Symphony for our World

Nat Geo Wild, X Ambassadors Set Mother Earth to Music with ‘Symphony for our World’

On Sunday, April 22, Nat Geo Wild celebrates Earth Day — and the splendor of Mother herself — with the unique one-hour special Symphony for our World. And as the special’s stunning trailer says, it’s an event you have to hear to believe.   The perfect way to relax after your Earth Day efforts, Symphony for our World combines the gasp-inducing nature footage National Geographic and its television channels are known for with an original symphony created by Hans Zimmer’s Emmy- and BAFTA-nominated Bleeding Fingers Music, featuring composers Austin Fray and Andrew Christie. The duo’s five-part composition brings viewers on a journey through five […]


‘One Strange Rock’ on National Geographic: Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky Loves His Mother (Earth) With Help From Will Smith and Astronauts!

Much of the talk about Earth these days is how we’ll communally exit it — via NASA or SpaceX, done in by our own bad habits or getting pulverized by the sort of cosmic event that got us here in the first place. That doesn’t sit well with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. Aronofsky, who trained as a field biologist, teamed with the “mega-documentary” experts at Nutopia and an eight-pack of well-spoken astronauts to craft One Strange Rock, a mesmerizing 10-episode love letter to our home planet, co-anchored by Will Smith and the space travelers and airing on National Geographic. The […]

Man Among Cheetahs Naborr

‘Man Among Cheetahs’: We Ride Along with Filmmaker Bob Poole to Spot Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week Stars

On a brilliant early September day, acclaimed wildlife filmmakers Bob and Gina Poole await visitors on a tiny airstrip in Kenya’s Mara Naboisho Conservancy. When we — 10 international journalists primed for adventure — land, there’s time for quick hellos before everyone leaps into waiting safari vehicles. There is somebody else we need to meet. And he’s a bit unpredictable. In their specially outfitted Land Rover, the Pooles lead the caravan to a nearby stand of acacia trees. The twitch of a tail beneath one draws our eyes to magnificent cheetah Forester, a feline star of the Pooles’ latest film, […]

Life Below Zero Season 4 Sue Aikens Kavik River Camp

Sue Aikens talks Life Below Zero Season 4 and reclaiming her life after injury

Sue Aikens is one tough cookie on National Geographic Channel’s Emmy-nominated hit, Life Below Zero — risking her life and sometimes ruining her body to maintain the solitary Alaskan lifestyle she loves at her Kavik River Camp 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. But you’d be hard pressed to find a more charming coffee date and conversationalist when Aikens does venture down from the 49th state, which she did to take part in a January press tour. I found her relaxing with a pair of the show’s producers in a Pasadena hotel restaurant, enjoying her time in the warmer climes — and greeting reporters she […]

Pet Talk

Sit! Stay! Speak! Get To Know The Pros Of “Pet Talk”

Get ready to know your pet. If you’re like 62% of American families, your household includes a pet. And on Feb. 19, Nat Geo WILD is premiering television’s first talk show devoted to pets and pet parents. Pet Talk is a weekly series hosted by veterinarians Tina Olivieri and Courtney Campbell, wildlife expert David Mizejewski, and field reporter Andre Millan, who will share breaking pet news, advice and amazing animal stories. In addition to the series hosts, Pet Talk will welcome animal behaviorists, biologists, grooming specialists, pet food chefs, authors animal celebrities and other recurring experts from around the world. […]


Warlords of Ivory: How Africa’s illegal ivory trade funds terrorism

The critically acclaimed documentary series Explorer returns to National Geographic Channel on Sunday, Aug. 30, at 8pm ET/PT. Each monthly episode of the series will go deep into a story ripped from the pages of the current issue of National Geographic magazine. In the premiere episode, Warlords of Ivory, special investigative correspondent Bryan Christy, a veteran of wildlife trafficking wars, traces the path of destruction left in the wake of Africa’s illegal ivory trade — a path rife with misery, crime and terrorism that spreads like a dark stain across the map of the world. Christy and his team had an […]