Mariah Carey Unfiltered and Totally Real in Mariah’s World

Mariah's World airs on E! Sundays at 9/8c James Dimmock/ E! Entertainment

The chart-topping songstress with the diva-licious persona, Mariah Carey opens her private life up for the world to see in the eight-part docuseries Mariah’s World, premiering on E! Sunday, Dec. 4 9/8c. The series gives viewers an intimate look into the superstar’s ridiculously opulent life, but also sheds light on the hard work involved in touring internationally, and the fun involved in raising twins and planning a wedding.

For Carey, she was looking to document her tour, not necessarily share all of her secrets. “I haven’t been on tour in Europe for 10 years. I was like, let’s just show the behind‑the‑scenes — what it really takes to do a tour, what it really takes for all these people to get together and work together and become a family and watch how the music evolves, watch the process and watch how the different personalities interact,” Carey shared at the Television Critics Association press tour. “I mean, it’s my life, and I figured if I don’t document this right now, I’m not sure when I’m going to go on tour again.”

Mariah's WorldCarey, who is the proud mama to 5-year-old twins with her ex Nick Cannon, said viewers will get a glimpse into her family life, as well, and warns that her kids are beyond hilarious. We will also see some moments with her new Australian billionaire fiancé, James Packer. “He’s been very cool in allowing some moments, but he’s not an entertainer. That’s not what he does. So I can’t expect him to change his whole thing [to be on my show].”

As for what fans can expect to learn about the “real” superstar and how fame has changed her, she offered: “I’m like the same person that I was when I was a kid. I know the realities of having to, like, watch what you do and try to look a certain way and whatever, but I’m just the same person because I grew up with nothing. I didn’t have money. I had a very difficult childhood. I moved around a lot. I had some things that were amazing and great and encouraging and then some things that were really difficult and sad and hard and hurtful. So I think that’s always a part of me, and I think that goes into making music or doing any kind of creative activity.”

And what an enlightening World this should be.

Mariah's World
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In tonight’s episode, Mariah’s World: For Love of the Tour (Dec. 4), Mariah plans her upcoming nuptials to billionaire James Packer and the launch of her first world tour in a decade — simultaneously, which presents a difficult dilemma. Meanwhile, Mariah must race the clock to showtime and entrust the tour at the hands of her new tough manager, Stella.