Matt Hardy on how his broken brilliance is fixing TNA Impact Wrestling

Matt Hardy Impact Wrestlng

Matt Hardy has proven that even in today’s era of pro wrestling over-the-top characters can thrive and resonate with fans.

The “Broken” persona has been a shot in the arm for his career, as well as helped garner newfound interest in the TNA Impact Wrestling product. Hardy’s creative renaissance truly took shape during a feud with brother Jeff, dubbed Brother Nero. Their rivalry climaxed in a grand spectacle known as the “Final Deletion” at Hardy’s residence in Cameron, North Carolina.

With the off-the-wall vignettes leading up to the fight, unique way it was shot and overall production of the event, it became one of the most buzzed about matches. A sequel followed involving the Hardy Boys taking on the Decay in “Delete or Decay.” These concepts were so successful the 42-year-old and TNA are taking it a step further with “Total Nonstop Deletion.” The two-hour special edition of Impact Wrestling will air 8 p.m. ET Thursday, Dec. 15 on Pop TV. The show will feature Apocalypto with tag teams inside and outside involved in the ultimate battle to be the best.

“The response to all of this has been overwhelming and very flattering,” he said.

“I’m glad people are enjoying what they are seeing with the Broken Universe. That is pretty much how I sum up whenever you see a segment on Impact Wrestling that involves myself or any member of my platoon like Brother Nero, Senor Benjamin, King Maxel, Queen Rebecca, Vanguard 1or Skarsgard the Dilapidated Boat. I really do feel like we are just starting to get our feet wet in the grand scheme of things.

“When people see ‘Total Nonstop Deletion’ and Apocalypto, I’m going to make a very bold statement. It is going to be the most enjoyable 45 to 50-minute match you’ve ever seen in the history of professional wrestling. It’s almost like a wrestling match wrapped inside a movie. It’s going to be absolutely unbelievably entertaining. For people who enjoyed the final five or six minutes of the ‘Final Deletion,’ this is going to drive them insane, and they are going watch it a-gain and a-gain and a-gain and a-gain!

“To do this, it’s a very complicated process. We invited every tag team from all space and time. The Bucks of Youth, the Day of the New, all of these tag teams have been invited. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express has accepted our invitation. There are going to be many surprises during the entire episode. It was a big undertaking to get them here and involved and put together all of it. It’s something we worked very hard on and the final product we are very proud of. We worked passionately to create such an amazing product that gets people surprised in 2016. That is something that is very hard to do in the professional wrestling business in this day and age.”

The rest of “Total Nonstop Deletion” looks to add to the excitement with a world title match with Bobby Lashley challenging Eddie Edwards, knockout’s action and the in-ring debut of Hardy’s toddler son King Maxel. If that weren’t enough, the visionary says we can expect one of Brother Nero’s alter egos in Itchweeed to reemerge.

“Much of the inspiration comes from the seven deities,” Hardy said.

“They emplace these wonderful ideas within me to continue to innovate and do things different and fight in the Great War. The Great War is very symbolic of many things people have in life. It’s a struggle, where every person looks to become better every day. They look to achieve greater things in their life. That is exactly what I’m doing with Impact Wresting.

“They have been in a struggle in 2016 and the Broken Universe came along to help them to succeed in many ways and be talked about in a positive way. That is what I was going for when looking for new ways to help Impact Wrestling thrive, survive and entertain people. When it’s all said and done, at the end of the day, the professional wrestling product is supposed to be entertaining and fun to watch. That is the direction I have taken Impact Wrestling in 2016.”

Hardy believes it’s important for TNA to set itself apart from others in the marketplace. The competition out there is fierce, meaning they have to find new ways to innovate.

“I think for many years they had it with the X Division,” Hardy said.

“Then as time has gone on and with these other wrestling promotions such as ROH (Ring of Honor) and MeekMahan’s (WWE) show, they started to adapt and have an athletic style type of product. You have ROH, and they even have a cruiserweight division in WWE, which I call the Spot Monkey Division. They have those things. So TNA doesn’t stand out as much with the X Division now and as time has gone on they have neglected it in some ways. So I felt like the Broken Universe has helped TNA develop its own identity. I think going forth the Broken Universe can extend to other elements of the show. There has to be something for everyone. I think the Broken Universe gives it a quality that stands out from MeekMahan’s show.”

Hardy surprised fans showing up on video during the ROH pay-per-view Final Battle, which basically was a challenge to the Young Bucks. The broken brilliance has gone beyond TNA and into other organizations. Something this good can’t be contained.

“I want the Bucks of Youth to be present in Apocalypto. I want the Day of the New to be present in Apocalypto. If they are not, and I don’t know why they wouldn’t because it would mean they are cowardly, we will seek them out. We already had Vanguard 1 hack into the Ring of Honor feed and challenged them because if they do not show up at Apocalypto then myself and Brother Nero will seek them out and prove to them that we are the greatest tag team in existence.

“I think that my vignette being aired at Final Battle. I had Vanguard 1 hack into their feed. I felt that built a bridge. There is an opportunity there. I think Impact Wrestling is willing to play ball. I just hope the Sinclair-ity people and Ring of Honor are willing to play ball as well. If they were to send the Bucks of Youth to Apocalypto and myself and Brother Nero would be happy and the Impact Wrestling fans would be happy.

“We would be happy to go to an ROH show in exchange. I would make the same offer to MeekMahan and the Day of the New. They come to Apocalypto, and I would go to Monday Night Raw. And so would Brother Nero. I think it would be very good if we all worked together. When it’s all said and done, we ultimately want to give the wrestling fan the greatest entertainment and biggest dream match possible, and that is what I’m trying to accomplish here.”

After what is sure to be an epic “Total Nonstop Deletion,” the question is what is next for the Broken one?

“We will see,” Hardy said.

“I’m very happy being in Impact Wrestling right now. I feel like I have a job to do to help Impact Wrestling to get to the point they need to be and realize its true potential. So in a perfect world, I will be there. My deal comes up the third week of February. We will see. If everything works out and the stars align, I will be there. If not, you never know where the 7 deities will take me.

“Everyone thought TNA was going out of business, and that is not the case. Now we have the Anthem people coming in and investing within TNA. They are the parent company of the Fight Network. Things are going to be very positive going forward in 2017. I’m very excited to be a very integral part of that.”

On Anthem Sports & Entertainment investing in TNA, Hardy sees it as a new beginning.

“I just think there needs to be a new face of Impact Wrestling,” he said.

“Whoever that is needs to represent them. In the past, the old guard and management, I think that needs to be changed. There needs to be this new management representing TNA with a new face publicly. Then people need to understand, especially the old fans, that this is a fresh start. I would like to be one of the guys to take a bigger role in Impact Wrestling. I would like to help out as far as creative aspects and other ways. There are so many men and women who have incredible potential in Impact Wrestling. I would like to be part of the process that helps them to be as good as they can and to help TNA reach their ultimate potential.”

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