Ah, So This Is What They Call “Web Logging”?

Wow. We are finally “web logging,” or as the kids call it, “blogging.” This is the first post of what I hope will be an entertaining and informative blog on sports as it relates to the medium of television. As the Cubicle QB at the helm of this blog, I hope to provide you with:

News and commentary on the TV sports business: new TV contracts, sports TV schedule announcements, Joe Theismann firings/hirings, wacky sports (e.g. Rock Paper Scissors) coming to TV, and senseless disputes between sports leagues and television entities 

Highlights and lowlights from TV coverage of the big sports events, including attempts to derive profound meaning from Dick Vitale’s inane chatter, plus previews of things we’ll be watching for

Supplements to the features you’re reading in Channel Guide Magazine, with tidbits, interview quotes and random musings that wouldn’t fit into the magazine or came to us after we went to press

A few laughs, and occasionally some other places you can find them

A critical eye of sports TV, taking you beyond the “Boo-yah!” and hype by offering a different perspective

A forum for you to share your opinions on TV sports

Photos of ESPN’s Erin Andrews as deemed necessary and appropriate

An unspecified number of typographical errors

And all the Chorizo you can eat


So there’s that.

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