Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: I do, I don’t

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP3-ErnestoOn last Monday’s episode of Devious Maids we were left with the shocking news that Ernesto is still alive. In fact, he was on his way to find his wife Rosie, who happens to already be taken. We return to Devious Maids this week as we see Ernesto in the hospital questioning where Rosie is. The staff lets him know she’s no longer a patient but once he starts asking for personal information, they have to draw the line. A nurse calls Spence to let him know that a man from Mexico is looking for Rosie and that it’s urgent. He also lets Spence know that this man’s name is Ernesto. After hearing that Spence tells the hospital to let Ernesto know that Rosie never wants to see him because it might be a sick joke someone is playing on poor Rosie. There’s no way Ernesto could have risen from the dead, right? Wrong! Spence keeps all this information to himself hoping that it’s best for Rosie’s health.

Javier and Zoila go to Genevieve to ask if she’ll be their witness for their marriage. She thinks she’ll be both the witness and maid-of-honor since she thinks they’ll be having a huge wedding versus a court wedding like they planned on having. They correct Genevieve and let her know that they’ll be having a court wedding since they need to get married in 3 days before Javier leaves for a restaurant opening. Knowing the way Genevieve is, she’s not having any of that. She tells the couple they’re going to have the wedding at her house and since it’s a mansion, the wedding will be over the top now that she’s the wedding planner. While it’s a bit extreme it is very kind of Genevieve to do this for Zoila. After all, she is Zoila’s boss. I love the relationship that Genevieve and Zoila have developed over the seasons of the show. It may be unrealistic to happen in the real-world but it’s nice to see on the show.

After the girls accompany Zoila to her wedding dress fitting one more person finds out the truth behind the baby’s father. As Rosie is helping Zoila take off one of the gowns she notices how much Zoila has grown. She questions whether or not Zoila is telling the truth about only being 2 months pregnant because she looks to be about 4 months pregnant. Rosie mentions that if it were true, this would mean she was pregnant before the shooting. Rosie is one smart cookie because she quickly starts to put things together and figures out who the baby’s father is on her own. She remembers that Zoila had a one-night-stand with Pablo right before the wedding which would make sense as to why Zoila looks 4 months pregnant. She’s already figured out the baby isn’t Javier’s but Zoila comes clean and tells her the baby is really Pablo’s.

Another maid has rolled into town and seeks Marisol’s help on finding a job. The difference between this maid and all the rest that Marisol works with is that he’s a guy. At first Marisol rejects helping Jesse because she focuses on helping women but it seems like she’ll need Jesse’s help. One of Marisol’s stubborn customers has fired every single maid except for Jesse. The reasoning behind him wanting to be a maid is that this job is a lot different from his last. Jesse tells Marisol that he was the only one from his group of friends that made it home from war. He likes how calm this job is compared to being in the military and being a maid allows him to forget about focusing on every horrific thing he’s had to see while in the war. Maybe Marisol could add counselor to her resume.

Zoila finds out a secret about Javier that he had been hiding from her this entire time when a caterer comes over to Genevieve’s house. Turns out the caterer is Javier’s ex-wife which puzzles Zoila because Javier has never mentioned that he has been married before. Either way, Genevieve tells Zoila this secret would be the perfect sickly twisted way to be even. He’s kept a secret from her and now that makes Zoila’s secret about the baby okay somehow because they’re even. No wonder Genevieve has been married so many times.

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP3-BlancaNow I hate to tell you I told you so but, we have a little murderer on our hands-or at least I think so. Blanca wants answers as to what is going on in Katy’s paintings since Taylor pushed them aside and into the trash. When Blanca asks Katy who the girl is in the painting with the knife, she confirms that it’s her. Check, Katy is holding a knife. Blanca then asks who the dead man is in the painting and Katy tells her it’s her daddy. Check, Katy’s dad is dead and probably thanks to her. Now you would assume everything adds up, Katy is holding the knife in the painting and therefore stabbed her dad to death like shown in the other painting. However, when Blanca approaches Taylor with this information she tells Blanca how crazy she sounds. Things only mess with my mind even more when Taylor calls for Michael to come eat the sandwich she’s just made for him. I feel so lost just like Blanca. Where did I miss something? The only other solution I have is that Katy’s real dad was murdered, not Michael.

Spence meets with Ernesto alone to find out what his intentions are and to see for himself, the undead man. Ernesto begins to explain that the entire 5 years that everyone thought he was dead, he was being held captive by a drug cartel. Spence tells Ernesto that he needs time to find out a way to tell Rosie everything because she just got out of a coma and he’s worried about her health. Ernesto thinks Spence is simply trying to cover up the fact that he’s worried Rosie will leave him for Ernesto which I also think is the case. Spence fails to remember that Ernesto has a son, Miguel and there’s no way you could stop a man from seeing his own child. When Spence leaves the meeting Ernesto follows to make sure he gets his chance to see Rosie. This is headed towards disaster.

Right before they get married, Javier stops by Zoila’s room where she’s getting ready and tells her about being married before. He tells her it’s been eating away at him and he wanted to tell her but he was just too embarrassed because it only lasted 3 months. You bet Zoila was trying to keep him from telling her because then it would’ve been okay for her to keep her secret about the baby. I guess having secrets before getting married is one way to start a strong bond.

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP3-Rosie-SpenceJust as the wedding begins, Ernesto decides it would be the perfect time to make his appearance. Spence notices him first while turning around which makes Rosie turn to see what Spence is looking at. She slowly stands up making everyone notice that something isn’t right. The wedding stops and Rosie faints at the sight of Ernesto. Yeah it probably wasn’t the best time or place to surprise her, Ernesto. Once Rosie wakes up Spence comes clean about meeting with Ernesto before the wedding. He tells her that the night he got the phone call was when he found out about Ernesto. Rosie begins to yell at Spence for not telling her about Ernesto the moment he found out. You can’t blame her-if someone you loved was all of a sudden alive after you thought they had been dead for 5 years, wouldn’t you want to know too?

Zoila overhears the two fighting about not being truthful and honest with each other which makes her start to feel bad about not telling Javier the truth about the baby. She pulls him aside before going back downstairs to get married and finally tells him the truth. He tells her that he’s sorry too because he needs a relationship built on trust and he’s not sure how he could trust her ever again. He leaves Zoila alone meaning the wedding is off and their relationship is over. Is it pathetic that I started to tear up for Zoila once Javier left? Oh well, I get really connected with my shows.

After the wedding that was supposed to happen but never did, Blanca comes home to the Stappord’s house to find it empty. She notices this is odd and is already on edge but I guess not enough to protect herself. Whenever I feel like something is wrong or I get spooked inside my own house when I’m by myself, I grab a knife or the closest weapon to me and have 9-1-1 already dialed into my phone waiting to push the call button. Sure enough, a masked person comes up behind Blanca and puts a bag on her head while dragging her away. The weird thing is, Blanca was basically the same height as the kidnapper. I’m surprised she wasn’t able to throw in a few good punches or use those high heels for some damage. Either way, this has Mrs. Stappord written all over it! She did happen to make a mysterious call to someone right before Blanca left to the wedding.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? Do you think Spence made the right decision by not telling Rosie about Ernesto right away? I think he’s worried about losing her and needed to check out what Ernesto’s intentions were. I’m not even sure if he was ever going to tell her about Ernesto to be honest. What do you think will happen with Javier and Zoila’s relationship now that he knows the truth? I know she made a lot of big mistakes along the way but I really like them together as a couple. What in the world is going on at the Stappord house?! It seems like Michael doesn’t know what really happened and Taylor wants to keep it that way. Poor Blanca, I hope she’s okay! Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Devious Maids airs Mondays at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

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