Captain Sandy Yawn of Bravo's "Below Deck Mediterranean"
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7 Questions With Captain Sandy Yawn of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Below Deck Mediterranean returns on Mondays (beginning June 28) on Bravo, and back at the helm is stalwart Capt. Sandy Yawn, always the devoted leader to her motley group of crewmates. Of course, this season is different from past ones, with the pandemic rearing its ugly head. Yawn calls it her “biggest concern” this year. “The safety and health of our crew and charter guests during the coronavirus pandemic was definitely not an easy task, and this was a world changer, not just in the maritime industry.” But despite these challenges, viewers won’t be let down; the show promises to […]

Mayans MC Edward James Olmos
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7 Questions With Edward James Olmos of FX’s “Mayans M.C.”

Edward James Olmos has the air of an elder statesman, one accustomed to having to explain matters to people, especially important basics of Latinos’ contributions, culture and history. Long an activist, from doing simple acts of volunteerism — such as picking up a broom to clean up Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots — to consistently working with youth over the decades, Olmos, 71, founded the Youth Cinema Project, which has taught thousands of kids how to create films. That elder statesman vibe is partially because Olmos has been at this for so long, trying to bridge gaps in […]

Mary Murphy of So You Think You Can Dance
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7 Questions With Mary Murphy of FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance”

Not many people can come across as serious in a tight leopard-print dress. Especially not when they tend toward exuberance — really loud exuberance. But Mary Murphy, longtime judge on So You Think You Can Dance, glams up and shouts out. And if you doubt how serious she is, watch her observing hopefuls on the 16th season of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance, airing Mondays. A champion ballroom dancer, Murphy remains passionate about beautifully executed lifts and knows the moment a dancer’s concentration breaks. She’s also basking in the glory that dance has finally come into its own. […]

Cedric Yarbrough Speechless
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7 Questions With Cedric Yarbrough of ABC’s “Speechless”

As Kenneth, the aide to JJ DiMeo (who has cerebral palsy), Cedric Yarbrough plays the sea of calm in an often-frenetic household on Speechless (airing Fridays on ABC). In person, the towering man gives off the same laid-back vibe. “He’s such a fun comic contrast in that family,” says Tim Doyle, a producer on Speechless. “He is a jovial, oddball presence, but he also has a prospective on it. And he has that wonderful gentle giant quality when dealing with [JJ]. He is just great. At an ABC event Yarbrough answered our “7 Questions.” What movie can you watch over […]

The Passage
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7 Questions With Mark-Paul Gosselaar Of Fox’s “The Passage”

Of the many shows Mark-Paul Gosselaar has acted on over the last 32 years, the one that has the most fans stopping him remains Saved by the Bell. He smiles broadly that the 1989-92 series still touches people. “The thing I find odd is younger generations recognizing me from watching the show,” says Gosselaar, now 44. He’s since starred on NYPD Blue, Raising the Bar, Franklin & Bash and many others, including Pitch, which he loved and was “blindsided” when it was canceled. “As actors, you deal with a lot of heartbreak,” he says. “That job you auditioned for and […]

Proven Innocent Kelsey Grammer web
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7 Questions With Kelsey Grammer

After nearly 500 episodes on Cheers and Frasier as good doctor Frasier Crane, most people think of Kelsey Grammer as the pontificating psychiatrist. But beyond the droll, effete therapist, Grammer has played dozens of roles on TV, in movies, and on stage. He’s been on Broadway five times, three of those in Shakespeare’s plays. Grammer, 63, has done plenty before and since the sitcoms that made him a star. Now he’s back on TV in a serious role as a Cook County state’s attorney with a name — Gore Bellows — that just about screams “blowhard.” Though Bellows comes across […]

Marvel's Runaways
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7 Questions With Rhenzy Feliz of Hulu’s “Marvel’s Runaways”

In the few years Rhenzy Feliz has been acting, he’s worked on the popular series Casual and Teen Wolf, and now is back as Alex in Runaways. All of this has left him with financial security unimaginable when he was a child. Only 21, those years of struggle are still fresh. Feliz lived in the Bronx until he was about 5, when his single mother moved them to Florida. They lived in sketchy neighborhoods, but she was determined that her son experience the world beyond. He recalls how she somehow got him into another, better school district, and drove him […]

Richard Schiff The Good Doctor
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7 Questions With Richard Schiff of ABC’s “The Good Doctor”

Richard Schiff may well be the face of exasperation. Maybe because even in rooms crammed with smart folks, one gets the feeling he is a bit more intelligent. As Dr. Aaron Glassman on The Good Doctor, ABC’s Monday night drama about a brilliant young doctor with savant syndrome, Schiff plays a physician, former hospital president and cancer patient. Schiff chatted about growing up in New York City, where he was an elite student. He attended a top public school, the Bronx High School of Science, but dropped out and later earned his degree. Always a math whiz, he put that […]

Lil Rel Howery
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7 Questions With Lil Rel Howery

Lil Rel Howery was the life of the party. As a FOX fete quickly became a scene, with actors, publicists, executives and reporters crowding into a Los Angeles restaurant, the music grew loud, and the booze flowed. It felt a bit like a social hurricane, and at its eye was a compact man wearing a bright yellow leather jacket, sizable diamond studs in both ears and a necklace with an ankh (the Egyptian symbol for life). Lil Rel Howery, star of the FOX sitcom Rel had people swirling around him, slapping him on the back and whispering in his ear […]

Steven Schirripa
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7 Questions With Steven Schirripa of CBS’ “Blue Bloods”

Whether playing a mobster as he did on The Sopranos or a cop as he does on CBS’ Blue Bloods, Steve Schiripa gives off a vibe of a guy who gets the job done with a minimal amount of nonsense. Schirripa continued to work in Las Vegas as the entertainment director at the Riviera Hotel even during his first year on the hit HBO mob drama. He reflects on his acting career taking off at the age of 40 and answers our “7 Questions.” What were a few of your first jobs before you got into acting? I was an […]