Nat Geo Wild, X Ambassadors Set Mother Earth to Music with ‘Symphony for our World’

Symphony for our World Nat Geo Wild

On Sunday, April 22, Nat Geo Wild celebrates Earth Day — and the splendor of Mother herself — with the unique one-hour special Symphony for our World. And as the special’s stunning trailer says, it’s an event you have to hear to believe.


The perfect way to relax after your Earth Day efforts, Symphony for our World combines the gasp-inducing nature footage National Geographic and its television channels are known for with an original symphony created by Hans Zimmer’s Emmy- and BAFTA-nominated Bleeding Fingers Music, featuring composers Austin Fray and Andrew Christie.

The duo’s five-part composition brings viewers on a journey through five different ecosystems — sea, shore, land, mountains and sky — creating a swoon-worthy and deeply moving experience for nature lovers and music lovers alike. Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager of Nat Geo WILD, said in a statement that he hopes the event “will ignite our global audience’s passion for this miracle of a planet we call home and move everyone to join us in protecting it for generations to come.”

Madhya Pradesh State, India – A close view of a snarling tiger, a predator, showcased in “Symphony for our World” MICHAEL NICHOLS/National Geographic Creative

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In the same statement, Russell Emanuel, Bleeding Fingers’ CEO and chief creative, explained the unique effort of setting the planet’s visual wonders and National Geographic’s iconic cinematography to music. “To score a natural history project of this scale is always a privilege, but to be given the opportunity to create a symphony that guides the audience journey, rather than voiceover, is a rare challenge,” Emanuel said. “This together with the ecological urgency surrounding the issues facing our planet is a responsibility that inspires our team to create an exceptional and powerful musical narrative.”

Symphony for our World also features a special musical collaboration with indie rock band X Ambassadors.


“It’s a way to speak non-verbally,” said the band’s lead singer Sam Nelson Harris. “This speaks, really, to your heart.”

Airing sans commercial interruptions to preserve its transportive nature, the hourlong Symphony for Our World kicks off a companion tour of concert venues around the world that features a 90-minute live orchestra and choir performance. View the tour schedule here.

Scandinavia, Arctic Circle – The Saddleback Seal rests among the frigid ice and snow that are native to this sea-surrounded land. GEORGE F. MOBLEY/National Geographic Creative

Symphony for Our World premieres Earth Day, Sunday, Apr. 22 at 7/6c on Nat Geo WILD.


  1. I’m fascinated with the X Ambassadors music. Have the CD that features Renegade music background Jeep Renegade Commercial.
    Sorry to say I missed the NatGeo production of “Symphony for our World” very very sorry. Please let me know when the next TV showing will be.

    • Hi Yvonne. Here are your viewing options from the network itself:

      Symphony for Our World is available now on Video On-Demand,, NatGeo TV apps, Hulu, Facebook and YouTube. The special will be available until at least 4/22/19 on VOD/TVE. It also launched on EST platforms Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. The special was also made available for free ungated on all TVE/DELTA/Website platforms from premiere to 6/21/18.

      Hope you can catch it! It’s a knockout!

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