Video: An Old Friend Returns in this Exclusive Gold Rush Clip!

Gold Rush
Is Gold Rush ready for the return of our Mystery Man?

After weeks of conflict, Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman may finally be on the receiving end of a little good news, and Channel Guide Magazine has your sneak peek.

In this exclusive clip from this week’s episode of Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush, the Hoffman Crew is still reeling after the departure of several key members, and an unexpected visitor is the last thing this overworked skeleton crew needs. But the mystery man is none other than gold guru — and fan favorite — Freddy Dodge! And apparently, Freddy’s been busy …

Check out the Clip!

Has the Hoffman Crew found a future dig site? Can Todd trust Freddy? this mean that Gold Rush is heading to Colorado? Could this turn in events mean another fortune is on the horizon?

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  1. I hope Fred don’t let the old clean his gold Tod daddy I think Fred should clean his own gold

  2. I don’t understand them leaving Alaska!they got over 3,000 oz’s and they leave! Why not try & find anothe claim there? I just don’t get it!

    • The Hoffman crew wasn’t in Alaska last year, they were in the Yukon Territory of Canada. Get your facts strait and brush up on your international geography

  3. Thought that looked like Freddy. He always seems to be on the gold, unlike Todd. I’ve watched since the show first started and NEVER understood how Todd can be so wrong so many times. Then these grown men aimlessly follow him when it’s clear his decisions need work. So sorry, but no amount of prayer can fix stupid. I suppose if common sense was so common, everyone would have it. I really hope Freddy has saved ya’lls bacon again.

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