WWE Total Divas Season 6 Premiere Recap: Total Superstars

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It is WrestleMania time as Total Divas returns for Season 6 with some new faces entering the mix.

The biggest show of the year for WWE means different things for each of the ladies. For Brie Bella, it’s what she believes is her last match. Emotions are running high for the veteran performer with husband Daniel Bryan at home not long after having to retire and twin sister Nikki rehabbing a neck injury.

If that weren’t enough, Brie also has to deal with Maryse, one of the additions to the reality show. Maryse hasn’t talked to Brie and Nikki in three-and-a-half years because she felt betrayed by them. She says she was offered a contract to return to WWE, but decided to hold off with the Twins in an effort to get a better deal. Maryse apparently gets a phone call by WWE saying none of them were coming back. Three weeks later she recalls getting a text from Brie that she and Nikki were signed. Maryse has held it against the Twins ever since.

Renee Young, who graduated from guest star to full-on joining Total Divas, has the idea to try to rectify the friendship. After all, at one point Brie and Maryse were good enough friends to be roommates. You could feel the hostility when Maryse comes to meet Young, Paige and Brie during dinner.

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Maryse essentially believes Brie blocked her from getting a new contact and let’s Brie know all her accomplishments since including movie opportunities and marrying The Miz. Brie doesn’t know how she would have any power to cause to influence someone not getting signed by WWE and feels she was nothing but supportive to Maryse. Nothing really gets settles, but Brie is determined not let the ordeal stop her from enjoying one last night as a full-time in-ring competitor.

Nikki is dealing with the fact she can’t wrestle at WrestleMania. However, the former champ is happy to be in Texas to support her sister. She also received some renewed motivation to return when Stephanie McMahon announced to the group that the female talent will be called superstars just as the men. The Diva’s championship would be shelved in favor of the Women’s championship.

Elsewhere Lana, the third Total Divas newbie, is gearing up for her debut match at WrestleMania. The pressure is on for the blonde bombshell to rise to the occasion. Natalya gives her some tough love and advice heading into such a milestone. Lana is told to believe in herself and own the moment with confidence. She takes the advice and has a successful showing.

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Trinity wanted to do it big for WrestleMania. So after having a few drinks she trusts Paige to dye and cut her hair. What could go wrong, right? Apparently a lot when the end result turns into a hairmergency. The WWE glam squad is fully booked the hours leading up to the event and can’t help. Trinity has to fly in her own personal stylist to fix her hair right in to 5 a.m. the day of WrestleMania. Given the milestone of competing in front of more than 100,000 fans, she feels it was all worth it. And now knows alcohol during WrestleMania week may not be the best idea.

Total Divas recap

Right from the get-go the cast shake-up has brought new life to the show. Young, Lana and Maryse bring something different with their respective lives and significant others. Regular WWE viewers I’m sure are have to get used to hearing Lana without her trademark Russian accent. Given the previews, it looks to be an entertaining season sure to give fans a reason to watch each week.

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