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7 Questions With David Costabile Of Showtime’s “Billions”

Wags, the sort of Wall Street ruler of the universe who defines arrogance, showed a bit of vulnerability recently on Billions. In the Showtime drama’s third season (which airs on Sundays), as Bobby Axelrod prepared to go to prison, Wags thanked him for true friendship. David Costabile of Breaking Bad and Lincoln milks the juicy part of hedge fund manager Wags. He mentions how shocked he is that people constantly tell him that his character reminds them of themselves. Honestly, Wags is not an admirable character. Costabile has taught classes on Shakespeare’s clowns at NYU. “It is strangely one of […]

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7 Questions With … Jodie Comer of BBC America’s “Killing Eve”

7 Questions With … Jodie Comer Of BBC America’s “Killing Eve” By Jacqueline Cutler Jodie Comer is so eerily convincing as serial assassin Villanelle in BBC America’s breakout hit Killing Eve that it’s best to not binge-watch this before bed. Villanelle, with her exquisite wardrobe and Slavic accent, only seems to derive joy at one point — when her victims take their last breath. The biggest surprise when Comer gets on the phone to answer our “7 Questions” is that she has a Liverpudlian accent and sounds very much like the sweet 25-year-old she is. What were a few of […]

The Detour's Natalie Zea
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Funniest Mom Ever: The Detour’s Natalie Zea talks Debbie Reynolds, cars and breast milk?

That didn’t just happen. Yep, she ate all of those pot-laced gummy bears and left her husband naked at the Swift Stays Suite pool. That’s the loopy, making-the-best-of-this-road-trip-gone-bad Robin Parker, whose questionable parenting — combined with such sincere explanations — make her one of the funniest moms on TV today. Natalie Zea is comic gold as Robin in the TBS breakout comedy The Detour (Mondays 9pm ET). The series comes from comedy’s new powerhouse couple Jason Jones and Samantha Bee and is achingly hilarious. The former Justified star (she played Raylan Givens’ love interest Winona) and The Following (she was Joe […]

You're The Worst
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7 Questions With … Chris Geere of FXX’s “You’re The Worst”

You’re The Worst follows two millennials as attempt to navigate life and love, but too often, they find both concepts just too much work. The show calls itself, “The story of Gretchen and Jimmy, fear, heartbreak, romance, sex, food, Los Angeles, Sunday Funday, friendship, and the fact that sometimes the worst people make the best partners.” Basically, it’s two people who you want to smack around for being so wrong, but somehow, they’re totally right for each other. For its second season, You’re the Worst has hopped from FX to its edgier sibling FXX, and  while the focus of the series […]

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7 Questions with Kix Brooks of Cooking Channel’s “Steak Out With Kix Brooks.”

As half of the legendary country music duo Brooks & Dunn, Kix Brooks has spent decades hunting down good meals while crisscrossing the country. Eventually, he realized his happily earned gustatory knowledge (Brooks is also co-owner of Tennessee’s Arrington Vineyards) might benefit his fans — and fans of a tasty piece of beef and a good glass of the grape to wash it down with — as well. “Jumping off a tour bus, somebody’d always be hanging around the bus and you’d ask, ‘Hey, where can you get a good steak around here?’ I realized everybody’s got some 30-minute story about […]

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7 Questions With … Sara Rue of “Impastor.”

Sara Rue has charmed audiences as adorable TV assistant Claude on the sitcom Less Than Perfect, and her role as Carmen on Popular. Now Rue stars as Dora, a naive pastor’s assistant in TV Land’s new dark comedy, Impastor. In the series, which premieres July 15, con man Buddy Dobbs (Michael Rosenbaum), steals a man’s identity and ends up posing as a small town’s new gay pastor. “The most important thing to Dora is her town, and specifically, the members of the congregation. She really believes that for them to move forward, to keep growing, and to continue on, they need […]

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7 Questions With … Judy Greer Of FX’s “Married”

Judy Greer will always be your favorite BFF in romantic comedy movies. But she’s also grown into something of a nerdgirl icon, voicing characters in FX’s Archer and getting exposure as Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development. She’s also had roles in sci-fi flicks like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and this summer’s Tomorrowland and Jurassic World. In a role that’s a little more grounded, Greer returns as frazzled wife and mother Lina Bowman in Season 2 of FX’s comedy Married (Thursdays beginning July 16 at 10:30pm ET/PT). We grilled Greer with our always hard-hitting “7 Questions.” 1) What […]

Aden Young talks Season 3 of Rectify,
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“Rectify’s” Aden Young talks Season 3, probation & being nomadic

When last we laid eyes upon Daniel Holden as the second season of SundanceTV’s Rectify drew to a close, he was sitting pensively in the hallway of the Paulie County Courthouse, awaiting the final word on a plea deal he had just signed that would see him banished from his hometown. Season 3 of Rectify returns to SundanceTV beginning Thursday, July 9. Brilliantly portrayed by Aden Young, Daniel is a man who has been grappling with lots of demons since his release from prison, where he spent 19 years after having confessed to the rape and murder of his teenage […]

Jazmyn Simon of HBO's Ballers
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Jazmyn Simon talks best job ever (HBO), being starstruck, cool cars & more

Life on the set of HBO’s new dramedy Ballers (Sundays at 10pm) for Jazmyn Simon was pretty amazing.  Luxurious mansions, amazing cars and Dwayne Johnson — not bad for the new girl. “It was amazing. It didn’t suck at all,” Simon laughs. “The cars alone — there’s one episode you’ll see, I think it’s episode 6, there is just a driveway full of the nicest cars you could ever imagine. They all belong to like two people. It’s like this is ridiculous, but you know, art imitates life, because that’s really how it is. We had writers in the writing […]

The Brink
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7 Questions with … Eric Ladin of HBO’s “The Brink”

HBO’s new half-hour dark comedy series, The Brink focuses on a political crisis and its effect on three men: The US Secretary of State (Tim Robbins); a low-level Foreign Service Officer (Jack Black); and a Navy fighter pilot (Pablo Schreiber). These three extremely flawed characters must wade through the chaos around them to save the planet from World War III. Related: read more about The Brink Actor Eric Ladin plays Glenn “Jammer” Taylor, the country-fried co-pilot of Zeke “Z-Pak” Tilson (Schreiber). “I love how much he looks up to, respects and idolizes Z-Pak. They’re peers,” says Ladin, “but he really […]