Discovery Announces Naked and Afraid XL Season 2 Premiere Date

Naked and Afraid XL, Season 2

 Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid XL will return for a second season on Sunday, July 10. This season, 12 former Naked and Afraid contestants will attempt to survive in the South African bush for 40 days. 

Naked and Afraid XL, Season 2

The series released a heavily pixilated photo, so we’ll have to play “Match the tattoo” to past participants. Whose body do you recognize? Who do you hope will make the Season 2 cast? Who don’t you want to see again? 

The release from Discovery mentions that while filming the series, the XL crew endured cases of tick-bite fever, spitting cobras in crew quarters, and close encounters with territorial wild lions. But whether any of that drama will play out on-camera is yet to be seen…

The release also says, “Stranded in the remote, hostile badlands of South Africa, the survivalists must all vie for the same limited food, water and shelter, while avoiding ferocious predators such as lions, leopards, and hyenas. They must endure starvation, punishing heat…and each other. Will they band together or fracture into smaller groups to survive?  In a challenge this big – will they be mentally and physically strong enough to master the environment and make it out alive?” 

Over the next four weeks, Discovery will reveal three survivalists taking on the XL challenge during new Naked and Afraid episodes.


  1. Your “commercial” for this season says “lions, tigers, and bare”. TIGERS?!? Really??? Been to Africa many times—guess I missed them.

  2. Laura is a whiner. Chris is a whiner. Hell, 95% of them are the type of whiny, selfish survivalists of which you only need 1-2 on a show in order to create complete chaos. Unfortunately, some of those that are not liked are right-minded, with a mentality of “get your shit done or you don’t get eel,” and I would be the same way. I’m all for shits and grins and teamwork, but if day 3 comes and you’re still collecting flies — get the hell out of my way and don’t touch my unripe mangos.

  3. I’d like to see a show somewhere with interesting beautiful scenery. Sandy beaches, always make a cleaner survivalist. Kind of more pleasant viewing.
    I’ve seen enough of the miserable snake & bug infested jungles. Nobody can live in those places very long & they come home with parasites & God only knows what.
    Also step up the menu so we’re not eating lizards, mice etc. that stuff is dangerousl

    • Survival isn’t clean. I don’t condone every season being in the 7th layer of hell, but I also don’t want to see them in Hawaii where a small child could accidentally thrive. Personally, I thought the jungle in Season 1 was definitely manageable. Step up the menu? Change the channel if you’re going to be such a complete softy!

  4. In the “Bad Blood” (overly dramatic name) episode they revealed 3 more XL2 participants:
    Tawny: Hip, hip, hooray
    Alyssa: Hip, hip, hooray (One of the best and most inspiring women on N&A)
    Phaedra: Hip, hip, hooray (I like her hair natural better than the Miley Cyrus get up)
    Kellie, Things are shaping up nicely!!!!!!

  5. Kellie,
    Have you noticed that survivors Bo Stuart and Matt Wright have a resemblance to Richard Gere??
    I would like to see both of them on XL2

  6. On tonight’s episode they revealed 3 0f the XL 2 participants.
    Darrin: Yes, yes, yes. Hooray!
    Kim Kelly: Yes, yes, yes. Hooray!
    Carrie Booze: Yes, yes, yes. Hooray! Carrie got a bad rap in Cambodia because she had a no personality, stubborn, lazy and POS partner (I do not like Tom T. at all or his starve for 21 day and lay around the fire attitude). I hope she gets a chance to work with better partners.
    These three would make a good active group.

    • It seems like we are equally excited for these three people. The announcement of the first three XL participants was the highlight of the Naked and Afraid episode, Australia “Melt Down Under.” Darrin is twisted but talented, Kim was a tough woman with an incredible mental strength and a good sense of humor and Carrie was stuck with the wrong partner. Carrie’s partner Tom would have loved Alana; they could have lain on rocks and “survived lazy!”

  7. Surely you all can put a show on that had more intelligence then this. Who would be do stupid to do this. It’s not even intertaining. Stupid, stupid no one wants to watch necked people in the woods.

  8. Um:
    Alana Barfield, Oh HELL NO!(or Yes if she has to do everything with Chris)
    Chris Fischer, Oh HELL NO!(or Yes if he has to stick with Alana)
    Dani Beau, NO!
    Dani Julien, YES! only if paired with a completely new partner none of the morons listed here are worthy of her.
    EJ (Bonecrusher) Snyder, NO! but yes if paired with Honoro Bowen
    Eva Rupert, NO!
    Hakim Isler, NO!
    Honora Bowen, NO! (Nobody that needs meds should be on the show) but yes if paired with E.J. Snyder.
    Laura Zerra, NO!
    Luke McLaughlin, NO!
    Shane Lewis, NO!
    Jeff Zausch, NO!
    Laura Zerra, NO!

    • I agree with KenO except for a “hell no” on E. J.; the clever “fatted calf” who lost seventy pounds last year. He fumbles and bumbles around and he is likely to hurt himself again as he has done twice before. There are at least 6 good men and 6 good women candidates on the bios list who are better than last years cast. Dani J. excepted of course!

      • “The Fatted Calf”, that’s hilarious J.C., I love it. He’s also another “screamer” when he kills something, anything, what a buffoon.

        • KenO,
          EJ and Jeff had all the behavior of what some anthropologists call “The northern hemisphere wild type” hyper-masculinity, and arrogant boasting of their prowess. The only thing missing was over large supra orbital brow ridges.

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