UP’s Paper Angels is a Moving Holiday Gift

This weekend, UP presents an original film that serves as a reminder that the holiday season is far more about giving than receiving. Paper Angels, inspired by country star Jimmy Wayne’s inspiring hit of the same name, tells the story of two families whose lives impact each other through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program.

Paper Angels
In Paper Angels, Kevin (Matthew Settle) chooses a paper angel from a Salvation Army Angel Tree.

The lives of the film’s two families, each struggling in different ways, intersect in the holiday spirit of giving. Both come to realize that the more they give, they more they receive; and the holiday season is less about what’s under your tree than what’s in your heart.

This heartwarming tale is a reminder to be grateful for everything you have and more importantly, sheds a spotlight light on the tremendous — is it too dorky if I say tree-mendous? — hope and joy that the Salvation Army and its Angel Tree Program brings to families during the holiday season.

After watching the movie, I felt that my family needed to help others in the community (after watching Paper Angels, it’s impossible not to feel this way) and in a cosmic circumstance that is straight out of the film, my husband texted me that he had supported a charity with a similar holiday mission as the film. I know that advertising tells us that it is far cooler to receive, but the pleasure that comes when we give is far greater.

Jimmy Wayne’s touching song, “Paper Angels,” was inspired by his childhood experience of receiving his first guitar through the Angel Tree Program.  The film also features two original songs Wayne wrote for the film: “Forgotten Angels” and “Christmas Doesn’t Have to be Over.” I love any holiday film rife with good will, and Paper Angels is chock-full of the feel-good energy that I crave during the holiday season.

Click Here to learn more about the Angel Tree Program and how you can share the holidays with families in need.

Paper Angels > UP Network > Sunday, Nov. 16, 7pm ET


    • Hi Faye,
      I checked online and didn’t see Jimmy Wayne’s song “Christmas Doesn’t Have to be Over” anywhere. I agree with you, it’s a fun, upbeat song. I’ll tweet Jimmy, ask where fans can find the song, and let you know what he says.

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