Face Off Season 9 episode 3 recap: Surprise of the Century

Face Off season 9 episode 3 Jasmine Channel Guide Contributor

face-off-season-9-episode-3-shipFace Off Season 9 episode 3 is the 100th episode of the show. The brief look-back in the opening of the show reminds us that McKenzie really likes ships. Battleships, specifically. Anyone know why?

Because of that, McKenzie says that Face Off is going to do something they’ve never done before. Couples are getting married on the Face Off stage by our host and minister McKenzie. So they’re going to be doing something RuPaul’s Drag Race has already done! What a way to celebrate.

These couples will all be some kind of ‘death’ character. Using an introductory video from each couple, the artists have to come up with a death story for them & manifest that in makeups.

So guess what that means – it’s another couples team challenge! (Stop it Face Off – we need some variety.) This time the artists get to pick their own partnerships.

They are:

  • Ricky & Jordan Couple: Charlotte & Serge
  • Ben & Jasmine Couple: Liza & Tom
  • Scott & Stevie (um, you just worked together. F.) Couple: Leah & Andrew
  • Jason & Missy Couple: Matt & Cassandra
  • Meg & Nora Couple: Michael (Vivienne Pinay! – ooh, girls you better watch OUT. Make sure she wants to post a selfie of this.) & Devin
  • Libby & Brittany Couple: Kelly & Rudy
  • Evan & Kevon (they rhyme!) Couple: Jamie & Chris

These makeups must be whimsical & macabre. Ghost Bride and Beetlejuice are referenced as examples.

Nora’s stoked about having the gay couple as her clients but I’m mildly disappointed that they’re still going with a bride-groom makeup. Yes, one of the members of the couple is a drag queen, but that doesn’t mean that he wants to be a she on his wedding day. I would’ve liked to have seen 2 guys, since that’s what they are. I wonder if they were told that one had to be a bride.

We learn in this episode that Missy is the ‘mold whisperer.’ No matter how stuck, she can pop those things open like nobody’s business. Unfortunately she cracks her own cowl mold when opening it.

Face Off season 9 episode 3 JasmineBecause Ben & Jasmine’s couple is really into cats so they decide to make a wig & set of horns out of yarn, like cat toys. It’s super fun, but a huge time suck on Jasmine’s part.

Kevon makes the mistake of putting a moon cowl over his bride after he’s put the face prosthetic on. It rips & curls up, of course.

The wedding itself lasts about 1 minute. I wonder if anyone actually got legally married. Rumor has it on Drag Race only 1 couple did – the rest were renewing vows.

Face Off season 9 episode 3 wedding group

Ben & Jasmine, Meg & Nora, Jason & Missy, Ricky & Jordan are the best & the worst this week. That leaves Scott & Stevie, Evan & Kevon and Libby & Brittany are the mediocre middle. Here they are:

Face Off season 9 episode 3 Stevie & Scott

Scott & Stevie’s couple

Face Off season 9 episode 3 Kevon & Evan

Evan & Kevon’s couple

Face Off season 9 episode 3 Libby & Brittany

Libby & Brittany’s couple

In the bottom are Jason & Missy and Meg & Nora. Jason & Missy don’t know why they’re in the bottom while Meg & Nora do.Face Off season 9 episode 3 Jason & Missy

Jason & Missy’s couple

Face Off season 9 episode 3 Meg & Nora

Meg & Nora’s couple

I’m disappointed in the absolute lack of Vivienne Pinay-ness in this episode. She’s got a great camera presence & we get nothing. I know the episode isn’t really about the models, but… throw a bone to the Drag Race fans.

In the top are Ricky & Jordan and Ben & Jasmine.

Face Off season 9 episode 3 Ricky & Jordan

Ricky & Jordan’s couple

Face Off season 9 episode 3 Ben & Jasmine

Ben & Jasmine’s couple 

Tonight’s winner is Jasmine!

Each couple gets to cut the cake. There’s some weird editing because you know they didn’t have the ceremonies and then send everyone away & strike the set to do the judging and THEN bring everyone & everything back. It’s a weird choice. Then McKenzie says there will be an elimination later, but now we’ve got to celebrate. Huh? Was that just an excuse to not have an elimination on the 100th episode? Kinda lame, Face Off.

Face Off season 9 episode 3 wedding balloons

So who will get eliminated? I would guess it would be Missy, but we’re not going to know until next week.

What did you guys think? Did you like the challenge & weddings? Tell me about it below!