Nikki Bella addresses rumors, critics and the WWE Total Divas season finale

Scott Fishman
Total Divas -- Season: 3B -- Pictured (l-r): (Nicole “Nikki Bella” Garcia-Colace) -- (Photo by James White/E! Entertainment)

Nikki Bella made WWE history as the longest reigning diva’s champion in history with 301 days atop the proverbial mountain.

During this period viewers of the hit “Total Divas” reality show got an inside look at the hard work and sacrifice it takes to retain such a high-profile spot. She took her role seriously, even in one episode trying to provide advice to co-workers like Paige.

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The 31-year-old’s crowning achievement came in the midst of a Divas Revolution where WWE was bringing in new names from its NXT developmental brand and dedicating more minutes on TV for the ladies to shine.

The captain of Team Bella, which is also made up of twin sister Brie and Alicia Fox, surpassed AJ Lee’s title record on an episode of Raw only to lose the gold days later to Charlotte at the Night of Champions pay-per-view. She was proud of the effort and the daughter of Hall of Famer Ric Flair put forth to get the audience invested in their rivalry.

Total Divas -- Season: 3B -- Pictured (l-r): (Nicole “Nikki Bella” Garcia-Colace) -- (Photo by James White/E! Entertainment)
Nicole “Nikki Bella” Garcia-Colace) — (Photo by James White/E! Entertainment)

“I just wanted to give the fans a story instead of just do some match where we do all these moves,” Bella said during an interview heading into the season four finale of “Total Divas” 9 p.m. ET Tuesday, Sept. 29 on the E!.

“I wanted to draw people in behind Charlotte and make sure when she won in the end they were on their feet. It turned out they were, so it made us very, very happy.”

The first time the two squared off on Raw it ended in a controversial decision where Nikki retained because of “Twin Magic,” switching out of the ring with Brie. Since Charlotte didn’t pin the actual champion Stephanie McMahon reversed the decision. This added more fuel to the fire for their rematch, which had the stipulation if Bella got disqualified or counted out she would lose the championship.

“When you think about it we had maybe a week to two weeks to push this,” Bella said.

“So knowing the title change was going to happen I thought, ‘We could give them a really good match, but are they going to be that behind her? Are they going to think maybe she shouldn’t have gotten the title yet?’ I felt what we did that Monday night really got the crowd behind her.

“They really started to believe in her. As a bad guy that can’t get disqualified or if I do get disqualified I lose my title or counted out, I had to work smart [at Night of Champions]. So if I see a body part hurt, I’m going to take advantage of it. Then the good guy overcomes it in the end. That was the story we wanted to tell, and it worked out. We got them behind her. I was really happy with it. Don’t get me wrong. I miss my championship. It was a very lonely evening and in the morning.”


Despite exemplifying her passion for WWE on “Total Divas” and other shows, many online have continued to spew hate in her direction. She tries to keep the blank negativity out or use it as motivation.

“I ignore it,” Bella said.

“Even though I see the hate on social media, and it shocks me. It shocks me the rumors people start, that I have the title because of my boyfriend. If that was the case I would have gotten the title when I came back years ago and still had the title. He has nothing to do with it. He has nothing to do with anyone’s story or anything like that. He has zero pull. We talk about it all the time because it’s funny how people say that.

“I think where it started was for a year AJ had a voice on WWE TV and all of us on ‘Total Divas’ didn’t. Then Vince [McMahon] didn’t want the title on any ‘Total Divas’ member because he didn’t know how it would transition on Sunday night and Monday in case there was a title change and the show was airing.

“So for a year she got her run through all the girls. I was the only one she really didn’t. She got to say these things that weren’t true, but we didn’t get to speak back. So I felt like that is where the perception of Brie and I really started. She said things like we came back for reality show and all this stuff. It was all untrue. While this is happening, I’m working twice as hard to be better and improve my craft to become the next diva’s champion.”


Her goal was accomplished in 2014 at Survivor Series with a second run with the title. Not everyone was excited.

“It’s unfortunate that in this business people get more time to speak on the mic or on commentary and say whatever they want. They can say whatever like they want. They can write it on the internet, and people will believe it,” Bella said.

“There is a part of me where it hurts my heart a little bit. I give these fans everything I have. I give them my personal life. I give them my body. I give them everything I can weekly, and that is what they say back? So it’s sad to me. I hope one day they can look back and say, ‘Wow. She actually did try hard and wasn’t a bad wrestler. She is here for the right reasons, and it has nothing to do with her boyfriend.’

“I get it. When you are on a reality show that is top rated and dating this successful man who is in the same business as you are and you have a twin sister who is married to someone in the business who happens to be successful, I think that is where I get the hate. They say I have it all, but I have worked for every single bit of what I have. It took me almost nine years to have that championship and have a decent run. Not only that but if I didn’t really put my life out there and gave it my all, the [Total Divas’] could have failed. We wouldn’t have gone past season one. I give every day of my life to that show. So hopefully one day they will be grateful that I’m doing it for all of them.”


Bella is excited about the “Divas Revolution” and the women of WWE are being taken more seriously. Although the divas were getting more matches, Bella could see there were some elements missing to make it truly successful.

“It has definitely had its ups and downs,” she said.

“I think having all those tag matches, that’s where our downs are. We had so many girls in teams, why aren’t we having individual matches? I think where we got it up was the Monday of the reversal. It’s funny because I went to Vince [McMahon] saying, ‘I don’t think they are going to buy into this. I don’t know this will get much heat.’ He said, ‘Trust me.’ I was thinking differently, but when we did it we got so much heat. I thought, ‘This man is a genius. That is why he is Vince McMahon.’

“I felt like that turned up the ‘Diva Revolution.’ It got us to the point where fans were like, ‘What just happened? Now I want to see what happens.’ At [Night of Champions] we wanted to keep people hooked. So I think we are now back up and think as long as we keep telling stories each week. I mean these teams can’t be perfect forever. There needs to be something that happens. Charlotte can’t just get out of winning the title clean. Something has to happen. If we can continue to tell stories where fans don’t know what will happen next, I think that will be a plus in this ‘Divas Revolution.’”

TOTAL DIVAS -- Season: 4 -- Pictured: "Total Divas" Season 4 Key Art -- (Photo by: E! Entertainment)
Pictured: “Total Divas” Season 4  — (Photo by: E! Entertainment)

The last few months it has been really nine girls in three teams spotlighted on WWE TV each week. Is there room for more in this diva renaissance?

“I definitely want Natalya,” Bella said.

“Why wouldn’t we want her? That is one of the best female wrestlers we have. I definitely want to see her in the mix. I also think before we bring up anyone else from NXT we need to make sure Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks become familiar to the main roster audience. We have people who are fans of NXT always in the crowd. However, there are the casual viewers and millions of fans at home tuning in who don’t watch WWE Network. So I feel we have to get the casual viewer familiar with those three girls and then we can bring in more. It’s so much fun because we can work on all these new stories with these three new girls and get them over. Then all of a sudden we can have another few from NXT come up.”

Moving forward to the close of another drama-filled season of “Total Divas,” Bella is once again at a romantic crossroads.

“When you put your relationship out there and the whole thing about him not wanting marriage or kids, then the exes come out in the woodwork,” she said.

“And it’s an ex the WWE audience knows in Dolph Ziggler. You see that in the season finale that when you date one man for many years, and he doesn’t want to give you certain things, that one wants to step in and be the knight in shining armor. It can get kind of tricky. That is definitely a reason why you want to tune into the season finale. Am I going to get swept off my feet by someone else or am I going to stay with my big, gorgeous, superman man John Cena?”


Photos Courtesy: WWE/E! Entertainment



  1. Most of the people who hate on Nikki and Brie are jealous and have nothing better to do than to spread negativity. I’m sure that every single person who talks negatively about them would do anything to be in their shoes and be as successful as they are. It’s ridiculous and if that’s what makes those people feel better, than they should focus on themselves because obviously they are not happy with themselves if they have to bring others down. Don’t listen to the haters Nikki and Brie, you are both more successful than they will ever be and of course that brings jealousy.

    • Jealousy? Over what? “The Bella Twins” simply have no talent. The only thing they have going for them is that they are twins and who Brie is married to, and who Nikki dates. There is plenty of talent that is not being enhanced, utilized and challenged. Vince McMahon chose them because of their ability to sell, not for their wrestling ability, which is horrible. I think the truth lies within: they have run their course and it’s time for them to step down. We need new talent and new faces. Nikki Bella brought nothing to the divas division, except how to cheat, and look trashy. I cant recall how many times she defended her title. She wants so much to be like John Cena why not have open challenges? I am glad Eva Marie is going to debut soon. If anyone is jealous, it’s the Bella twins. Face it. Anyone who is younger and FAR more attractive they have an issue with. Why? They are untalented, and would not be in the spotlight for the above mentioned reasons.

  2. Honestly, TRINITY should have the title…Beautiful, hard working and can demolish every Diva there is…..

  3. Nikki Bella is like Mickie James when she was dating John Cena she gets this big push when she is dating him. The only difference is that Mickie was a good worker the Bella’s are terrible wrestlers. They are beautiful that’s the only thing they have going for them and who there in relationships with

    • Well said…I don’t find them beautiful. It amazing what make-up and plastic surgery could do. If anyone says “it has nothing to do with John Cena or Daniel Bryan,” try again. We all know better.

  4. We’re forgetting about the absolute BEST of the NXT call ups…… Sasha Banks…… Team BAD should come clean house and be the NOD of the “divas” division….. THAT would sell…..

  5. i don’t think most of her (or her man’s) detractors are really that objective.

    Nikki has improved in the ring and is a solid worker. She is better on the mic than say… the current champ. She plays her role well. Do I think she deserved to beat AJ’s record? Nope. Is she a super worker in the ring? Nope. But she’s still very good and works hard.

    But I think that had more to do with WWE wanting to get rid of AJ, rather than an influence from Cena.

  6. Nikki is where she is due to Cenas influence that is very well known to every insider in the business…She is not good on the mike, average in the ring and acts like she is better than she is…Glad they finally let the new girls have a chance they are all way better than her or her sister…

  7. Personally, If she was to use her boyfriends name for credibility, Who cares. As long as they love each other does it matter?

  8. Didn’t even have to read the article. B.S.—of course John Cena had a lot to do with her whole run. Just look where he is in the company! One word from him carries a whole lot of weight & just look who he happens to be with!! OMG,it’sNikki Bella!

  9. I think thatnikkibelle was a good champison I hope she get it back she a beautiful woman goog luck nikki

  10. Please correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Nikki married to Daniel Bryon? So if she is seeing John Cena then she is cheating on her husband. Now that’s not good for business. I’m not impressed with the Bellas at all, they like to cheat to win and that is not wrestling. Glad she lost the belt and I really didn’t care who got it but congratulations to Charlotte.


  12. bonjour ma belle NIKKI avec ton superbe macht contre la ravissante charlotte qui est la nouvelle championne , superbe tes photos avec ces superbes divas avec des corps harmonieux et ton ami JOHN CENA que j,adore comme champion sans cesse qu,elle force de la nature avec ROMAN REIGN qu,elle equipe ET cette AMBROSE QUI FONCE VERS UN TITRE CHACUN POUR MOI tu sais j,ai du mal avec les photos a récupérer avec ma maladie si vous pouviez m,envoyer des photos sur email personnel pour moi des DIVAS ET DES AMIES DU CACHT SUR TUMBLR COLBEBERT < BONNE CHANCE A VOUS TOUS ET A CE SOIR DEVANT A B 1 AU MANS SARTHE 72800 < FRANCE < GROS BISOUS BEBERT ?

  13. I glad that Charlotte is the new divas champion because ,because all nikki Bella did was come out there every Monday , and Thursday night holding that belt over her head and wasn,t defending it until she got a title shot ,and also i think that the divas revolution is nice but,you got divas like Naomi ,tamina snuka,natal ia, and Alicia fox,give them a chance to be a divas champion don,t put them on the back burner for who you think should be a champion,because everybody deserves a chance,and another thing ,paige is a self centered arrogant woman,because she, think that Charlotte and Becky lynch got to where they are becaus of her she,s wrong they worked to get to where they are ,she needs to grow up, and nikki Bella needs to grow up too

    • I totally agree with you. I feel the “Divas Revolution” is more than the three teams battling it out in the same matches each week. Talking to Paige and Nikki, you can see agree with us. They want story-telling and reasons for having these matches, which is the one element missing most. I’m glad Natalya is now in the mix. I also think they should showcase the likes of Summer Rae and even Emma. Variety is good.

  14. More of the old school diva matches should come back. The divas have the bodies and competitive drive to make them more exciting. Matches like lingerie matches, chocolate tub matches, mud matches, paddle on a pole matches, etc. Matches like Trish Stratus, Sable, Torrie Wilson, Lita, and Chyna had. Yes Divas wrestling is unique and exciting but back then it was so much more entertaining. I looked forwars to seeing the divas then but rarely did. Now it’s just like yeah they’re good they had a good match but where is the real excitement from the divas? Oh and btw no offense Nikki Bella I love you and yur relationship with John because believe it or not you both are my favorite wrestlers. One male and one female. Im always rooting for you.! Continue to be yourself. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

    • My take on this and I bet Nikki will dismiss me as being yet another hater
      Nikki just goes around playing the victim. Which already confirms to me that Nikki was the one who complained backstage about AJ’s promo which there was no follow up on and called Stephanie (who denied those rumors from last year before Nikki won the title the second time) a liar, but Nikki won’t get heat like Nattie did for drunk dialing from Stephanie. I guess Nikki needs 5 more shoot interviews pieces each (One for every scripted comment AJ said about Nikki which is 3) to say she is even with AJ. Even though AJ never said anything publicly about Nikki for years, but Nikki is obsessed with AJ cause Nikki legit thinks the world should bow at her feet to praise her rather than give her actual criticism (even if it is valid).

      I believe Nikki when she said she did that she worked hard to win the title, but her reign being as long as it was she used Cena’s pull backstage. To say Cena has ZERO pull in the company is ridiculous and you all have to admit he does have pull (At least some pull cause he is the face of the company, but he rarely uses it except for SummerSlam 2010 that Nikki just called Jericho and Edge liars). I think Nikki is right about the team format when the title is a singles one and it is not like there will be a tag division for the divas cause their numbers are low and there is no interest from Vince. Speaking of what Nikki said about Vince being a genius is laughable these days (He used to be, but at 70 I just don’t buy it anymore).

      WWE extended Nikki’s reign to spite CM Punk through AJ Lee sadly, that I think Nikki either agreed with WWE or angry deep down that it was all about AJ that WWE overshadowed her reign cause of AJ. The Divas Revolution was just a plot device to extend the reign which makes me mad and Nikki saying the revolution

      • that she thinks is about her (she might actually believe that), when she is the status quo. Fans are buying that she is the revolution which clearly Nikki is lying about, but fans don’t get it.

        • Just playing devil’s advocate here, but we also have to consider Nikki plays a character on television. There are fans out there who forget this and therefore this is how they feel about a particular talent. John Cena is the top man in the company, so I’m sure he can have some input and the company will take it seriously because he is in this role. However, I think when people say Nikki doesn’t deserve the title is a little short-sighted. We aren’t there for every event she works and all the commitments she fulfills when cameras aren’t rolling. There are media appearances, charity functions and everything in between. You can also see she has worked hard to improve in the ring, which should be commended. Some in the past rested on their laurels. It’s fine not to like a Nikki Bella, but fans should look at the big picture as well.

          • To what Jon said
            This was clearly out of pettiness from WWE by using Nikki’s reign to spite AJ that overshadows Nikki’s accomplishment. and I read the comment on what Nikki said about Vince and putting the title on the Total Divas. Nikki made Stephanie sound like a liar when Steph flat out denied those rumors last year.

            Yes Nikki worked hard and she has improved in the ring, but to hear Nikki blame AJ for getting “hated” by fans kind of makes me lose my respect for her in that regard. Nikki RT’d comparisons to her second reign and AJ’s first one which makes Nikki look bitter towards fans for not giving her the ultimate respect like fans give to AJ. WWE since they got rid of AJ’s record will go back to the status quo. This is the same company that can’t book Cesaro right when he jobbed to Big Show who’ll job to Brock Lesnar the ratings reflect that much less book the divas right sadly ala the team format.

            Let me ask you this did AJ blame others for getting hate online from fans? No cause she actually ignores it and does not blame other divas unlike Nikki. During that promo that Nikki referenced didn’t Nikki talk over AJ’s promo which is disrespectful on her part and also complained backstage afterwards that stopped the story’s momentum.

          • I agree Scot people need to realize that they are playing characters. Each character has certain roles in the specific story line. If the story line is boring then the fans would not show a reaction (good, bad or indifference).I believe that Nikki does have some skills in the ring. She was part of the Diva group that improved women’s roles, Let’s not forget Nattie’s contribution. Credit also needs to go to AJ for her contributions. Her contributions were such as the specific time allowed. The Diva’s now have more resources to work with. (So credit should be given to all). I’m sure being John Cena’s woman might might have impact however I cannot not say how much. I wonder if John had so much influence why was she not belted at beginning of their relationship?? Things that make you go hmmmm. Nikki has gotten use to John buying her the finer things – 6 pair of red bottoms at a time. He has a very unique personality – he said he likes nothing but finer things. When she moved in she cooked dinner in his kitchen that was never used and he freaked out. Oh well just my thoughts.

          • There is alot to be said the highlights of all the work you have done in the business is about scandal and not the work itself.. I believe the Bella’s have worked hard to get to where they are.. I believe Brie is the brain and Nikki is the body.. Fans are more intrigued by the personal life between her and john however.. they are giving the fans what they want. Of course john has a say.. He does not want to look like a fool. Imagine how insanely ridiculous her story line would be if he didn’t ensure there was some sort of display of her having real Estate knowledge or something else going on.. God forbid she really was just some hott chick that Shopped all day and never cooked never cleaned .. That what it appears to be though.. Bad publicity is still good publicity right. This story line of her and Nemeth really makes John look foolish.. He works his ass off.. I think he is more of a mentor than anything.. She wold be unattended to make the worst decisions both career and personal.. She should really make an effort to try to change the image they portray of her .. Its not good. There has to be more to her than what they show..

  15. More of the old school diva matches should come back. The divas have the bodies and competitive drive to make them more exciting. Matches like lingerie matches, chocolate tub matches, mud matches, paddle on a pole matches, etc. Matches like Trish Stratus, Sable, Torrie Wilson, Lita, and Chyna had. Yes Divas wrestling is unique and exciting but back then it was so much more entertaining. I looked gorwars to seeing the divas then but rarely did. Now it’s just like yeah they’re good they had a good match but where is the real excitement from the divas?

    • I think the one thing missing for a while within the diva’s division has been story-telling and character development. We saw a glimmer of it with AJ vs. the world. Then there was Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon. Hopefully, with Paige now breaking off alone and some other moves, we will see some compelling storyline development.

  16. I think Nikki is an amazing woman. I would marry her and give her a thousand children. I wouldn’t even want any of her fortune just her. Thank you Nikki for being you

  17. I think the women division has the best talent . Not just being very pretty but they work hard on talent and keep their body in great shape like to see more matches on raw and smack down keep it up ladies

  18. Sure… And CM Punk had nothing to do with saving Kofi’s job back in 2008…
    And for that matter Cena didn’t save Zach Ryder’s job either…

    We all know he has massive pull backstage, and has used it often (see interviews with Edge & Jericho where Cena used his pull to change the outcome of his war with Barrett and the Nexus which as we all know killed the nexus angle)

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