Recap: Naked and Afraid Australia “Melt Down Under”

Naked and Afraid Australia Discovery Channel
Good thing Nicklas ganked a coal before Laura gave the fire a bath.

Holy moly, Naked and Afraid casting people, you need to get your act together! This is the second week in a row that a participant went coo-coo!! I won’t get too far ahead of myself, but dang!

Feel free to read my two interviews with the casting director of Naked and Afraid (Interview 1 and Interview 2) and please apply if you are confident that you are not going to try to harm your partner. That being said, let’s take a gander at this week’s TV trainwreck.

Naked and Afraid Australia
Nicklas Discovery Channel

Nicklas Lautakoski
Age: 30 years old
Occupation: Professional adventurer, Mountain guide, and Lecturer
Current Residence: Stockholm, Sweden
Relationship Status: Engaged
Survival Skills: Positive Attitude, Endurance, Mental Toughness
Nicklas calls himself the “Swedish Viking,” and credits adventures in the wild for turning him from a shy, unathletic boy into the confident man he is today. He has taken part in some incredible survival adventures and he has a charm that is infectious. And he has a biting wit that I can only describe as “Swedish.” Nicklas, calls Naked and Afraid “The ultimate revenge” against people who used to underestimate him.
Nickals’ Initial Primitive Survival Rating (PSR)is 7.3 out of 10.0.

Naked and Afraid Australia
Laura Discovery Channel

Laura Thompson-Nelson
Age: 47 years old
Occupation: Housewife
Current Residence: McAllen, Texas
Relationship Status: Married
Survival Skills: Shelter building, Cordage making, Water collection and purification, Team work mentality, Fire making
Laura is a former member of the Air Force and did survival training during her enlistment. She calls herself an eccentric loner and is hoping to make a lifelong friend with the “poor Son-of a bitch” who is stuck with her
Laura is given an Initial PSR of 6.1 out of 10.0

In the days before insertion, Laura has the conundrum: to shave, or not to shave? Thanks to generous N&A genital pixilation, we will never know her decision.

Nicklas spends his pre-insertion days eating cheese. Nicklas, I feel you bro — I live in Wisconsin. If calories weren’t a consideration, I’d eat an entire wheel of cheese.

This week we’re exploring virgin territory and heading to an entirely new continent, Australia. (Am I correct that this the first time N&A has gone Down Under? I can’t recall the series ever going there before, but please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Grab your didgeridoo and get ready for:
Hot days and cold nights
Intense storms with flash floods
An arid and unforgiving landscape
Brown snakes (Which are visually uninteresting, but incredibly deadly)
Inland Taipan (also gonna kill you)
Poisonous Redback spiders (yup, you’re gonna die)

Primitive Survival Gear. Each participant is allowed to bring a single primitive survival item, and the production gives him or her something else so they don’t die. Laura brought a fire starter, Nicklas brought a machete, and they were given a cooking pot.

Day 1
Laura and Nicklas walk across the steamy outback and find the skeleton of a Kangaroo, which they bring with them in case it can be used for tools. I think it makes a better mascot, because I can’t think of great uses for a kangaroo skull. Their first storm arrives while they make a hasty shelter and attempt to make fire. They spend their first night, wet and shivering.

Day 2
The next morning starts warm with promise. And sunshine. And Nicklas thinks his pasty Swedish fanny is bound for a burning. He and Laura butt heads over how to redesign their shelter so they’ll stay dry, and he tells her to do something else. But their “New” shelter looks equally crappy and still allows the rain to pour in. They are so cold and miserable that Nicklas cries as they huddle together.

Day 3
One of the big problems of such an arid environment is that the leaves of the trees are small by design to prevent evaporation. Great for the tree, but terrible as a roofing material. Nicklas is desperate for fire so takes over the fire-making task while Laura clucks in the background. Nicklas has to hold his tongue at every comment and criticism and suggestion that spews from Laura’s mouth. And when he is successful at making fire, Laura seems resentful.

Day 4
Laura cries alone because she’s frustrated. She doesn’t feel like she’s an equal member of her partnership, but feels like she’s been relegated to “woman’s work” of collecting cordage and bedding. It’s not true Laura, you had a chance to use your fire starter, but you didn’t succeed. Your partner simply asked for an opportunity and happened to be successful. Be glad that you’re warm!

Laura’s frustration simmers over the next few days and mixed with no sleep turns into a dangerous slurry.

Day 7
Laura doesn’t seem like she’s slept the entire time she’s been in Australia. And no sleep makes this Zena look-alike very cranky. And clumsy, as seen by a few hard falls that she takes while taking a walk to clear her head.

When Laura returns to the camp after her fall-about, Nicklas is resting and refuses to give her the knife. Then Laura goes crazy. Completely and utterly crazy. I’ll try to rehash, but you can watch it here.

Laura says, “I swear to God, one day, I’m gonna kill you.” The sensitive Swede takes offense, objects to being killed and decides to leave camp. When he confronts her, and says that he’s going to move, Laura refuses to let him take a coal because, “then I won’t have anything.” Laura, just because he has fire, doesn’t mean that you don’t have fire. Fire isn’t all or nothing. It can be shared.

But Laura seems blinded by insanity and starts throwing water on her fire to extinguish it. Nicklas calmly walks around her and picks up a smoldering log and carries it away to his new camp. Laura chases him like a loon, grabs the log and goes full-on Honora and throws it into the river. And then throws another log into the stream. But when she heads back to the stream to get more water to douse every coal in camp, Nicklas sneaks in, grabs a coal and flees to a safe area to nurse his coal into fire.

Laura’s threat has caught the attention of the crew and they force Laura out of the survival experience. But before she leaves, she has time to douse every coal to leave the “Evil, selfish, condescending, vindictive man” with nothing. I had to laugh when she used those words to describe Nicklas, and not herself.

Now that Laura’s gone, Nicklas returns to his original camp. When he finds Laura’s walking stick, he says, “I will burn this. I will burn this as a symbol of my freedom.” So maybe he’s a tad vindictive. But it’s completely warranted. And it’s good firewood.

Naked and Afraid Australia
Good thing Nicklas ganked a coal before Laura gave the fire a bath. Discovery Channel

Day 10
Nicklas wakes cheerful as usual. He cheers, “My favorite breakfast … water. Woo!” I love his attitude. Now that he doesn’t have to focus on his partner, maybe Nicklas can focus on building traps.

Naked and Afraid Australia

And let’s take a moment to note how much Nicklas looks like British comedian and actor Matt Lucas. AmIRight?

Naked and Afraid Australia
No hair? Don’t care. Discovery Channel

Day 12
Nicklas resorts to eating ants. “Tastes like citrus,” he informs us. I wonder, what foods do Aussies grow in their country? The only “Australian” food that I can think of is Vegemite and it’s basically used yeast that’s been chewed by someone and spit into a jar.

Day 14
Nicklas sees a venomous brown snake near his shelter. He’s not thrilled to see something so deadly near his home. Why didn’t he kill it? Past N&A participants have dined successfully on Fleur de Lis snakes and other deadly critters.

Day 16
Nicklas is thiiiis close to catching a rabbit in his snare. But doesn’t. Wascally wabbit.

Day 19
In the arid Australia climate, Nicklas’s skin is cracking and burning from lack of moisture. Nicklas likens it to a giant hair dryer.

Day 20
Miracle of miracles, there is a rabbit in Nicklas’s trap. He weeps with joy; he admits that he’s not a hunter or trapper, so this is an unexpected gift. If he’s not skilled at hunting, how did the producers of Naked and Afraid expect him to find food? It’s not like he could have found a coconut palm or a banana tree and found fruit.

Day 21
Nicklas leaves on his extraction hike at 2:30am to avoid the heat of the day. But leaving in the dark exposes him to hidden threats like snakes and spiders. It’s a risk he’s willing to take because he wants out of the Outback.

In a fashion note, Nicklas has fashioned the rabbit fur into a single, fuzzy, bunny slipper.

Nicklas is off to a brisk start on his long extraction hike, but stops to do some warming calisthenics. “Pain is temporary, glory is forever!” he chants. I’m amazed that Nicklas as been able to maintain his positive attitude despite the highs and lows and hunger of his 21-day experience. Finally, he finishes his hike, climbs a steep hill and is “rescued.” It’s a little underwhelming, because it’s another disappointing episode of Naked and Afraid. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

After 21 days in the Australian Outback, Nicklas has lost 22 pounds.
His PSR rose from 7.3 to 8.1 out of 10.0
Because Laura was removed from the survival experience on the 7th day of the 21-day survival experience, her PSR was lowered to 4.9 out of 10.0.

For the second week in a row, Naked and Afraid has failed its participants by casting someone who has a mental breakdown. I don’t know if Laura had mental instability in her past, or if the lack of food and sleep drove her to a bout of psychosis, but it wasn’t safe for her or her partner. Is the show, in its attempts to find harsh environments, choosing areas that are unlivable? Are they intentionally choosing people who may be unstable to make a “better” show? Is this what is considered “Good TV?” Are we entertained?

During the breaks of this episode, the first three participants of Naked and Afraid XL, Season 2 were revealed. Discovery announced the series last week and I’m not surprised by any of these choices.
Darrin Reay: the Thailand “Lord of the Rats.”
Kim Kelley: who survived the Panamanian Jungle by herself for 17 days.
Carrie Booze: who found clams and caught flack after she survived Cambodia.


  1. Laura has completely lost her mind, has the nerve to blame her partner for all her problems.

  2. I believe more than anything that This episode serves as a great cultural comment. It does a lot to tell the story of how an American women who lives in a culture that’s robbed her of any attention span and suppanted it with a deep emotional insecurity and an overinflated sense of self-worth.
    Here is a women who has been told so often that she can do anything she has become unable to honestly evaluate her situation. She is teamed with a man who is humble when talking about his own level of experience. She had two days to make a fire couldn’t get it done. He takes his turn and she wants to tell him how to make one??? All he wants to do is focus but she’s American and can even comprehend what focus is. Priceless…
    She can’t focus she feels insulted and incompetent which results in agressive triggers and a mind that becomes hysterical and complete out of control. Unfortunately we don’t live in a society that allows for him to help her by smacking her around a little and taking her down a peg or two. I’m not suggesting that you hurt her as much as you just physically dominant her in that situation in order to get her to understand her limitations and come back into the real.

  3. They should have not made her leave. She was speck in metaphorically.. he was such a jerk. He was making us mad… stupid idiot…

    • Is this Laura?

      Because I just watched an unbalanced, violent, nad clearly habitually abusive woman attack the bakanced, quiet, and fair Nicklas.

  4. I think there’s room to operate as a team but recognise individual skills. Perhaps there wasn’t sufficient discussion about how they were going to make that happen but you have to focus on skill sets no matter what. Most of all, don’t pout if you don’t get everything your own way. It’s also worth pointing out that interpersonal skills are seriously tested during a normal working day, never mind lack of water, sleep and food, so you have to give a little if something comes out wrong.

    To that end, English is not the Swede’s first language. Laura failed to recognise that, and ploughed on regardless. As things went from bad to worse, and Niklas decided to make the fire, which Laura had failed to make, he asked her to let him focus, several times. She refused, and was seriously annoying in continually intervening. That’s not the first time she’d done that either. I’m not surprised he got irritated with her. That led (according to the way the film was cut) to her suicidal meltdown.

    What we don’t know is what else went on that caused the production team to decide she was a nut-job. There must have been more than the murder threat. Either way, I can’t imagine being with her once she started whinging and moaning about everything, and just needling away. Her failure to be able to stand up said a lot too.

  5. Lack of sleep induces psychosis. It is probably the number one reason that the damaged veterans come back and end up suicidal.
    So it is easy to understand how “mental” Laura got in the harsh outback. It could also have been related to hormonal imbalances from sudden starvation.
    But then, when she was back in civilization, and presumably getting rest and nutrition, she seemed to have no sense of perspective on what happened to her, and she was continuing to blame Nicklas.
    It seemed to us that Nicklas was very self-effacing and polite, and tried to just suck it up when conditions were bad. He could deal with the survival, but having to deal with a psychotic partner was just too much unneeded stress for him.
    That Australian Outback was extremely harsh!

  6. I don’t understand why Laura was ousted when her partner Nicolas was definitely not a partner in this endeavor. His do it himself attitude, etc…would have made me just as angry as Laura. I probably would have said get me my own knife and send him on his way without fire.

    Personally, Laura should be given another chance with someone who wants to be a partner. Just my 2 cents

    • I agree! I think he was being sexiest and a child. With no food/sleep I would’ve said some nasty things to him in sure! She wanted to try and share everything and just keep their distance during the day. Seems fair enough. But he was going to take the knife (and not share) she’d be screwed! Why should he get the fire but not give her use of the knife?

      I’ll say she did go a little bit far, but during the N&A when that one chick purposely sabotaged her group on XL they didn’t step in, they only stepped in this time because she was throwing coals in the water. It really frustrates me honestly. She shouldn’t have acted that way perhaps, but they’re in an emotional situation. He was a total jerk.

      • Your going to give a knife to an irrational person who threatened to kill you? How was he sexist? I would bet you can’t elaborate on that. She couldn’t make the fire, he made one, she couldn’t make a shelter he did. Ect ect

    • I totally agree!! I’m watching this episode right now, and had to look for comments in the middle of watching after she got pulled from the game. Nick is an ass! He’s whiny, immature, condescending, not a good team player, horribly selfish, dispicable and insensitive. Laura, I wish wish you all the best in life, and to Nicolas the wimpy wannabe Viking – I hope your fiancé comes to her senses and leaves you chauvinist creep for a better man. 🙂

  7. Did I say something offensive yesterday when I asked how the women deal with their menstrual cycles? It never got posted. Will be glad tonight to see who the next 3 “veterans” will be. Once again, you don’t see naked women walking around with tampon strings hanging from their privates and it’s not sanitary to just stuff leaves up there; how do they cope with it; anyone know?

    • To be frank, if they had tampon strings hanging out we wouldn’t be able to see them anyway but point taken. It’s not something men think much about, we’re too self centered. It’s like a dirty house, women see it men are like “hunh?” what dirt?

  8. I suppose it did not occur to the “Swedish Viking Professional Survivor” to cut tree bark and cover the shelter with it. I watched the episode again. The first 2 days he was whimpering and whining as much as she was about the cold and wet shelter. Other than as a sun shade their shelter was useless. Even after he rebuilt it “By myself” it was useless.
    COME ON MAN!!!

    • Incredible, J.C. There’s not been one single shelter made on N&A or N&A XL that was worth living in for a week much less three weeks. What’s wrong with these people? I thought they were supposed to be able to make a shelter, make fire and work together? He’s a Viking in his own mind. It’s just mind boggling that all of these participants can’t make shelters? What’s up with that?

      • There was one good one. The black ninja, and the girl with the raver hair cut. I think they were in India. Their second shelter was pretty good, with log walls, and a stone fireplace.

        Otherwise, I have to agree. I’m continually surprised by how useless the shelters are.

        • I forgot about that one. The girl with the raver hair cut is going to be on the new XL, but with long hair and she looks great. We’ll get to see her in a better platform this time.

  9. I just watched this episode tonight and I thought that both of them were acting like children. I would love to be on this show with Laura at any time. I think a big part of their problem was due to cultural and ego issues.

  10. “Chrissy” is a name that Ken-O gave to Chris last year on XL. Chris thought he was so “hot” and, in his first episode, told his unhappy partner that “I know tons of women that would kill to be with me on an island for 21 days” (not so, Chris) She tapped out because she couldn’t stand his domineering overpowering attitude. I can understand why he drove Honora nuts.

    • I can’t say I liked Chris all that much, but Honora doesn’t need anyone to drive her nuts. She’s straight up insane on her own. The fact that the producers let her on the show TWICE pretty well proves that they’re trying to instigate fights.

  11. Hi, I wasn’t quite clear on my comment yesterday when I mentioned Alana vs Darrin. I don’t know if Alana will be back; however, she’s easily replaced by nasty, sullen, lazy, non-contributing Carrie. She was so uncooperative with her partner in Cambodia and only contributed a few clams which she found on her “gotta get away from here” trip to the beach. She laid in the sun while her partner was trying to haul a large piece of firewood, stumbling because of its weight, and she never offered to help. She took the map on Day 21 and disappeared while the producers were asking “where’s Carrie?”. It took her partner into the jungle 2 miles before he found her which made them 4 miles off course. She and Alana would probably team up to be super-bitches.

    • Thanks for clearing that up Laurajane. I’d hate to see Alana again or Carrie for that matter.

  12. With the caveat that it’s obviously impossible to diagnosis someone based on a heavily edited televisions show, Laura was pretty much the walking embodiment of Borderline Personality Disorder.

    It’s a shame that the producers seem to think conflict is what sells the show, because I enjoy it much more when they show people finding ways to work together.

    • Actually it appears from several episodes that the producers don’t “think” at all.

    • Agreed. Her laughing sweet introduction quickly chaned to an abusive angry woman as though a light swith was flipped. Obviously DSM VI. I find quite a few comments here that are trying to spin the obvious to another conclusion. I’d gather they are Laura or her friends.

  13. Dang….that Laura chick was nuttier than a squirrel turd! During the “intro’s” I thought she’d be the fun kind of crazy but, nope, she turned into the “hide all the sharp things when she visits” kind of crazy. Do I think she would have tried to kill him? No, but she was obviously unstable and a liability. I don’t blame Nicklas, I wouldn’t want to have to deal with that nutball for the duration. I seriously doubt either one of them would have finished if she hadn’t been booted. Nicklas could have done the whole time alone and finished but not with Laura. Nicklas went out of his way to try and make things work smoothly but you can’t help someone who imagines everything is a slight against her, all while literally acting like a child and being a terrible partner.

    They gotta start doing psych evaluations on these people before bringing them on the show. I watch because I want see them succeed or fail based on their skills not have to sit through a primetime soap opera. Hopefully she’ll see herself on the show and make some changes but I suspect a year from now she will still be throwing tantrums, blaming others for her own bad behavior and still friendless.

    • At the beginning of each show, it says that each survivalist has gone through “rigorous mental” testing. The last 2 episodes have had total nut cases. How do they evaluate mental stability; do they just say “are you sane?, are you going to hurt yourself or your partner?”. Laura was so out there. Ken-O was so right in that she pulled a Honora when Honora went nuts and threw Luke’s and Chrissy’s machetes into the river. I do think that Luke and Chrissy were partly responsible for her craziness although she wasn’t very sane on her first trip to the dunes and laid in the sun with her magnifying glass til unconscious and the producers had to pull her out.

      • Neither Laura, Honora or Julio should ever have been on N&A. All three of them were borderline psychotics and could have done either themselves or their partners grave harm. There has to be a better filter to keep out the crazies. I know that’s pretty hard given that they’re offering people to get naked, go someplace they have no clue about, where they don’t have any expectation that they are able to kill any animals or chop anything down to make a shelter and they have to do it with some other person crazy enough to do the same and for no remuneration. Hmm, and we wonder why crazy people show up.

    • I completely agree. Nicklaus was probably the best survivor ever on this show considering he was able to survive with someone as physcotic as Laura. She proved that she was a terrible survivor and unable to accomplish anything when she refused to do anything multiple times such as start a fire. She is probably the worst survivor and biggest bitch ever to be on the show.

    • “Nuttier than a squirrel turd..” OMG, that was funny.
      On the serious side, Laura exhibited every negative female stereotype I can think of; hysterical, irrational, hormonal-like blow ups & then childish, destructive behavior when she didn’t get her way. As a woman, I cringed when she began dunking the smoldering wood in water (if I can’t get what I want, you’re going to be sorry) Her petulant behavior resembled a major case of PMS vs mental illness. After producers informed Laura that she was out, she whined about Nicholas & his behavior. Way to go, lady. You’re an embarrassment to our gender.

      • Nah, she is an emabrassment to humans. The PMS remark was sexist and ridiculous. This is clearly a case of a serious personality disorder unchecked.

    • I totally agree how is she still married…yikes blaming others instead of yourself doesn’t help… throwing the wood in the water like a little kid…. really

    • Her reaction to Nicolas is totally understandable. I wonder how you would feel in her situation – she was absolutely prepared to be in a TEAM to overcome all obstacles, but the guy just treated Laura like a second class citizen, shutting her out and shutting her up. She felt alone. Adding to this the sleep deprivation and lack of food, no wonder Laura spoke without mentally censoring herself before the words came out of her mouth, a knee-jerk reaction. And Nicolas’ total exaggeration was frankly ridiculous. Oh no, you want to kill me…. OMG, I that’s not a cultural misunderstanding. He’s just an ass. Laura proposed a good deal – spending most time apart but sharing resources. He on the other hand wants to keep his knife for himself but mooch off her fire?! Seriously? He is a dispicable human being.

  14. Wow . Laura was 12 buckets of crazy. She says I feel sorry for the son of a bitch that gets stuck with me…. She puts a bad name for Americans . Even worse she isn’t a kind lady. No wonder she has no friends . Laura is Bat-$hit crazy. Hope she has no kids … Keep being a stay at home shut the hell up wife. There is no reason for a women over 50 act like a child… Acually she must be one of the inbred humans , something is wrong with her… I’m surprised she has teeth.

  15. It’s disgusting that “Naked and Afraid” decided to go PC, and eject a participant over a commonly used phrase by angry people in the US. Did they not do a criminal background check? If Laura has never murdered people before, it is doubtful that anyone, including their ridiculous cast, was in any jeopardy. Oh sure, put people within an arms length of say, a lion, but when they make a non-PC comment, well, the show and the world falls apart. That, my friends, is what is called “disingenuous,” a “fake” and a “fraud”. My son and I were watching, we WERE fans, but our television went off as we had what I would call a “Sanjeeb” moment (referring to the duplicity of “American Idol”). We both immediately recognized what a fraud and a fake “Naked and Afraid” is when the producers are “afraid” of, well,…absolutely nothing. Go ahead, sig em to the lions, because, yeah, THAT would be okay, I guess.

    • Well said. I don’t believe she was really dangerous, irrational is a better description. He never treated her as a partner. He treated her as if he was her “boss” and “go away useless woman.” “Swedish Viking” indeed, I see nothing noble about Viking pirates and pillagers.

      • It would have been interesting to see her make it on her own. She had fighting spirit. Pitted against the “Swedish Viking” I would most definitely have put my money on her. Too bad the producers made such a bad call, and a stupid one too. Made the entire show look ludicrous. Really, putting more faith in dangerous animals than in a little non-PC talk from a naked 47 year old woman? I’ve lived in the South, and I’ve heard the same expression this lady said many times before. The producers may want to get out a little more. Maybe they were having withdrawal from sexual fantasies because they dared to let an older woman on their show.

        • Nicklas was the first to want to split up. The “Swedish Viking” couldn’t handle a woman who talked too much??? Yes, she needed to stop talking. Laura interfered with Nicklas’s show??? She certainly has some psychological problems. I have never known any woman who would submit to being brushed aside without putting forth some kind of emotional display.

    • I think they were more concerned with her lack of sleep and the harm she could do to herself. In the intro, they did mention what a lack of sleep can do to a person – obvious foreshadowing of what was to come. She probably wasn’t crazy before the show. I don’t think any of us knows how a week of no sleep and no food would make us behave.

  16. Another epic fail! Casting an arrogant male loner with a emotionally unstable woman; what’s with that? He marginalized her from the start and never let up. He reminded me of Chris F. a 100% pr..k She just fell apart and became dangerous. I am glad they removed her before she became any more ridiculous… I don’t want to watch professional survivalists and the choreography which follows them.

    • I totally agree. Rather than just simply put it all on the “crazy” lady she was sure pushed to her limits as Honora was and She, quite predictably went all Honora on his ass. Metal Flowers Media figures they have any kind of clue whatsoever of who will make at and who won’t? They have the audacity to claim their picks are becoming more “intuitive”? Is Krist Russel really that clueless or is she just trying to cover for their horrible mistakes?

    • Totally agree, except for ‘she became violent’. No, she didn’t …she expressed anger in an immature, ineffective manner..but did anyone seriously think she was going to murder him? Everyone wants to focus on the ‘crazy woman’…but ignore the fact that he was an arrogant, uncompromising jerk. She may have been a bit difficult to get along with but he was condescending and unreasonable. Thanks for acknowledging that.

  17. I thought Laura was trouble when she wouldn’t leave him alone to make a fire. Just the way she was kind of mumbling talking & wouldn’t let up.
    Nicklaus was pretty nice to her even when he wanted out. Rabbit is way better than snake.
    On the new XL I’m thinking Carrie will be the beautiful wild card.

    • Judi-the uttering was my first hint of something wacky to come too.

      Did Laura remind you of anyone? I couldn’t decide if it was Xena: Warrior Princess or recently deceased WWE wrestler, Joanie “Chyna” Laurer. What do you think?

      • She kind of looks like Xena doesn’t she? It was mindblowing that she just couldn’t shut up, it’s like an addiction but in her favor Niklaus was, in some ways, just as bad. No wonder he wouldn’t give her the knife.

    • She didn’t seem to be able to help herself, just couldn’t shut up for the life of her. She wasn’t helping, she couldn’t make fire herself yet she couldn’t shut up. Poor girl, something must have happened to her in her childhood. How did Metal Flowers not see this coming?

  18. Well, so much for the brilliant casting skills of Metal Flowers Media. Say, Kellie, maybe Naked & Afraid should consider a different casting company. So far we’ve really only seen maybe four people over the entire Naked & Afraid series (including Naked & Afraid XL) that we could actually call “professional” survivalists. I mean, come on how could Kristi Russel say “Alana just thrived out there”. Try watching the episodes Kristi, Alana thrived on the back of everyone she was cast with, but I’ll admit she was a pro, a pro at back biting, bitching, complaining and criticizing. If I were running Naked and Afraid I’d bounce Metal Flowers Media immediately, put together my own company made up of the most successful contestants, include a psychiatrist and go from there. It would have to have a higher success rate than what we’ve been seeing. It’s past ridiculous at this point. At least it’s nice to see that some of the past successful contestants (Darren and Kim) are going to be on the new XL. So tired of the losers.

    • Ken-I’m thinking Metal Flowers had better wow us with the next few episodes, because I’m not impressed with them as of late. I think that you and JC need to offer yourselves to assist with the casting process, because you both are always dead-on on when assessing the survivalists.

      When I was looking at the mega-pixilated pic of the XL crew, I thought I saw Alana’s arm tattoo in the back row. What would you think if Alana “survival has to be lazy” Barfield came back for her second XL experience? I wonder if she learned anything after the first time because she was pretty much skewered by the court of public opinion.

      I’m excited to see Darrin again too; he’s strange, but really talented.

      • Kellie, Thanks for the compliment; but I neither want nor do I need a Job.
        If Alana comes back, put her with Tom T. (POS), Gary U. (the fool) and/ or Chris F. (the P–ck).

      • Kellie, she may have literally been “skewered in the court of public opinion” but that went right over Metal Flowers head as they seem to feel she did great.

    • Hello Ken, glad you found the news that Darrin and Kim will be on the new XL, totally happy about that. I saw Kim’s rerun with EJ and he called her “squirrel” but she kicked ass. In the 3 shows I’ve seen with big-mouth EJ, I’ve never seen him catch any food at all. He depended on dickhead Jeff to catch electric eels. I’m so glad to see Darrin pitted up against Alana. She totally emasculated poor lonely Shane and, even though Darrin is quiet, he’s a very skilled survivalist; I know he can take her on. I’m really looking forward to it.

      • Thanks Kellie. But with there being failures by Metal Flowers on so many levels, the poor quality of participants, the inability of their ‘vetting’ crew to winnow out the psychologically unfit, their habitual ineptness of picking appropriate venues (I mean who picks a place where survivalists aren’t allowed to kill mammals or cut down trees? There’s a tip off to stupid if ever there was one) I think trying to work with them would be a nightmare, hard to work with people that have no vision. Aside from that I’m pretty busy here at home with our chickens, ducks, 5 cats and our little beagle girl.

      • Oh no, Alana is going to be back? What a nightmare. Again Metal Flowers is clueless. Well, anything for drama I suppose. Where did you find that? I thought I was pretty up on things but I missed that. How disappointing.

        • Ken- Alana returning is simply a guess. I haven’t looked back at the pictures of all of the past contestants, but one of the females on XL, Season 2 has a significant tattoo on her arm. Alana comes to mind as having significant arm-ink. I mentioned it, because if she is returning, I need to prepare myself.

          • Actually I was responding to Laurajane stating she was glad to see Alana paired with Darren. But I agree, I really need to prepare myself because if she is brought back for XL2 it means Kristi and her crew are truly clueless.

      • Darrin was perfect in his first episode. He couldn’t have cared less about the show. It seemed like just a random three weeks in his life, but with a camera crew hanging around. I was surprised they didn’t have him on the first XL.

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