Andrea Navedo from Jane the Virgin
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Andrea Navedo talks Season 2 of Jane the Virgin, best guest stars and Latino coffee

For a comedy, Jane the Virgin (airing Mondays on The CW beginning tonight) certainly relies on its dramatic storylines and soapy narrative in order to keep the plot pushing forward. Between dead twins, murder and stolen babies, there are plenty of dark stories to go around. It’s a pace Andrea Navedo is certainly accustomed to, given her previous experience on daytime soaps like One Life to Live and Guiding Light. • RELATED: Jane the Virgin Season 2 premiere recap: Jane the Miracle As Jane’s single mother Xiomara Villanueva on the CW series, Navedo has plenty of those twists to play […]

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5 Questions With … Kunal Nayyar of CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory”

It’s hard to be the only single friend among a group of geeky dudes. That’s the situation Kunal Nayyar’s Raj Koothrappali often found himself in throughout the past few seasons of The Big Bang Theory, before he finally settled down with a gal of his own in the form of Emily Sweeney (Laura Spencer). Unfortunately for Raj, Emily’s penchant for horror wasn’t exactly well-suited with his own gentler personality, and the pair called it quits by the end of Season 8. They weren’t the only couple to do so, as Amy (Mayim Bialik) pressed pause on her relationship with Sheldon […]

FXX The League

Could FXX’s “The League” rebuild past seven seasons?

Seven years ago when creative husband and wife duo Jeff and Jackie Schaffer launched production on the first season of FXX’s The League, they were free to shoot entirely on location, undisturbed. With no real budget for a fancy base camp, security or even trailers to work out of, they pieced together six episodes featuring a group of close-knit friends who talked smack to each other while running a fantasy football league. Roughly 20 episodes of “Eskimo Brothers,” “Yobogoya” and “Vinegar Strokes” later, however, a hardcore fan base (armed with this new vocabulary) was hard on the scene. “By Season […]