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Air travel and 9/11 … are some networks taking advantage?

by Karl J. Paloucek Follow @ChannelGuide I’ve been accused of a number of things in my lifetime, and if there’s one thing I have to cop to, it’s confusing people at times as to whether I’m serious or joking. In truth, sometimes I’m not even sure. Sometimes a topic has sufficient irony to lend itself to being oddly humorous and at the same time, it might not be appropriately timed for humor. I’m not even sure that what I want to discuss here is one of those topics, but consider yourselves forewarned — I feel like it’s gonna be one […]

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Networks launch apps for iPad

The buzz and excitement continues to build over Apple’s launch of its new iPad tomorrow. Several networks are already touting the apps that they are making available for this latest must-have device. ABC, Disney & ESPN * ABC will have an ABC Player app that enables users to watch full episodes of ABC programming on their iPad. The app will also allow iPad users to purchase downloads of episodes from iTunes. The site has also been optimized for the iPad, complete with full functionality for all of its features. For more details and a demo of the ABC Player […]