E! celebrates 15th anniversary of “Sex and the City” with episode marathon, other programming

This Thursday, June 6, will mark the official anniversary date of the 1998 premiere of the TV series Sex and the City — the iconic comedy-drama that ran six seasons on HBO until 2004, spawned two feature films and a spinoff prequel series, and got millions of fans and fashionistas around the world talking about Manolos, cosmos and, of course, sex.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the arrival upon the TV pop-culture scene of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, the E! network, which has been showing episodes of the series for over two years now, will be airing a 12-hour marathon, along with other programming.

The episodes featured during the marathon will include some of the big guest stars who graced the show, including Will Arnett, Bradley Cooper, Jon Bon Jovi, Matthew McConaughey and Vince Vaughn. Additionally, E! News will feature soundbites from the series’ stars and famous guest stars, and special celebrity guests will appear on this week’s installments of The Soup and Studio E!

E! “Sex and the City” 15th Anniversary Celebration Programming Schedule (all times ET/PT):

Wednesday, June 5

* Studio E! hosts a special Sex and the City edition at 8pm, featuring original author Candace Bushnell, along with executive producer of The Carrie Diaries and Sex and the City writer/producer Amy B. Harris. Bushnell and Harris join host Jason Kennedy and E!’s Kristin Dos Santos for a roundtable discussion about favorite moments from the series.

* Sex and the City star Kristin Davis makes a special appearance on The Soup at 10pm.

Thursday, June 6

* Starting at 7am, E! will air a 12-hour marathon of Sex and the City episodes, featuring the show’s biggest and most-talked-about guest stars.

* Immediately following the marathon, at 7pm, E! News will offer its own salute to Sex and the City with soundbites from the series’ stars and guest stars.

* At 8pm, Sex and the City, the first spinoff feature film, which premiered in 2008, will air.