‘The Amazing Race’ alum and ‘Impact Wrestling’ Star Robbie E Wants to Help You Avoid the Dad Bod

Courtesy of Robbie Strauss

After 17 years in pro wrestling, Robbie Strauss is used to staying in shape and maintaining a busy schedule. However, the minute he and his wife Tara welcomed their twin boys Carter and Cash to the world, life for the two was turned upside down. Strauss, known to fans as Robbie E, found out firsthand how challenging it can be to get gym time in while fulfilling all these new responsibilities.

He knew if it was hard for him, other parents were going through the struggle. This is why The Amazing Race alum jumped at the chance to start a digital series of shorts for Muscle & Fitness called “Dad Bod Destroyer.” Each Monday, Strauss demonstrates a unique workout that implements his sons and surroundings.

“I show how you can stay fit while entertaining your kids,” he said. “You can get a workout in while keeping your kids happy and you don’t have to go to the gym to do it.”

Over the last few weeks Strauss has done everything from farmer’s walks with Carter and Cash in their 20-pound car seats to squats with the them in each arm. The Jersey native shows in every episode there are creative ways to exercise without sacrificing precious time with his children.

“As silly as it is, and maybe on the surface you may think it would be dumb, but it’s not,” Strauss said. “For instance, the latest installment I’m pushing around a stroller. Instead of just pushing around the stroller, you get a leg pump while doing it because you are doing lunges. If you do 10 sets of 20 lunges, that’s 200 lunges. You’re getting a workout in, and it doesn’t affect anything with your babies because they are still getting their walk while they are in their strollers. So, as silly and dumb as it may seem, you really could get a callisthenic kind of workout in by doing this stuff. It’s a legit thing. Even if you’re not a dad, watching the videos are funny and stupid Robbie E stuff. If anything, they are entertaining to watch.”

Carter and Cash aren’t only the costars of these video features, they also have a social media presence. The proud father wants to get them started on the right foot and share their cuteness with the world.

“I already had them film a few commercials. They’ve done some auditions in New York City. I’m trying to branch them out at a young age because I want them to experience the cool life that I’ve been able to experience,” Strauss said. “I would never have them involved in something on camera that would be inappropriate or anything. But Muscle & Fitness, pretty much when you ask anyone even if they don’t live a fit life, they know what that fitness brand is and knows it’s a big deal.

“So, for them to be on these videos and look back at them 10 years and 15 years when they are in high school and can appreciate what Muscle & Fitness is, they are going to think it is pretty cool. I would only have them involved in projects that are professional or classy and they would get a kick out of watching later in life. Involving my whole family makes it fun. Eventually, I will have some of my friends on here because some of my friends are giving me the inspiration for this. There are friends from high school or college who are now husbands, dads and really do have the typical dad bod. They have a gut, so I’m going to have them on, as well as my five-pound chihuahua and have my wife do a few. It’s fun to involve everyone.”

The response has been positive for Strauss with viewers thanking him or sending questions looking for advice. He believes if people approach the workouts with an open mind, they will see how effective they can be. Outside of this project, Strauss continues to wrestle and has a passion for it.

“I’m still a young 33 years old and feel like I’m in the best shape in my life,” he said. “So, wrestling is not going anywhere. But as far as branching out and doing other things, that is what it’s all about. Setting yourself up for life and making connections. Muscle & Fitness is such a big thing. Who knows what kind of opportunities can come from this. A lot of people follow their social media, so anything big can happen, and I hope it does.”

Even though fans haven’t seen him on Impact Wrestling recently, Strauss says he is still with Global Force Wrestling. He appreciates the new regime’s efforts to freshen up the product.

“They have revamped it with new colors, new ropes, new graphics and other things,” he said. “So, some of the guys who have been there longer like me, a Bram, a Zema, they just wanted to give a little rest off TV. Make it look different and then bring us back. I’m excited about it because I think it will be a new Robbie E coming back.

“…I think change is good and gets people talking. Anything new is worth a shot. I think now finally it’s headed in the way of stability where the ownership isn’t going to change in a month and the wrestlers aren’t going to change. I think it’s going in a direction where it isn’t going to change for a while, so storylines are going to get better and the faces are going to become more familiar, and everyone will be on the same page. It’s hard to standout and be different in 2017. So, at least they are trying something different with the global aspect and the guys coming from NOAH, Mexico and places around the world to try to make the presentation different. It is what it is, and we will see where it goes. But I think so far it has been great.”

Strauss keeps on the pulse of what is happening in GFW and the business overall. When he found out about the incident where Sexy Star allegedly injured the arm of his colleague Rosemary at Triplemania, the grappler had the same reaction as others in the industry.

“The old saying in wrestling is that it’s not ballet. People can get hurt, but it wasn’t the case in this scenario. I wasn’t there or saw the video, but I heard about it. Clearly this was done on purpose,” he said. “It is totally not cool. We are putting on a show, and you can’t hurt someone while that is happening. That’s not the name of the game. It is completely unprofessional. Hopefully, she will get what she deserves moving forward, and you won’t see her face anywhere.”

Catch Robbie Strauss’s “Dad Bod Destroyer” videos on the Muscle & Fitness social media channels.

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