Who are TLC undercover princes? “Secret Princes” fun new reality series

There’s lots to  love about TLC’s new reality series Secret Princes, which combines a fun blending of themes from Undercover Boss, Secret Millionaire and Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America. The series follows four royals (of some sort) as they go undercover in the U.S. in search of “real” love. The five-episode series, Secret Princes, begins on TLC Friday, Sept. 21 and will air on Fridays at 10pmET/9pmCT.

Pictured from left to right: Spain’s Prince Fransisco de Borbon, U.K.’s Honorable Ludovic Watson, India’s Salauddin Babi and U.K.'s Lord Robert Walters

The series features what TLC is describing as four international royals — U.K’s dashingly handsome and snarky Lord Robert Walters (age 29), Spain’s confident and cool Prince Francisco de Borbon (33), India’s lovably charming prince Salauddin Babi (32) and London’s sweet youngster Honorable Ludovic (Ludo) Watson (23) of Houghton Hall. The foursome believe the perfect girl exists for each of them, they just haven’t found her. Why is the biggest question.

Pictured from left to right: Spain’s Prince Francisco de Borbon, U.K.’s Honorable Ludovic Watson, India’s Salauddin Babi and U.K.’s Lord Robert Walters

These guys claim to have gobs of money, own umpteen homes, hold royal status and all the privileges that come with it, are doted on by servants and are hands-down pretty damn charming (some pretty nice to look at too, England’s Lord Robert Walters shirtless in particular!?!).

In the premiere episode, the four arrive in Atlanta and are shuttled to their new undercover bachelor pad, a less than palatial two-story that has four bedrooms, just not enough baths, which prove to be a grave and comical concern for one of the princes.

First to arrive is England’s Lord Robert Walters (Lord of the Manor of Fullwood with a prestigious bloodline that can be traced back to King Henry VIII) who’s somewhat of a celebrity in the U.K. for his TV appearances and as an underwear model appearing in various fashion/fitness magazine feature spreads. “I’m really excited to be somewhere where absolutely nobody has an idea who I am or what I do,” Walters shared. We’re predicting that’s going to change as he’s the sexiest, most aggressive and snarkiest of the group. Walters selects the perfectly suited undercover name of Tate Morgan (Morgan after the TV series Dexter).

Second to arrive is India’s Prince Salauddin (Balasinor Royal Family in Gujarat, India), a jovial, more conservative royal who has never carried his own luggage, washed his own clothes or shared a bathroom with anyone. It’s just something he doesn’t need to do in his 17-room palace. He’s by far the most sincere in seeking a potential suitor. “If I met a girl like Anne Hathaway in the U.S. I think I’d be on top of the world. It would be like having a long-standing dream be fulfilled,” Salauddin said. The prince selects a more American-friendly undercover name of Sal.

Then the young, modest Honorable Ludovic Watson from Yorkshire arrives. The 23-year-old explained that his parents were keen for him to carry on the family name. “My ideal American girl would probably be someone a bit like Jennifer Garner. She’s very good looking, quite tall, slender … American girls would suit me because they seem very outgoing and fun, and they also seem less high maintenance.” Oh, so naive, right?! He confirms when he announces that he’d like his undercover name to be Waldo. Are you kidding? Yeah, Lord Walters (a.k.a. Tate Morgan) agreed, calling it the “uncoolest name ever.”

Last to arrive was the more laid back Prince Francisco de Borbon of Spain (Royal House of Borbon and Hardenberg), who owns houses all over the world and is used to black tie dinners every night, yet proved to be the most casual of the group. Schooled in the U.S., Francisco had no issues going undercover — his English flawless and without a detectable accent. He takes the coolest undercover name of the group and goes by Cisco. As he surveyed his group of roommates, realized he got the last straw when it came to bedroom selection (no bathroom for him), he assessed rank. “I have the best title. I think it’s kind absurd to compete about that — doesn’t show much class. I have the best title and I’m the coolest guy in the house …[as for the bathroom, it’s] a battle of conquering land.”

Undercover the lords and princes go by Waldo, Tate Morgan, Sal and Cisco

Undercover the lords and princes go by Waldo, Tate Morgan, Sal and Cisco

The dynamics of the group make the series surprisingly funny and endearing — it’s hard not to root for the underdogs (Waldo and Sal) — royal lineage or not. Each week cameras follow them as they explore American culture, date, take on jobs and try to find the woman of their dreams.

As for the official credentials behind these gents, whether aristocracy or royalty, we went off the TLC bios; however, there are  some questions surrounding who should be going by what title. Regardless of their titles, these privileged men fumbling with their new surroundings and have nots puts some fun in the Friday night lineup.


  1. Ludovic actually wrote me back on Facebook. He has his own FB, but make sure it’s the right one. I have Sal and Fransisco on my FB as friends and they both have Ludovic’s FB, so that is how you know you have the right one. Good luck and be nice when you write them. Don’t be all crazy and googly eyed. They just want normal emails, not psychotic rabid girls. Good luck! 😀

  2. I had the opportunity to meet the guys this summer and possibly date one……Can somebody tell Cisco i love him, It was a pleasure meeting him and I love him…..The guys were super cool…admirable and Ludo (we call him Ludacris) was a very cool guy….He confided in me the most

  3. I loved watching the show. Just had time to watch the DVR finale. It was awesome, for the most part. I found myself so very mad at Ludovic. A real man wouldn’t let a woman sit there and be belittled by his friends. So rude!! Stand up for your girl, especially when you invite her to another country. I’m appalled by his friends actions. If they were really his friends then they should have had enough respect for him to treat his guest with respect.

  4. I beg to differ w/ Phedra… I would totally fall in love w/ Robert and Ludovic.. English and wicked hot!! The truly could have been waiters and i would work 3 jobs to support them 😛 The otehr 2 just arent my type and no matter the $$, I would’nt be interested.

  5. Maybe Ludo should take a lesson from his father about how one treats a guest:one certainly does NOT sit in fatuuous silence while one’s oh-so–twee friends snipe at one’s guest. OK, she and he hadn’t a chance in the world, but that has very little to do with basic courtesy.

  6. Would like to see the inverse of this program. Let’s call it “Secret Paupers”, where TLC gives 4 guys loads of money to use to woo women with however they desire. Then after the men find their “keepers”, they reveal to the ladies they are really not rich. Would be interesting to see how many of the women stick around after being told they were lied to (and after the funds run out). This would still end up with the same basic result….the females liking the guys for who they really are and not for their money. The women that stay around in this scenario would be the ones I’d be most trusting of.

  7. Not one of you “ladies” would give any of these guys a second look if you met them and didn’t know about their royal titles and you know it. Sure, you want to meet them now… you know they’ve got money. It’s obvious what you’re all looking for.

    • I realize most women are like that but I can honestly say that I would totally go for them if I’d met them in real life not knowing about them. Except probably the Indian guy. Hate to say it but it’s true.

    • I don’t agree with your comment that “Not one of you ladies would give any of these guys a second look” I think that two of these guys would have gotten a second look because they are very handsome men but unfortunately the other two wouldn’t have which is pretty bad when society is so hung up on looks instead of looking past that. When i watched the season finally last night my heart actually broke for Sal he fell in love and put himself out there and had such a big heart and got it broken. I really hope he does someday find his princess who will return his love.

  8. I’d say it’s just another Reality Show, nothing special, just another Number Game of the TV Moguls.
    Unfortunately there are enough european Royals to fall into the Celebrity Traps, Princes and Princesses who are best known for their Partying. Makes you wonder what else they might be good for?! I didn’t expect to see this on american Television now, too! Being from Europe and wearing a Title, I can only shake my Head, … ” let us entertain you “, for real. Ok, we’ll see how it ends by tomorrow evening. 🙂

  9. hate to burst their bubble, buttt how are they “undercover” if their on national tv? lolol this is just another reality show ya’ll

  10. It’s obvious that Kayla Weston has NEVER visited Atlanta! Chicago, really!?! The city where the wind beats your face so much that you look 55 when you’re 25?! Ha! We’ll pass. *As I admire my framed degrees from a Univerity in ATLANTA in my high rise condo in ATLANTA unwinding from my corporate job at a Fortune 100 company started and headquartered in ATLANTA 🙂

  11. A quick google search would prove that none of these “Princes” belong to any royal lineage. In fact India has removed the King and Queen and has been under democracy for a long time now. This is just another “reality” show

  12. For all you whores wanting to contact these men.. they want nothing to do with you. The show is done, they’ve already filmed all the episodes, get over it and stop trying so hard to sound slutty.

  13. Of all the cities why would they pick Atlanta? These guys need a college educated woman – a girl that’s making a decent living, experienced in the business world, socially advanced. They would find plenty of us in Chicago

    • Ms. Weston, you are very misinformed about the women of the South. Ever heard of Darla Moore, Sally Krawcheck, or Anita Zucker?

    • Did you really just say that about Atlanta…you are not well traveled then, because Atlanta is a wonderful southern city with a lot to offer. They are also very educated there, as it seems you are not since you made such an uneducated comment. BOOOMMM

  14. First impression,…. Francisco and Ludovic could live in the working world, Robert and Salauddin could not. I hope they all find and catch the love of their life! :)))

  15. I’d love to get in contact with the Lord Robert Walters he seems like such a gentlemen wished I could sweep him of his feet

    • Sure, Houghton Hall is in West Norfolk, just north of the A148 King’s Lynn to Cromer road, in Harpley. You will never get his contact info on the internet but im sure you knew that already. If your that interested, just go visit the hall…

      • Do you think they would be willing to simply show me around their library? I’m just interested in the books and their history! (I know, wouldn’t ever happen, but a girl can dream!)

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