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NASCAR’s Joey Logano chows down on Travel Channel’s “Man V. Food Nation”

If you have an appetite for food and NASCAR, then you should make a reservation to watch Travel Channel tonight. Host Adam Richmond and his Man V. Food Nation crew hit the road for Rochester, New York, to watch NASCAR driver Joey Logano tackle a humongous sandwich called the Atomic Bomb (9pm ET). Donning his familiar orange Home Depot cap, Logano approaches the table at Sticky Lips restaurant like a gladiator entering a coliseum. Dozens of fans cheer to offer inspiration for the young driver. And boy is he going need it, because he only has 30 minutes to finish […]

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What to watch this Halloween season

**This was our 2009 Halloween preview. To see what’s coming up for Halloween 2010, click here. Whether you’re looking for hardcore horror, family-friendly frights, or something in between, here’s a selection of some of the shows and movies to get you in a macabre mood this Halloween season. For more detail on the scary movies listed here, and to search for others throughout the month, visit our online movie database. Goosebumps — Cartoon Network, weekdays at 4:30pm ET through Oct. 29. Episodes from all three seasons of the show that adapted R.L. Stine’s spooky book series for television. The Othersiders […]

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“Ghost Adventures” — Live

By Jeff Pfeiffer Following in the tradition of shows like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted, the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures will be embarking on its first live investigation this Halloween season. Airing live Oct. 30 from 8pm-3am ET, the special features the Ghost Adventures team of Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin as they voluntarily lock themselves inside one of America’s most haunted locations — the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia — to examine the reported ghostly activity at the landmark. Built during the Civil War, the asylum is the second-largest hand-cut stone building in the world. […]