hiri Appleby, B.J. Britt and Constance Zimmer star in Season 2 of Lifetime’s hit drama UnREAL

UnREAL Lifetime’s Firebrand Dramedy Tackles Race and Men’s Rights in Season 2

When Lifetime’s UnREAL premiered last summer, critics and audiences fell hard for the bold, Peabody-winning dramedy’s willingness to grab Bachelor-esque style programming by the you-know-whats and guide it not-so-gently to a good long look in the mirror. Equal parts social commentary and whip-smart entertainment, Season 1 took on matters of mental health, body image, feminism, fidelity and sexuality — and what people will do to one another for the sake of a buck — with searing style. • MORE: What you need to know about UnREAL Season 2 For Season 2, UnREAL creators Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro opted to steer […]


What you should know about UnREAL Season 2 on Lifetime

If you missed the first season of Lifetime’s breakout hit UnREAL last summer, Feb. 3 is your day. Hulu will begin streaming the critically acclaimed dramedy — about the brutal behind-the-scenes of reality dating programs — which stars Constance Zimmer, Shiri Appleby and Craig Bierko. And if you’re already a fan, here are some things to know about the show’s Season 2, which premieres summer 2016: • Everlasting is back, this time with an African-American prince charming (take THAT, The Bachelor). The new suitor is a football star named Darius Beck — no casting announcements thus far — who arrives on set with […]


UnREAL recap “Wife”: What happens in Napa …

In an episode that belongs — Be. Longs. People — to Constance Zimmer, we find out just exactly how much Chet has taken from Quinn, just how far Adam will go for his financial independence and, quite possibly, just how little Rachel has learned from her on-set dalliance with Jeremy. But first, let’s finally let our intrepid host, Graham, get in on the Everlasting action — literally (and likely not for the first time). We open the episode with him practicing his dramatic “final ten contestants” monologue to an audience of one — a recently booted contestant hoping he’s her ticket back […]

5 Questions With...

5 Questions with Breeda Wool, who keeps the “Faith” in Lifetime’s UnREAL

However tempted you might be to feel sorry for Faith, the painfully insecure, churchly tomboy virgin on Lifetime’s Monday night The Bachelor sendup UnREAL, actress Breeda Wool, who plays her, hopes you’ll take a page from “Everlasting” suitor Adam’s playbook and have a little faith in Faith. “I’m very inexperienced at dating in general,” Wool explains of her character’s fish-out-of-water nature (secrets are looming!) — which makes her a natural target for Everlasting’s pitiless producers and her fellow contestants. “My grandmother, church and little country community really pushed me to go on the show so I could blossom as a […]


UnREAL recap episode 3 “Mother”: You feel judged, don’t you?

If you hadn’t already figured it out from the get-go, this week’s episode of UnREAL — fittingly called “Mother” — cements the notion that this show is not about who ends up winning Adam’s heart. Or even the contest to, er, craft that person. It’s about whom — male, female, behind the cameras or before them — might actually emerge with their mental and physical health and at least a shred of dignity and self-respect intact. If anyone does. And how little it takes for people to be perfectly awful to one another — family, friend, vulnerable stranger — even when […]


UnREAL episode 2 recap: We’re having a ball! And a baby! And a funeral!

In last week’s UnREAL series premiere, we learned plenty of the not-so-secrets that got Rachel Goldberg booted from — and invited back to — the Everlasting set. This week, we learn that secrets abound in the Everlasting control room — and not just in Dr. Wagerstein’s folder. And they go a long way in explaining why some of these folks have no problem waging war on love for the sake of a paycheck. Namely, their own broken hearts. We start the episode with an interesting lesson in on-the-fly hygiene from the intrepid Rachel (toothpaste as pit-freshener!) who has apparently taken up […]