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5 Questions With … Marque Richardson Of Netflix’s “Dear White People”

In an episode of Netflix’s Dear White People, a white policeman pulls his gun on Reggie (Marque Richardson), a black student who refuses to show his student ID during a house party that has gotten rowdy. Friends urge Reggie to comply. After an incredibly tense few moments, he does. Later, Reggie breaks down in his dorm room. It’s a spectacular moment of acting and one that so nauseatingly reflects the times. The crying was not in the script, Richardson shares. That just happened, he explains. How could he not? Here he answers our “5 Questions.” If your TV carried just […]

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5 Questions With … Marlee Matlin Of ABC’s “Quantico”

5 Questions With … Marlee Matlin Of ABC’s “Quantico” By Jacqueline Cutler Anyone can make a loud entrance, but it takes an actor of terrific intensity to make a silent one and then to command the screen. Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin does this when she joins ABC’s Thursday night drama Quantico as former FBI Agent and instructor Jocelyn Turner. Though a bomb left her deaf, Turner remains a sharp shooter and the agent others turn to in a crisis. Showrunner Michael Seitzman had worked with Matlin on Code Black and wanted to bring her back. When the budget for […]

David Eigenberg
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5 Questions With … David Eigenberg of NBC’s “Chicago Fire”

David Eigenberg gives off the vibe of a bar owner. It’s a profession he’s become familiar with. On Chicago Fire, NBC’s Thursday drama currently in its sixth season, he plays Christopher Herrmann, the veteran firefighter who owns the bar Molly’s. On Sex and the City, he was Steve, the pub owner married to Miranda. “I don’t drink at all; I don’t know why or how I end up at bars,” Eigenberg says. “I have that face. I walked away from bars a long time ago.” He’s happy living in Chicago, near where he grew up, with his wife, 9-year-old son […]

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5 Questions With … Peter Onorati Of CBS’ ‘S.W.A.T.’

As long as Peter Onorati stayed in the business, it was bound to happen. “Mumford is the old man,” Onorati, 64, says of his character on S.W.A.T., CBS’ Thursday drama. “It’s my first role of being the old man, and I love it. He is a straight shooter, by the book, and I love it.” “He’s not necessarily open to new techniques and new thinking,” Onorati says. “When it comes down to it, it is all about SWAT and he does what is necessary. He is the leader of the other SWAT team. He’s on the street as much as […]

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Bellamy Young Talks “Scandal” Series Finale, Spirulina, Brian Greene & More

Bellamy Young was finishing the penultimate episode of Scandal, and even she did not know how the ABC hit would end on April 19. “We talk about it all the time, and none of us have any idea,” Young says. “I’m dying to see what is going to happen.” As Mellie Grant, Young began as the first lady with a philandering husband. During the seven-season run, Mellie has been blackmailed, her son was murdered, she was kicked out of the White House, she had an affair, and she became senator and president. Not bad for a character who was supposed […]

Zach Braff on Alex, Inc. on ABC
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5 Questions With Zach Braff

After nine years on Scrubs, Zach Braff was “planning to direct more features between what I had written and studio fare,” he tells us, but he was lured back to TV with ABC’s new sitcom Alex, Inc. In the series, premiering Wednesday, March 28, Braff plays Alex, a husband and father who commits a spectacular act of irresponsibility. Alex has spent 16 years on the “Cheer Up!” radio show, which is described as “NPR on Prozac.” He desperately wants to tell stories that will change the world, but during a disastrous pitch meeting, he quits. His producer Deirdre (Hillary Anne […]

Ryan Cartwright
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5 Questions With … Ryan Cartwright Of CBS’ “Kevin Can Wait”

If you’re a regular kind of guy, like Kevin James on Kevin Can Wait, you expect a certain kind of guy as a son-in-law. A frequently unemployed Brit in need of a green card, who could not hold onto a football if it were coated in glue and stuck to his hands, does not rank high on the list. Yet Ryan Cartwright fits wonderfully into the CBS Monday comedy as Kevin’s son-in-law, Chale. Even his name is created to rankle. “He has changed a little bit,” Cartwright says. “Now he is brittle. He is trying to be as macho as […]

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5 Questions With … Lucas Till Of CBS’ “MacGyver.”

The challenge is, what can’t MacGyver fix? We suspect if you gave him duct tape, a clothes hanger and a wad of gum, he could launch a missile. And it would undoubtedly hit its target, relying on a map he sketched on a napkin. There’s a fun cockiness to Angus MacGyver on CBS’ Friday reboot of the 1980s hit. Though Lucas Till had dozens of credits before tackling this role, playing MacGyver could give any actor pause. After all, how many names become verbs as in “Can you MacGyver this”? Till mulls over what MacGyver cannot fix. “He’s like a […]

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5 Questions With … Freddy Rodríguez Of CBS’ “Bull”

Freddy Rodríguez is the rarest of actors: He’s been constantly employed and never had to wait tables. “My journey was a very, very different one, and an anomaly,” he says from the set of CBS’ Tuesday drama Bull, where he plays incisive lawyer Benny Colón. “I was right out of high school, and I auditioned for A Walk in the Clouds. It was a gigantic studio movie, and I booked the job out of Chicago, and right after I booked Dead Presidents in the same year. So I came to L.A. with two very big studio movies under my belt. […]