“How I Met Your Mother” Recap: Double Date


By Mike Frey

Synopsis: This episode tells the story of two blind dates taken by Ted seven years apart. Although it might as well have been one, since the dates were the same in every way: same restaurant, same conversation, same girl. Despite the familiarity, neither Ted nor his date Jen (played by guest star Lindsay Sloane, who we love) realize what’s going on until halfway through the evening. Once they realize that they’ve lapped the whole dating field, they decided to give each other insight that might help them avoid the dating mistakes that have kept them single since 2002. For instance, Ted makes bad jokes, points out spelling errors on menus and has a wandering eye (even if it only wants to sneak a peek at Mustache Marshall). Jen talks too much about her cats, doesn’t offer to pay the check and shares every detail about her ex-boyfriend except for the fact that he has a shockingly small wiener. Also, Ted doesn’t always call when he says he will. That’s only because he believes it’s worth waiting for a person who loves his quirks rather that trying to tolerate them. Jen agrees and, seven years later, they decide to part ways for the second time.

Meanwhile, Barney kidnaps Marshall with the lure of attending the Origins of Chewbacca Star Wars exhibit (which is ridiculous, since everyone knows it’s in Houston this year) and takes him to a strip club for a boys night out. While there, Marshall reveals that he can’t even fantasize about another woman without pretending that Lily has died and given him her blessing. Barney mocks him for allowing marriage to strip him of every last ounce of his manhood, bragging that, despite his relationship with Robin, he’s still able to have just as much sleazy fun as when he was single. That’s when a stripper who looks exactly like Lily comes on stage, sending the guys back to MacLaren’s to tell everyone. Ironically, Lily’s fine with Marshall going to a strip club, but Robin gets mad at Barney for it. Lily even accompanies Marshall on a return trip to the strip club, where she gets a little too into the action, switching places with Stripper Lily an taking a turn on the way herself. That Marshall is one lucky guy. Kind of. We think.

What We Liked:

• The doppelgangers. Now that we’ve seen Lesbian Robin, Mustache Marshall (aka Señor Justicia) and Stripper Lily, we want one of our own.

• The sweetness of the rotund couple taking a snack break while going at it in front of their window across from Ted’s apartment. As Ted says, “Letting a guy eat pizza off our back — that’s love.”

What We Didn’t Like:

• 2002 Ted’s goatee. It does not make him look like Johnny Depp.

• The fact that the Origins of Chewbacca Star Wars exhibit is taking place in Houston this year. We totally wanted to go.

• That’s there’s no currently no cure for Fantasy Lily’s rare and fatal hiccup disorder that’s apparently medically legitimate.

• The thought of Marshall plowing anything “like a cornfield.” Even an actual cornfield.


• “I’m going to make Marshall watch as I wedge Ulysses S. Grant between his wife’s ta-tas.” If Barney’s going to ogle a stripper who looks like his friend’s wife, at least he has the respect to slip her 50 bucks. Then again, Lily gave her $100, so maybe Barney’s cheap. We’re not really up on our strip club etiquette.

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.