Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms indicted for bankruptcy fraud

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Careful what you wish for, Abby Lee Miller. You might just get it — and more. Or less.


According to the Pittburgh Post Gazette, The Dance Moms hellion parlayed income from her growing notoriety on the Lifetime reality trainwreck into a healthy windfall she then tried to hide from bankruptcy court, following the reorganization plan she filed on behalf of her Pennsylvania-based Abby Lee Dance Co. in December 2010.

And it wasn’t an oopsie. Miller, 50, allegedly created back accounts specifically to keep the money a secret and ordered others to do the same. (You can read the Department of Justice release about the case here.)

Call it karma, call it irony — the federal bankruptcy judge in the case noted that he was prepared to approve the plan when he happened to spot ads for Dance Moms and its spin-off Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition while channel surfing at home. And on Tuesday, the now Los Angeles-based studio owner was brought back into court and charged with bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations after hiding more than $750,000 stemming from her appearances on the shows in 2012 and 2013.

Dance Moms is slated to return for Season 6 in January of 2016 and Lifetime has issued no official word about whether or not that is still their intention.

In the meantime, hold real still, disgruntled Dance Moms fans. Could that be Christi and Kelly you hear laughing and raising a told-ya-so toast?

So what are your thoughts, Dance Moms nation? Is this the last straw for you where Abby Lee is concerned? Where Dance Moms is concerned? Should Lifetime find a new way to feature those talented girls? Sound off in the comments section below.


  1. It was a pleasure to spend time each week with the young dancers, watching the moms support the children. When Abby began to pit the children and mothers it made me sick Poor Abby is suffering from depression and the inability to keep the moms in tow. It is so obvious that t, he moms want what is best for the kids, while Abby puts the children out of the staring roles. Shame on Abby. Those children adore you but you treat them so poorly, make them cry, without any remorse from Abby. Abby does not know how to handle the moms and with so much experience she should. Perhaps if Abby has some behavior therapy she can be in the show again. It was a terrific show until the 5th season when Abby Perhaps someone new can take over until Abby is ready to teach like a human being and get away from punishments.

    • no kidding, and she won’t even have that nasty stuffed mutt of hers to keep her company….I bet Melissa will slip her a file in a double whopper LOL

    • Yeah, they announced a January 2016 Season 6 premiere quite a while back, but there has been nothing recent. I asked the show’s Lifetime rep for comment/insight/crumbs/a cryptic message in a decoder ring and got nothing. So we’ll see.

  2. ——————————————


    I hear the train a comin’
    It’s rolling round the bend
    And I ain’t had a sourpatch, since I don’t know when
    I’m stuck in Danbury prison, and time keeps draggin’ on
    But that train keeps a rollin’ on down to San Antone
    When I was just a baby my mama told me: “hun…
    Always be a good girl, dance is just for fun”
    But I trashed a girl in Pittsburgh just to watch her cry
    When I hear that whistle blowing, I want another try


  3. That disaster of a show should have ended 2 years ago. It is not fixable and needs to vanish.

    I have zero sympathy for that woman, nor do i have any sympathy for certain moms who were so determined to defend and stand by this woman. I was surprised that Holly stayed. I saw no good coming out of it, nor anything good for jojo to be in that mess.

    I doubt miller will do jail time, if she pays up the debts and fines, but if there is any justice, her “career” in the dance industry, and her association with minor children, is now over.

    • In either case, hopefully it will deflate her ego enough to realize that she is still the same person and business person that ran that studio into needing bankruptcy protection in the first place — and I’m NOT knocking people who file for bankruptcy even a little tiny bit. These are tough times, all the way around. But if you are not good with your business affairs in the first place and then let ego and greed make you think you’re above the law when the money does come in, that’s a problem. If this is her wakeup call and she hears it and makes things — and herself — right, good on her. She did train some lovely dancers. She does have something to offer. But she’s her own worst enemy, and as all of you have said, the kids should not have to suffer from that.

  4. Now we know why Abby appeared to have drastically changed last season. What a shame, those girls adored her. The girls should not be punished. I would love to see the show go on with someone else. But at the same time Abby was the character you love to hate.

    • Yeah, it does explain a lot. Getting that L.A. studio up and running before the feds came calling. The web site does not appear to be operational. One wonders. Not enough to look into it any further, LOL. But one wonders.

  5. WOW, how disappointing for the little girl’s. I was looking forward to their performance’s. For the sake of the children, THE SHOW MUST GO ON, with or without Miller.

    • It’s certainly an odd situation. Hopefully someone will come in and swoop them away from this tired franchise, so we can enjoy their talents in a way that doesn’t feel … icky. Or, you know, criminal.

      • I think this might be the best thing that’s ever happened for the girls, if the show is cancelled they can get back to a normal life. Their talents can, and hopefully will, speak for themselves if they want to continue working in the business, they can only rely on the show for so long.

  6. Call me awful, but I just can’t help but love the way it went down — “Hey, isn’t that the lady who wants me to declare her bankrupt all over my damn TV?!” And thus, he called The Maniac back.

  7. Wow, and does it surprise anyone really? If convicted Dance Mom’s will be no more, unless they bring Cackling Cathy in as the new Abby. Will be watching this one unfold. I bet Christy and Kelly are agreeing about karma over this one.

    • has anyone seen Cathy’s twitter from yesterday? I about died laughing. She wrote “do they have pillows in the big house”. I loved it! 🙂

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