. Less is more. Morris Chestnut plays Will Keaton, an FBI Supervising Agent who’s leading an ongoing case. His task is to find a Russian rogue spy named Tal, who keeps finding ways to infiltrate the American government. Unfortunately, in Keaton’s mind, the CIA forces him to team up with Erica Shepard (Jennifer Carpenter), an ex-CIA Operative, who’s […]

All American Episode 12

All American Episode 12 Recap: “Back In The Day”

This week’s episode was like listening to classical violin samples. I was very emotional. We got a closer look at Olivia’s drug addiction and Spencer’s struggle to accept love due to his father’s departure. We also caught up with Coop, since she wasn’t in last week’s episode.  We’ve gotten to know Olivia pretty well since episode 1 and now her character sheds a light on teens in who experience drug addiction. Finally, a Beverly Hills character – besides coach Baker – gets a more insightful backstory. Olivia revisits the emotional turmoil that precluded the downward spiral. She was the black […]

All American Episode 11

All American Episode 11 RECAP: All Eyez On Me

This week’s episode was all about the District Combine, an annual event for high school football stars to strut their stuff in front of perspective boosters with hopes of achieving their NFL dreams. On the field, Coach Baker introduces Damon King (Hosea Chanchez), a recruiter for Angeles Southern University, and his former teammate to Spencer and Jordan. The next day, Willie (Brent Jennings) makes an uninvited visit to Beverly Hills and basically discourages Jordan about his ability to impress scouts. At the Combine, Baker and Olivia are laying shirts out for the recruits and Baker admits that he’s more concerned […]

All American Episode 10

All American Episode 10 RECAP: “m.A.A.d city”

I loved this week’s episode of All American. First, let’s give props to the title — any Kendrick Lamar fans out there?! A lot happens in the series and it takes a while for me to process everything because I don’t want to miss out on sharing my opinion on certain situations. Usually, I worry for Spencer’s well-being but this week he emerged as a crusader, if you will, for his community. He brought attention to the age-old problem African Americans have been facing within our own neighborhoods for years: gang violence. Nowadays it feels like young folks use guns […]

All American Episode 9

All American Episode 9 “Keep Ya Head Up” RECAP

The CW’s All American has returned from their hiatus with an episode filled with grief, betrayal, retaliation, manipulation, and heartbreak. Coop takes a turn for the worst and I don’t believe Spencer has enough will power to save her. Death could be Coop’s demise. Player of The Year This episode opens with Spencer taking an afternoon run but the whole time he’s distracted by Shawn’s death. Meanwhile, Jordan is still feeling anxious about his drug test results and it’s affecting his focus. So, Baker tells him to stop worrying about it. This is a slippery slope for everyone because Baker knows […]


All American RECAP Episode 8 ‘Homecoming’: Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?

The premise of this episode is friendship, hence the title that I have chosen. Layla and Spencer get a handle on what they’re doing because they’re both confused at this point. Asher throws some serious shade and Coop gets a wake-up call that takes a turn for the worse. No Sunshine The show opens and the homecoming dance is over. Everyone is going home. Spencer gets dropped off in front of his home in Crenshaw in a limousine and sees Coop sitting on the front steps. He can tell something is wrong. “Somethings don’t work out as we plan,” Coop […]


‘All American’ Episode 7 RECAP: Ready for some ‘California Love’?

I apologize for a late review. This week’s episode had me feeling like maybe this show has a chance. I’m going to be jumping around a bit, so bare with me. Let’s get into it. “I’m getting real good at not taking no for an answer thing y’all do here in Beverly Hills.” – Spencer After last week’s kiss, Spencer has become more persistent on courting Layla but she’s like, ‘I have a boyfriend now’. Layla is very indecisive, what do you expect? For the first time Layla is not the innocent one and her vulnerability is starting to show. […]

All American

All American Episode 6: ‘The Choice Is Yours’ RECAP

First things first, I am genuinely happy to see another predominately black teen drama, I just wish more things were happening on this show. I know it is based on a true story, but it doesn’t need to reflect exactly what happened — I want to be entertained.  When I saw the previews of All American I was reminded of The Game from the early 2000’s. That was centered around football too, but the characters were adults, so the themes were more scandalous. After watching the previous episodes of All American, I feel like we’re still scratching the surface with […]