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Luke Wilson Talks Showtime’s Roadies and Working with Cameron Crowe

When the weather turns warm, concert season arrives. Showtime’s Roadies takes viewers into the world of live music, to the traveling circus that is the backstage crew of the fictitious Staton-House Band. Series star Luke Wilson imagines them as a Pearl Jam-like group — no longer the new kids on the music scene, but still enjoying the longevity and fan base that fills arenas around the world. The series focuses on the strange, silly, wonderful, poignant behind-the-scenes world of this band, and Wilson and Carla Gugino play their tour manager and production manager — the de facto parents of this […]


Shameless Season 6 finale recap – “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!”

Way overdue recap on the finale, but this girl was on a very badly needed vacation! With that out of the way … The week before the finale, we saw Frank spilling his guts to some random guy he met on The L.  Joking about wanting to put a hit on Sean, he actually made plans with the guy to do it. So did a Gallagher finally get a happy ending? With how crazy and all-over-the-board this season went, one only knows! Let’s see what really went down on the Shameless Season 6 finale recap – “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!” We start off with Frank sneaking into […]


Shameless Season 6, episode 11 recap – “Sleep No More”

Last week’s Shameless ended in a big shootout on the commune, between Jupiter and T-Dog’s cronies. I, of course, was interested to see how that ended up playing out, but in true Shameless style, not a peep. So I guess just as quickly as Queenie and that whole situation came along this season, it was gone just like that, as well — kind of like the whole Lesbian gentrification and Yanis situation in the beginning. With this episode being the last one before the finale, let’s see what other situations can arise that will also not really get any closure. […]


Shameless Season 6, episode 10 recap – “Paradise Lost”

Last week everything seemed to finally be coming up roses for most of the Gallagher clan, Shameless fans. Does that still hold true for this week? Given the episode title is “Paradise Lost,” this sounds a little doubtful — and we are talking Shameless here. Here’s the Shameless Season 6, episode 10 recap. Fiona & Sean: Things are full steam ahead with the wedding planning. Sean is moving into the Gallagher house and Fiona is all about having a traditional wedding. Flowers, church, reception hall — the whole nine yards. She also gets blessings from Will (Sean’s son, who oddly enough hated […]


Shameless Season 6, Episode 9 recap – “A Yurt Of One’s Own”

Last week on Shameless Frank got busted dipping into the delivery, Carl is still on the path to being out, Sean lost it on Fiona for Will finding one of Carl’s guns. Here’s what happened on this week’s Shameless Season 6, Episode 9 – “A Yurt Of One’s Own”   Frank, Queenie & Debbie: Frank is ripping out his new do and hiding from T-Dogg’s crew, who is hunting him down to kill him. Debs is going to Queenie’s commune, soaring consciousness ecosystem, for a supportive environment. Of course not without some heckling from Fiona for dropping out of school. Debs […]


Shameless Season 6, Episode 8 recap – “Be A Good Boy. Come For Grandma.”

After a week hiatus – I presume because the Academy Awards were on – we are back in business! Of course no shortage of Shameless this week and certainly no shortage of some T&A this week, either. So let’s dive in to this week’s Shameless Season 6, episode 8 recap – “Be A Good Boy. Come For Grandma.” Oh and full disclosure: the episode title is exactly how it sounds! Frank, Carl & Queenie: Queenie, now in charge of the Gallagher clan, is trying to make a REAL family out of them by eating at a dining table. In the […]


Shameless Season 6, episode 7 recap – “Pimp’s Paradise”

Last week’s Shameless was a crazy wild ride, offering some closure to some circumstances but only the beginning of others. So looking forward to this week’s episode, I was disappointed — super snoozefest — and it took some weird turns. I have noticed this show is a rollercoaster. Build up a storyline … drag it out … then poof! Over! Move on to a new one. There are, of course, some key points in this episode that launch the next arch in the Gallaghers’ twisted lives. Which is — of course — what always keeps me loving this show. So with my editorial opinion out […]

No Picture

Shameless Season 6, episode 6 recap – “NSFW”

Last week on Shameless, Fiona still struggled with trying to find a place to live, Nick got his precious bike stolen, Frank weaseled Debs and himself into a cancer family’s life, Kev & V had a dead bar and new kids, Ian tried to hook up with a fireman, and Lip’s secret relationship with Helene was blown wide open by Amanda. Let’s see what the fallout of all these things and more are, in this week’s Shameless Season 6, Episode 6 recap – “NSFW” Fiona: Waking in the morning, still self-absorbed with her house drama, Sean asks if she is […]


Shameless Season 6, Episode 5 Recap: “Refugees”

After last week’s flaming Yanis and the Gallagher clan losing their house, what can possibly happen this week to top that? Let’s dive into the Shameless Season 6 Episode, 5 recap: “Refugees.” Fiona: At a lovely family Gallagher breakfast, most likely the last in their house, Carl is yammering on about how they can’t be kicked out of the house and reminiscing about all the things that have happened there. All his broken bones. Liam being born on the table — the one where everyone is eating.  He keeps rambling on about all sorts of illegal ways they can keep the […]


Shameless Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: “Going Once, Going Twice”

This week the Gallagher clan are fighting to keep their house. Will they prevail? Let’s see what happens in this week’s Shameless Season 6 Episode 4 recap; “Going Once, Going Twice.”     Fiona: Calling Cousin Patrick repeatedly to find out why they possibly are getting evicted from the house they rent from him, Fi gets no response. With Sean tagging along, she goes to visit him in the flesh to get some answers. Fiona learns that he took a loan against the house for $60,000 and never paid it back, so the bank is foreclosing on it. He could […]