Hey “Blue Lagoon” fans: Christopher Atkins is coming to Bio!

By Lori Acken

OK, I’ll admit it …

Actually, I don’t need to admit it. I’m pleased as punch to report that my jaded old heart skipped a beat, maybe twelve, when I opened the latest Bio press release and saw that name. His name. The name of he who could send me walking into walls, make me furtively smooch a poster till it wore through to the faux wood panel of my closet door and — most of all — want to clobber Brooke Shields when I was in the 8th grade.

Christopher Atkins. Richard. He of the loin cloth and mango-feeding skills from the 1980 [circle your opinion here] shlockfest/delicious tormenter of teenage hormones, The Blue Lagoon.

After destroying me even further by singing with and smooching Kristy MacNichol, the person I wanted most wanted to be back in the day for any number of reasons (kissed Leif Garrett, kissed Matt Dillon, kissed My German Soldier), in The Pirate Movie, the actor has kept busy acting in no less than 3 dozen films that I’ve never heard of. Hence, I’ve not seen him in anything other than a photo or two since 1982. No. Good.

Happily, all that will change on July 2 when Bio debuts the hourlong special Celebrity Ghost Hunt, starring renowned psychic and Paranormal State favorite Chip Coffey.

Coffey will journey to North Carolina, where Atkins frequently hunts gold on his friends’ remote property, to help the actor determine whether the strange noises and occurrences he’s experienced are the paranormal activity of a man who drowned in the mine years before.

Coffey and his team will also spend time with actor Eric Roberts and his wife at their California home to try to identify  the woman who’s ghost is a familiar presence at the Roberts residence.

Whether you’re a fan of ghosts or other heavenly bodies (oh what, it was right there … I couldn’t stop myself), tune in Saturday, July 9 at 10pm ET/9pm CT/11pm PT. Which gives me a good week to find that poster…

Photo credit: chipcoffey.com


  1. Attention, my fellow Christopher Cravers — BIO Channel has rescheduled this special for July 9 at 10pm ET/9CT/11PT. Kindly revisit your calendars!

  2. Christopher, you will have an awesome time with Chip! I’ve been on a couple of ghost hunts with him(Ohio state Reformatory) and had some strange, unexplainable experiences. By the way, I still remember “Blue Lagoon” 🙂

  3. Christopher Atkins is no Willie Aames. Or maybe he is; I couldn’t tell those blonde perms apart.

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