How to Contact TLC’s ‘Mama Medium’ for a Personal Reading!

After seeing the premiere of TLC’s new show, Mama Medium, you might be wondering how you can get a reading from Jennie Marie yourself! To connect with Jennie Marie, visit her website for a schedule of her planned events (generally in her local Rochester, N.Y. area, but occasionally elsewhere) as well as the readings she currently offers, which include group, private and phone readings. Individual one-on-one readings are priced at $150 for 30 minutes, and $225 for an hour. You can also join her mailing list for updates on Jennie Marie, her upcoming appearances and even specials on her services. […]


Meet ‘Mama Medium!’ The Star of TLC’s New Show ‘Plays Charades With Dead People’

TLC’s new series Mama Medium (premiering Monday, Nov. 5) might seem like familiar ground for the network ­— but wait until you meet her! Jennie Marie calls herself a “Comedium,” delivering a large dose of humor along with her astounding abilities. Not only is she a medium, but she’s also a psychic, an empath and a fourth-generation clairvoyant. “Being psychic means that I can see the future,” Jennie Marie explains. “Being a medium means that I talk to passed loved ones. Being clairvoyant is how I receive my messages. So when I’m speaking to someone that’s passed, I see images. I […]

My Kid's Obsession

TLC Showcases Child Collectors On My Kid’s Obsession

Any parent can tell you that children form unusual fixations throughout childhood, and can be of the opinion “If one if good, then a hundred is better.” My boys are obsessed with their “normal-seeming” collections of Legos and Halo mini-figures, but one of my boys had an intense obsession with mustaches way before they were hipster-vogue, while the other one went through a Caillou stage that still makes me shudder. But the precocious kids on TLC’s My Kid’s Obsession take collecting and coveting to the extreme. In the one-hour special airing Dec. 28, viewers will meet five kids who’ll show […]

Playhouse Masters
TV News & Program Updates

Tonight on TLC: Steph Curry (And His Adorable Kids) on Playhouse Masters

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the NBA, and can boast of being a collegiate All-American, the leader of the 2015 NBA Champs, and the two-time league MVP. But if you ask him of his proudest accomplishments, hy may reveal it’s his role as father to daughters Riley and Ryan. And on tonight’s episode of Playhouse Masters, the Golden State Warrior gifts his golden girls with an unbelievably luxe space of their very own. The custom princess pony playhouse, courtesy of  Charmed Playhouses, is every child’s fantasy. And for the owners of the family-run business, Tyson and Audy […]

Toddlers and Tiaras TLC

Mega Grand Supreme! Toddlers and Tiaras will return to TLC

Toddlers and Tiaras — a.k.a. the show that brought us Honey Boo Boo, child — is coming back to TLC next month. In an all-new, 13-episode season, the reality train wreck about tots in cupcake dresses and more makeup than I wear in a year and their fame-seeking mothers will introduce audiences to more pampered princess-wannabes and show how the pageant circuit has evolved in recent years. If you’re wondering what exactly that might entail, the press release reveals that the spray tans and teeth-perfecting flippers of yore have given way to  “luxurious beauty treatments and private jets” plus “relaxation exercises and acting classes” […]

Return to Amish New Season on TLC

When Does Return To Amish Come Back on TLC?

Return to Amish fans, it’s been a long wait, but Abe, Rebecca, Mary, Jeremiah, Kate — and a newly sober Sabrina! — return for a brand-new, drama-filled season on Sunday, July 10 at 9/8CT on TLC. And this time the gang is headed back to New York City, where they first met one another (or not, depending on who you believe) as cast members of Breaking Amish. As she seeks to regain custody of her toddler daughter Oakley after battling addiction, Sabrina convinces her pals to reunite in the Big Apple to visit Kate, rekindle their friendships and remember the good times (and not-so-good ones) that turned […]

OutDaughtered Danielle, Adam and Blayke Busby and the Busby Quintuplets

OutDaughtered sneak peek: Hitting the road! (VIDEO)

Tonight on TLC’s OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle Busby find out that leaving the house with six kids is a whole lot tougher than flying the coop with just one. • RELATED: OutDaughtered on TLC: What’s it like to bring up five babies and a big girl? We ask Danielle Busby! Prepping for a much-anticipated family day at the home of Danielle’s sister Ashley, the pair discover that just getting out the door with enough diapers, wipes, bottles and places to park baby butts is a major undertaking — never mind getting everyone (and everything) loaded into the van. But, in an earlier interview, Danielle told us her helpful hubby mastered […]

News & Current Events

TLC Star Jazz Jennings Offers Reaction to Obama Administration’s Support of Transgender Youth

The past few months, and seemingly out of nowhere, states like North Carolina in particular have stirred up outrage over their laws regarding transgender bathroom use. This week, the Obama Administration weighed in on transgender bathroom usage in public schools, and colleges and universities that accept federal funds. The Departments of Justice and Education sent a joint letter to schools, directing them to provide access to suitable facilities, like bathrooms and locker rooms, that match their chosen gender identity. Jazz Jennings, the high-profile transgender youth advocate who appears in TLC’s reality series I Am Jazz, offered a personal response yesterday via […]