We (Un)Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

You’ve gotta hand it to the writers strike — it’s done a ton toward helping April shake that whole “cruelest month” rap. Especially for us TV fans.

Along with the crocuses and tulips, new episodes of virtually all of our most beloved comedy and drama series are springing up through the wintry pall of reruns and slapdash reality shows that have made even the most ardent fans queasy like too much party on your birthday. Heck, we’ll admit to the occasional TV-obsessive version of beer goggles. Some weird stuff can look good when you’re drunk on boredom.

April will shower us with all the stuff that we thought would carry us through the winter blahs. And not only is April a sort of mini-September, what with all the new shows, but it’s the springtime of a whole new TV climate, to boot. A few big-deal cablers plan to resume new episodes and/or entire new seasons in the summer, while others, broadcast and cable alike, will simply wait until fall.


Series Network Returns New Episodes Expected:
24 FOX expected Jan. 2009; two-hour prequel anticipated for fall
30 Rock NBC April 10 5
Army Wives Lifetime Early summer  
Back to You FOX April 16 8
Battlestar Galactica (Final Season) SCI FI April 4 20
Bones FOX April 14 6
Boston Legal ABC April 8 6
Brothers & Sisters ABC April 20 4
The Closer TNT July  
Cold Case CBS March 30 5
Criminal Minds CBS April 2 7
CSI CBS April 3 6
CSI: NY CBS April 2 7
Desperate Housewives ABC April 13 6
Dirty Sexy Money ABC Nothing new expected until fall.
ER NBC April 10 6
Friday Night Lights NBC Future uncertain.
Ghost Whisperer CBS April 4 6
Girlfriends The CW Nothing new expected, except possible series finale.
Gossip Girl The CW April 21 5
Grey’s Anatomy ABC April 24 5
Heroes NBC Nothing new expected until fall.
House FOX April 28 4
Law & Order NBC April 23 5
Law & Order: SVU NBC April 15 5
Life NBC Nothing new expected until fall.
Lost ABC April 24 10
Mad Men AMC Summer 13
Moonlight CBS April 11 4
My Name is Earl NBC April 3 9
NCIS CBS April 8 7
Numb3rs CBS April 4 6
The Office NBC April 10 6
Prison Break FOX Nothing new expected. Future uncertain.
Private Practice ABC Nothing new expected until fall. Future uncertain.
Pushing Daisies ABC Nothing new expected until fall.
Rules of Engagement CBS April 14 6
Samantha Who? ABC April 7 6
Scrubs NBC April 10 5-9
Shark CBS On previously announced hiatus. 4
Smallville The CW April 17 5
Supernatural The CW April 24 4
Ugly Betty ABC April 24 5
Without a Trace CBS April 3 6