Jane-the-Virgin-Chapter Fifty-One

Jane the Virgin Chapter 51 recap: She Ain’t Your Mama

The honeymoon phase of Jane’s time with her cousin Catalina is over. In fact, it’s more like two weeks over now. Just four more days. Jane can make it, right? Let’s see if Jane can survive her cousin on tonight’s mid-season finale of Jane the Virgin. Dang! Abuela doesn’t play around when it comes to church. She makes Jane feel guilty that she hasn’t gone to church in a while and says that Mateo will suffer because of it. I highly doubt Mateo is going to make friends with the devil because he’s not attending church. Just watch out for […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 49 recap: The Witch is Back!

It’s been three months since poor Petra has been paralyzed and Anezka has been running her life. Luckily, after last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Rafael feel they’ve cracked Anezka’s dirty plan. Alba finally caved in and let Jane read all the letters from her sister, Cecilia. She didn’t expect to receive a phone call from her sister after letting Jane read the letters. After 42 years of not having Cecilia in her life, Alba is furious that Jane made contact by donating to the family’s fund for medicine. Ouch! Alba has never been mad at Jane […]

Jane-the-Virgin-Chapter Forty-Eight

Jane the Virgin Chapter 48 recap: Goodbye Party

After last week’s monumental episode of Jane the Virgin, the only thing left to do is have a housewarming party to welcome the happy couple. Only problem is, they don’t really own the house. Jane and Michael are dumbfounded when the manager of the property barges into the house with potential renters. Michael tries telling him that they signed a lease with their realtor but the manager already knows who he is. Someone has been paying half of Jane and Michael’s rent up until last month when this mysterious person stopped paying. It’s not Rafael and not Rogelio, so who […]

Robert Irvine Show

Robert Irvine Says Heart Makes His Talk Show Unique

Something fresh is cooking weekdays on The CW, and it’s the Robert Irvine Show. The chef with major muscles has taken elements of what made his menu of Food Network programs so successful and infused it into his latest project. “[It’s] the talk show I’ve wanted to do for many years,” Irvine says. “If you take Restaurant Impossible and take the restaurant away, you are left with the conflict.  That was the original idea. It just fits with everything we are doing. We talk about food. We talk about obesity. We talk about drug addicts. We talk about family relationships. And […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 47 recap: Jane’s Sex Tape

After receiving good news from the doc on last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Michael are literally running outside the doctor’s office to go back home and get it on. Only problem is Rogelio is also outside … with the movers. Tomorrow is always another day. Whoa. Talk about a doppelganger. Jane looks just like Alba’s sister, Cecilia. While interviewing Alba for her thesis novel, Jane learns that Cecilia was the one who told Alba’s husband’s family that she wasn’t a virgin. Alba still doesn’t know why Cecilia did this to her on her wedding day. Maybe […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 46 recap: This bites!

Well it doesn’t look like Jane is going to lose her virginity in this episode of Jane the Virgin either. It’s a good thing Michael made it out alive, but he’s not able to have his heartrate go up for another six weeks. That means hands off, you two! Yikes! Rogelio is talented at what he does but I don’t think he can add “swapping urine commercials” onto his resume. He’s right when he says that Esteban is ahead of him at becoming a crossover star. Wow, that is some cherry wallpaper Alba has! Just the perfect touch to keep […]

No Tomorrow

Tori Anderson Stars in The CW’s Sunny Apocalyptic Rom-Com, No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow brings together two very different people just as the world is coming to an end — or so one of them believes. The CW’s charming romantic comedy is a sunny twist on the end-of-the-world genre, and executive producer Corinne Brinkerhoff acknowledges, “There are plenty of ‘apocalyptic doom’ kind of shows, and we wanted an ‘apocalyptic joy’ kind of show.” The series hopes to turn the proverbial ticking clock from foreboding to freeing and Brinkerhoff challenges, “We all fundamentally know — on a gut level — that the clock is ticking and that there’s no guarantee of any time. […]