We’ve Mooooooved! ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Recaps Now on TV Insider

While sitting down at dinner the other night, you probably asked yourself, “Hey, where’s all the new Alaskan Bush People stuff from Channel Guide Magazine?”

The short answer is: It’s over here now.

Channel Guide Magazine‘s recaps of Alaskan Bush People have moved to a new home on our sister site, TVInsider.com. But unlike all other changes in life, this one is not too horrible. Channel Guide Magazine and TV Guide Magazine have the same parent company, NTVB Media, and we want to work together to build a single TV news and information website of extraordinary magnitude. All shall be awestruck at the sight of it!

What does it mean for Channel Guide‘s Alaskan Bush People content? Older ABP stuff will stay here on channelguidemag.com, and future generations will study it when they explore the history of President Solomon “Bear” Brown’s rise to power. New recaps are live on TV Insider, and I will continue to write them as poorly as I have done since Season 1, Episode 1. One benefit is that TV Insider has a whole page dedicated to Alaskan Bush People recaps, news, polls, humor and your comments. There will be some adjustments, and you’ll have to log in differently to post comments. (Get a free Disqus account.) Yes, you’ll have to update your bookmarks (start here!) and all that other stuff (subscribe to the new email newsletter) that is a royal pain in the ass. But I hope to make it worth all the effort.

And if I don’t, please tell editors@tvinsider.com.


  1. I like and watch Alaskan bush people because it is entertaining. I sincerely hope that they put it back on television.

  2. Would like to talk to the family about off grid living and I am wishing that they can tell me about getting land and doing what they are doing

    • Look I watch the show, I also know it’s fake. If you want a real Alaskan show watch the last Alaskans or life below zero, they are real.
      I hate to break it to you. They don’t live on browntown. I’m sorry but you probably knew that. It’s entertaining and I still watch it.

  3. By the way.that Noah IS a genius! Wondering who has scooped him up! ANY one that follows this show has to be thinking the same!Please know I believe all have their strengths!

  4. Ok,so I didn’t completely read every word. That being said,I love this family/ their love 4 one another. Together they stand! No 1 can rebuke the unconditonal love this family has! I enjoy them & love how they love others! It’s a beautiful thing…GOD BLESS!

    • Billy loved Ami when she was 15 and he lied to her mom about his age and that he was divorced. God bless Pedo Billy. Also god bless his kid from another marriage he never talks to and never supported.

      • Please get logged in to the TV insider site. I enjoy reading anything from someone that comes up with a handle like “Chris Christie’s Belt”!

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