The Whispers Season 1 episode 3 recap: Collision

Scott Fishman
THE WHISPERS - "Collision" - (ABC/Eike Schroter) BARRY SLOANE, LILY RABE
THE WHISPERS - "Collision" - (ABC/Eike Schroter) BARRY SLOANE, LILY RABE
THE WHISPERS – “Collision” – (ABC/Eike Schroter)

The best way to find out where someone is going is to find out where they’ve been. This is the strategy Claire Bennigan and Wes Lawrence try to implore on their search for Claire’s husband Sean.

Before we go anywhere a flashback from three months earlier is shown with Sean heading off to his mission, but not before a cold conversation with Claire. It seems the affair between Claire and Wes had come out. Needless to say Sean was not happy.

The two connect their respective dots. Wes reviews surveillance footage from the Westings bombing, where Jackson Bellings is on camera talking to who is believed to be a someone (Drill) before detonating the bomb. He finds out that he made sure David Miller, who was suspicious of someone spying on him, was in his office before the explosion. An email was going to be sent to the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Harper’s father!), but it never made it to him. Dad was also a little busy because we know what happen in the tree house. Wes ends up questioning Harper’s father, which further confirms things.

Claire does some digging of her own when she discovers a receipt in Sean’s bag for a Middle Eastern bakery with numbers on the back. Questioning leads to her finding out it’s actually for an account and the bakery is a cover to distribute illicit overseas money. Claire talks to the bakery owner’s wife, who says Sean was a customer with payments for the day before and a month ago (timing puts it around the bombing at Westings Designs).

Sean and Dr. Benavidez’s car ride includes a trip to a convenient store. Sean’s shopping list: shaving cream, razors and scissors (That’s not suspicious). The doctor proves her smarts by including Claire’s business card in with the money she is using to pay for her items. That is a really good idea for anyone who gets kidnapped. And they say you can’t learn something from television. The two then go to the bathroom, so Sean can get a good shave. The lights begin to flicker, which translates to a warning to leave. By the time the clerk calls Claire’s desk and Jessup Rollins picks up, assembles his team and makes it to the gas station, Sean is long gone.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rosen, a child psychologist, questions Minx during a session about Drill. She says Drill needs her. He tells her Drill is not real and basically to stop talking to him. This angered Drill as later in the episode Dr. Rosen gets hit by a car while riding his bike trying to avoid a child who appears out of nowhere.

Sean is guided on a drive to a certain destination. The doctor swerves the car to unexpectedly stop and crash off the side of the road. She starts running and heads toward a fence. Sean follows her and touches the fence that is sparking until he touches it. The facility there has an alarm go off. Staff looks to inform Harper’s dad, but it’s Harper herself who sends a text back that he is aware of the situation. After doing her job, Drill rewards her by helping her mom awake from and begins her road to recovery.

Minx has a conversation with Claire or as she calls her, “The lady that makes mommy cry (Ouch!)” The agent questions Minx about Drill and “The Game.” She says they don’t play games anymore, and he got mad.

After some convincing from her mom, Minx says she went on Wes’ computer to look for treasures. Pictures resemble some sort of maze. Claire shows her a photo on her phone, which ends up being a Sean tattoo and logo for Harper Point Nuclear Power Plant. This is where you are led to believe Sean is now. They are under theory that he may be trying to cause a government “meltdown” using impressionable children in the neighborhood. Drill becomes a clue that unifies each case. They are off to the races and headed to where they believe Sean is at the moment.

The episode ends with Henry under the covers pleading with Drill to find his dad. Claire’s son says he will do anything. Whenever someone says that, it’s never good. Next episode looks insane. I’m hooked.

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