Exclusive “Dance Moms” party pics of Chloe, Christi, Clara, Nia, Holly and Paige!

Dance Moms fans, lest you worry that it’s all work and stress and no play for our Pitt Crew ladies, big and small, we’ve got the adorable photos to prove otherwise!

Courtesy of Dance Moms‘ own Christi Lukasiak, here are exclusive shots from Chloe’s and Nia’s joint birthday celebration last weekend, complete with Nia’s cuddly surprise gift, a peek at Kelly’s cute son Josh, precious pictures of Chloe’s little sister Clara — and a bonus Dance Moms Fashion Moment!


 The birthday girls:


The birthday girls with Paige:


“NIA GOT A DOG for her birthday! Big concession by Dr. Holly!” — Christi


Paige and Chloe:


Street dancing with Brooke and Paige’s brother Josh Hyland:


Christi and Clara:


Bonus Dance Moms Fashion Moment!


The birthday bunch:

No party pictures of Abby Lee?! “No,” says Christi. “The children requested to have a FUN party!”

New episodes of Dance Moms air Tuesday nights at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

Photos: Dawn Biery/Dawn Biery Photography


  1. Thank u guys for making my life so good buy potting Dance Moms on. In Australia u spell Moms like this ( Mum’s). I love u all. Thank u for putting this pics on the computer. Chloe I LOVE JUSTIN BIBER TO.. Pls say hi to all the others girls..

  2. I really want to meet u guys u r so nice. Next time i came over from Australia I want to came and see u guys. I wish I could dance with u guys… U family’s r so nice. Chloe keep going out their a beating maddie. Nia u r a really good dancer so keep up yhe good work. I have watched all your show’s 10 time each because I love them so much. So pls remember my name because one day I will caome and drop in.

  3. I LOVE u all. Chloe yuor family is so prety. Nia u r so lucky to get a dog. I wish I was there. I really want to came and see u at the studio…

  4. Adorable! Nia with her puppy! Little Clara! Paige, Nia, and Chloe! Thank you Christi for sharing these beautiful pictures!!

  5. What great party pictures. Chloe and Nia looked beautiful as usual. Nia’s puppy is so cute and her tears of happiness.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Chloe and Nia have such sweet persoanlities! Why can’t Abby be nicer? Talk about a drama queen, Abby has us all beat. LOL

  7. The pictures are So cute!!! Nia’s new puppy is very cute!!! The pictures of the girls look amazing!!!! Love Them!!! 🙂

  8. oh this is so cute!!! I love watching your show and Christi and Holly are my fav moms!!! Chloe and Nia are such good dancers they deserve to be at the top every week! i love you guys <3 #1 fan of dance moms.. I literally have watched every episode at least 3 times
    🙂 i love dance <3

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