Here Comes Peter Cottontail Airs Friday Night on The CW

Peter Cottontail CW Channel Guide Staff
Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Need a break from dyeing eggs, deviling eggs, or eating Cadbury Eggs this weekend? (I plan to do all three, so I will certainly need to take a breather.) Tune into The CW this Friday, April 3 at 8pm/7pm Central for the family-friendly classic, Here Comes Peter Cottontail.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail Friday 4/3 on The CW
Here Comes Peter Cottontail

In this Rankin/Bass Easter special, eccentric peddler Seymore S. Sassafrass (voiced by Danny Kaye) tells the tale of young Peter Cottontail (Casey Kasem!) and his dreams to become the Chief Easter Bunny. Peter must rescue Easter from the hands of malicious recluse January Q. Irontail (Vincent Price), with the help of a time machine.

The 1971 TV special, with its stop-motion animation that Rankin/Bass became so famous for (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town) is sure to please both children and parents alike!



  1. I would have loved to see this again. Unfortunately I didn’t know until right about the time it was over that it was on. I wish it would have been announced on the CW more vividly. I wonder if I will ever see it again. Sad there’s no re-air on Saturday or Sunday.

    • Same here Wendy! I caught the last few minutes and just about bust out of my seams when a friend nonchalantly told me her son was watching it. Growing up my younger brother had this movie and watched it just about every day & I wound up watching it with him. I haven’t seen this in about 25 years & would’ve absolutely loved to see it. Disappointed it won’t be on again.

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