House Face Off Season 10 finale

Face Off Season 10 Finale preview

Face Off season 10 is coming to a close with tonight’s episode. Will Melissa, Walter or Rob take the title? As we saw last week, Rob’s screen test ended with him having to re-sculpt everything. Yes, everything. He’s freaking out & I really can’t blame him. Melissa has a medium amount of work – re-doing a chest piece & her victim makeup. Walter appears to be sitting pretty with some minor edits & additions. I think I’m putting my bets on Rob – he’s been consistently strong over the entire season. If he can rally & get a crap ton […]


In Syfy’s Hunters, Gale Anne Hurd wants to make aliens scary again — and she succeeds

Among her many feature film and television credits, Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) seems to return time and again to the sci-fi and horror genres, and especially to aliens. Hurd notably collaborated with James Cameron to bring to life the nightmarish alien queen of Aliens (1986), and she thinks it’s time to make aliens scary again. That’s part of her stated goal as an executive producer of Syfy’s new series Hunters. Inspired by Whitley Strieber’s novel Alien Hunter, the series, featuring Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck), follows a highly classified government organization known as the Exo-Terrorism Unit, which tracks and fights […]

Bread & water Face Off Season 10 episode 12
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Face Off Season 10 Episode 12 recap: Skull Island

Face Off season 10 episode 12 sends the final 4 to Skull Island. It’s a cross-promotion for some new theme park at Universal Orlando. Whatever. What follows is an extended commercial for this new theme park – opening Summer 2016! So the actual challenge is to take a creature from Skull Island: Reign of Kong and imagine how that creature would evolve into an intelligent species. Mel is second-guessing herself. Again. She comments on how this is the worst time to be second-guessing herself. But Mel, you’ve been doing it THE ENTIRE SEASON! Why stop now?   Walter is freaking […]

World of Warcraft Face Off Season 10 episode 11
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Face Off Season 10 episode 11 recap: The Art of Warcraft

Face Off Season 10 episode 11 takes us to a very specific war – The World of Warcraft. Melissa and Walter are seriously excited since they’re avid gamers. They’ve got to take one of the video game’s characters & create a real-life version. We’ve got goblins (Yvonne), the Draenel (Walter), the Pandaren, the Tauren (Rob), trolls (Mel) and the Worgen (Melissa can’t get there fast enough). Melissa can hardly contain herself. Mel, Rob and Yvonne don’t know much about World of Warcraft, so they’re especially freaked out. We’ll see if having knowledge of the game actually helps or hurts the […]

Warcraft preview Face Off Season 10 episode 11

Face Off Season 10 episode 11 preview: Art of Warcraft

Channel Guide Magazine has received another exclusive preview clip of this week’s episode of Face Off. This week’s episode is The Art of Warcraft: The game World of Warcraft is making its way to the big screen this summer. In this clip, we get the setup of the challenge – the artists are being asked to create a character based on a World of Warcraft character. Melissa and Walter are super-stoked for this challenge. They both play the game & are geeking out. Mel and Rob on the other hand don’t play, so they’re a bit apprehensive. And Yvonne is […]

Eyes Face Off Season 10 episode 10
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Face Off Season 10 episode 10 recap: Keep One Eye Open

Face Off Season 10 episode 10 has the artists selecting an eyeball to create a cyclops character. To complete the look of these characters, the show has arranged for 6-7 foot tall models. Mel’s gonna need a ladder to work on her model. (Actually, most of them could’ve used a ladder. Mel just got the most crap about it.) This is a focus challenge, so it’s only a 2 day challenge. They’ve got to sculpt & mold their faces today. In this episode, we learn about eyeforms – a sphere with some screws in it that the artists use to […]

Eyes Face Off Season 10 episode 10

Face Off Season 10 episode 10 preview: Keep One Eye Open

Channel Guide Magazine has received an exclusive preview clip of Face Off Season 10 episode 10. This week’s episode is Keep One Eye Open: The artists must create their own Cyclops monster, straight out of Greek mythology. Special Guest: Douglas Smith (Percy Jackson). In this clip, McKenzie introduces this week’s challenge. We’ve got a little mythology, a little action and a bunch of eyeballs. Yes, eyeballs. For inspiration. Can’t make a cyclops without an eyeball! Have a look for yourself: Tune In: Face Off airs Wednesdays at 9/8C on Syfy.

Spotlight vessels Face Off Season 10 episode 9
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Face Off Season 10 episode 9 recap: Bottled Up

Face Off Season 10 episode 9 starts with a Norse mythology Foundation challenge. A selection of models have been decked out with magnificent wings. They are the Valkyrie – the winged warrior Goddesses. This Foundation has a guest judge – makeup artist Douglas Noe. He gives the artists a good piece of advice – will their Valkyrie tell a story without saying a word. A piece of advice that would work for any Face Off challenge. The winner of this Foundation challenge wins immunity for this week’s Spotlight challenge. Of course Robert sings some Wagner. He’s creating a Valkyrie. I […]

time Face Off Season 10 episode 9

Face Off Season 10 episode 9 preview: Bottled Up

Channel Guide Magazine has received an exclusive preview clip of Face Off Season 10 episode 9. This week’s episode is Bottled Up: The artists must select unique oil lamps, and create the genie that inhabits it. Special Guests: Douglas Noe (Thor: The Dark World, The Avengers) & Bill Corso (Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens) In this clip, Walter is rapidly running out of time to open & clean his cowl mold. In true Face Off fashion, Melissa helps Walter out opening the cowl, and both her and Yvonne help him clean things out. Will he actually get […]

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Syfy’s “The Internet Ruined My Life” shows social media isn’t all LOLs

From nude pictures accidentally tweeted to the wrong people to bullying via hashtags and memes, social media can sometimes be a cruel and dangerous world. Syfy’s new half-hour series will chronicle some of the more extreme examples of this, from an innocent tweet that caused two traveling friends to be detained and suspected of terrorism, to a hashtag that unleashed death threats and a sniper outside a woman’s window, to a profile picture that got transformed into a hateful meme shared by hundreds of thousands. Each story will be told through first-person accounts, and is taken from the headlines. “With […]