Katie Couric America Inside Out

‘America Inside Out With Katie Couric’: The Veteran Journalist Puts Everyday Faces to National Agonies

For her 2017 National Geographic documentary Gender Revolution, veteran journalist Katie Couric crisscrossed the nation to put compelling faces and poignant personal stories to America’s complex relationship with gender identity. The experience proved so fulfilling that Couric hit the road again, delving into more crackling social issues that both inspire and undermine unity in our “United” States, challenging our individual moral compasses and coloring our outlooks far beyond any neighborly chat over the backyard fence. Issues like gender inequality; the plight of American Muslims; the economic uncertainty of the white working class; the intersection of history and oppression in our […]

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Lifetime’s ‘Flint’: Famous Faces Tackle the Michigan City’s Ongoing Water Woes

How often do you think about your tap water? As you hold a glass, a kettle, an apple under the faucet, is your mind on the menu, the bills … or maybe nothing at all? For some residents of Flint, Mich. — a downtrodden city an hour north of Detroit that once boasted General Motors’ largest plant — what filled their tubs and tumblers became a matter of economics. And then life and death. In 2014, state officials gave the go-ahead to use the notoriously polluted Flint River as a temporary water source, a cost-saving measure intended as a two-year […]

CBS documentary explores truth behind Princess Diana's death

Truth Behind Princess Diana’s Death Explored In New Documentary

Twenty years after her death, viewers will get the answers to the questions surrounding the crash that killed Princess Diana in the new CBS documentary, Princess Diana: Her Life, Her Death, The Truth that debuts on Monday, May 22 at 8pmET. Anyone over 40 most likely can still tell you exactly what they were doing on Aug. 31, 1997, when news broke of Princess Diana’s horrific car accident and death. While you may have never been to Paris, the Pont de I’Alma tunnel is etched in your memory, along with many lingering questions and sadness. Iconic people have that impact. […]

When We Rise ABC

‘When We Rise’: ABC’s Civil Rights Mini is Moving and Timely

If you thought San Francisco in the ’70s was still about hippies and Haight-Ashbury, ABC’s powerful new miniseries When We Rise is an eye-opener. As the Haight fell into squalor, the city’s reputation as a haven for outsiders lingered, drawing a new faction of young people to the area — men and women who would change America in ways not even they could imagine. Their stories are told in When We Rise, a stirring, four-night miniseries from Oscar-winning Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. Rise weaves together the harrowing, hopeful journeys of real pioneering members of an evolving U.S. civil rights movement: […]