Single Drunk Female Freeform
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Lots to Love About Sophia Black-D’Elia and ‘Single Drunk Female’

Freeform introduces the charming and heartfelt dramedy Single Drunk Female (Thursdays at 10/9c beginning Jan. 20, next day on Hulu) starring Sofia Black-D’Elia in the lead as 20-something alcoholic Samantha Fink, whose only chance to avoid jail time is to sober up and move back home with her overbearing mother (played by Ally Sheedy). “I had one bad day that turned into a Class A misdemeanor [aka reckless assault],” tells 28-year-old alcoholic Samantha “Sam” Fink to her probation officer in the pilot. That drunken workplace meltdown almost blinded her coworker and definitely solidified her termination from a New York media […]

Money Court CNBC
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Kevin O’Leary Gives His Verdict On ‘Money Court’

World-renowned businessman and infamous shark Kevin O’Leary hosts CNBC’s new six-episode series Money Court (premiering Wednesday, Aug. 11 at 10/9c). In this series, O’Leary will settle financial disputes between families, friends and business partners that include their companies. Judge Ada Pozo and trial attorney Katie Phang assist with his decision, but O’Leary makes it clear the final determination is his and the participants must comply. No surprises there. We caught up with O’Leary for some behind the scenes looks at Money Court and to gain some insight on who the notorious “Mr. Wonderful” is. Could you walk us through any […]

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5 Questions With Rebecca Breeds Of CBS’ “Clarice”

Rebecca Breeds’ posh Australian accent is surprising if you have been following her on CBS’ Clarice in the title role. As FBI agent Clarice Starling — the role Jodie Foster won an Oscar for playing in The Silence of the Lambs — Breeds speaks with a West Virginia twang. As the show approaches its season finale (Thursday, June 24) Breeds happily chats about how she found this very specific accent. “There was a little bit of magic involved,” Breeds says. “I just listened to a couple of videos on the Appalachian accent and how to do it, and listened to […]

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5 Questions With Jocko Sims of “New Amsterdam”

New Amsterdam, NBC’s Tuesday night medical drama, which shoots at the country’s oldest public hospital, Bellevue in Manhattan, had no choice but to be at the center of the pandemic. The ravages of this virus were woven into Season 3, which concludes June 8. The show continues to take us into the often stormy lives of its doctors. Jocko Sims, who plays Floyd Reynolds, a cardiovascular surgeon, has returned to New Amsterdam. Toward the end of Season 2, it looked as if there could have been a spinoff for him. “I can be comfortable saying Reynolds is back at New […]

Jason Biggs, host of FOX's game show Cherries Wild
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5 Questions With Jason Biggs of FOX’s ‘Cherries Wild’

During our interview with Jason Biggs, the host of the new Cherries Wild on FOX (premiering Feb. 14), he called this a “golden age of game show television,” and it’s hard to disagree. Game shows are all over primetime, and this year they’re a bright spot in what can otherwise be a dark schedule. Cherries Wild follows a team of two as they answer trivia questions in hopes of spinning a giant slot machine to hopefully win $250,000. Biggs looks to be the perfect mix of lighthearted fun and relatability as host. We caught up with him to ask our […]