Skin Wars season 3 episode 4 Yara Sofia

Skin Wars meets RuPaul’s Drag Race: a Season 3 episode 4 preview

It’s that time again when two worlds collide: the world of Skin Wars meets RuPaul’s Drag Race. While we’re having a brief pause in RuPaul’s Drag Race action, Skin Wars season 3 episode 4 has stepped up to fill the drag queen void. This time, it’s a pageant and the contestants are some of the queens from past seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Here’s the official description from Skin Wars: “Miss Skin Wars” The remaining artists are joined by nine fabulous drag queens, all vying to be crowned the first-ever Miss Skin Wars through competing in body-painted swimwear and a […]

Skin Wars season 3 judges

Skin Wars Season 3 premieres tonight!

Skin Wars season 3 starts tonight, Wednesday April 20 at 10pm Eastern time on GSN. All of the judges from season 1 & 2 are returning: RuPaul Charles, Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina. And of course, host Rebecca Romijn also returns to season 3. Let’s learn a little bit about this season’s artists: In this premiere episode, it looks like the artists will have to paint a costume onto a showgirl-type performer. Each one is wearing a different headdress & that needs to inform the artist’s choices in their paint job. Let’s watch a clip courtesy of GSN: Are you […]

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Skin Wars Fresh Paint gives us one last taste

Skin Wars season 2 just ended, but we get eased off the show with a special: Skin Wars Fresh Paint. We’ve got 3 mentors: Gear, Dutch and Natalie. We’ve also got 6 artists from different disciplines. We’ve got a graphic artist, a miniature artist, fine artist, a tattoo artist/muralist, a airbrush artist and a performance artist. We don’t get to see much of the training these artists get, which is slightly disappointing. The first thing the artists have to do is take 90 minutes to do a full front of the body waist-up paint. This challenge will determine the 3 […]

Avi's feet painting Skin Wars season 2 finale
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Skin Wars Season 2 finale recap

The Skin Wars Season 2 finale does the usual finale stuff – we get a recap of each contestant’s journey on Skin Wars and each contestant gets a message from a loved one from home. The moments are weird with the judges watching them. It’s like “hey, we’re going to watch you have this emotional moment with a look of passive indifference.” For the final mini-challenge, the artists have to paint something on the bottom of 2 models feet in an hour & a half. Some models are ticklish, which adds another layer of difficulty.  These paints should be inspired […]

Aryn belly Skin Wars season 2 episode 9
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Skin Wars Season 2 episode 9 recap: The Semi-Finals

Skin Wars Season 2 episode 9 opens with a reminder that Rio went off on Cheryl Ann as he was eliminated last week. Perhaps we’re being clued-in that her ride is about to come to an end? After a random beach shot for no apparent reason, the artists have 4 models that have their backs to them. The reveal is 4 women with pregnant bellies. They’ve got to do a mother nature inspired design on those bellies. They are told to be unique, avoid cliches and NO AIRBRUSHES. I think it would’ve been awesome to use the pregnant ladies for […]

Rio Skin Wars season 2 episode 8
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Skin Wars Season 2 Episode 8 recap

Skin Wars Season 2 Episode 8 starts with a cool mini-challenge – it’s an anatomical challenge. The artists have to do an anatomically correct painting on their models. They can do any anatomical system they want – muscles, skeleton, organs, whatever. Lana focuses on organs and the circulatory system. Cheryl Ann does the bottom half of her model, focusing on skeletal & muscular structures. She also, of course, goes on & on about who she studied under in Madrid & how many years she took anatomy. Stop it, Cheryl Ann, but I feel like you can’t help yourself. Another thing […]

Rio & Lana Skin Wars season 2 episode 7
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Skin Wars Season 2 Episode 7: Blacklights & teams!

Skin Wars Season 2 Episode 7 begins with a circus challenge. Kyle is an aerial ice skater, which I don’t quite get, but he’s really excited for this week’s challenge. This makes me nervous for his chances today. Don’t take away my quirky Kyle yet! (And don’t be so obvious. Contestant loves challenge = they’re going home. We get it.) These classic circus paints are meant to appear in front of a circus themed background. Aryn goes with a person shooting out of a cannon. Avi does a lizard woman. Cheryl Ann does a balancing elephant. Lana does a sword […]

Cheryl Ann annoys the crap out of others on Skin Wars season 2 episode 6
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Skin Wars Season 2 episode 6: It’s Steampunk Time!

Skin Wars season 2 episode 6 is all about the accessories – jewelry to start and steampunk to finish. It’s an episode all about merging – merging jewelry into a paint and merging futuristic and steampunk. The mini-challenge asks the painters to create a painting that offers a clear connection with a piece of jewelry. This design must also have a Victorian feel to it. Dawn Marie is totally into it. Avi is clueless again, so you know he’ll pull it out. Or not, because his beautiful headpiece jewelry ends up on his model’s shoulder. Huh? Cheryl Ann, Lana and […]

Ru's laugh Skin Wars season 2 episode 5
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Skin Wars season 2 episode 5 recap: You cannot do boom

Skin Wars season 2 episode 5 spans the emotions – starting with laughter and winding around to horror. The mini-challenge is to create a paint that makes RuPaul laugh. Cheryl Ann is a classically trained painter, not a stand-up comedian! Kyle’s also not sure about being funny, but thinks maybe going dirty will make Ru laugh. We’ll see about that. Lana’s paint is all about RuPaul, destroyer of dreams. He pops the balloons of artists dreams. You cannot do boom to Lana! You cannot! Rio goes all-in and creates the story of Cheryl Ann being thrown under the bus from […]