Preacher Season 1 finale

Preacher Season finale recap

The end is here, Preacher fans! With the Preacher season finale, “Call and Response,” season one is all but dust in the wind, and though I know the wait for Season 2 will be long and grueling, we have much for which to give thanks. Cassidy is still with us, and he’s healing up nicely. Saving Eugene from Hell is not an impossibility. Jesse seems to be getting a handle on Genesis. Tulip found Carlos, so she can stop obsessing. Emily won’t have to make out with Miles ever again. All the wild guinea pigs and hamsters have been set free to […]

Preacher AMC episode 7

Preacher Episode 7 recap: All dogs go to heaven. At least they better.

Another week is upon us, Preacher fans. We kinda get one wish, and sorta another, but hell continues to break loose in Annville! It just doesn’t stop. If you’re expecting answers, forget it! You’re getting nothing! And based on the fact that there is another season coming, only a few more episodes of this one, and AMC’s track record for leaving us angst-ridden puddles, I can only offer the comfort of my shoulder. I know we’re in for a long wait until next season, and this one ain’t even over yet! It begins with a Quincannon vacation in Vail — […]

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Lucy Griffiths as Emily, Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy Preache

Preacher recap: With God All Things Are Possible. Genesis is Another Story …

Well, we knew last week was just the beginning of it all hitting the fan, and hitting the fan it is! So welcome back Preacher fans. This week is just chock full of disturbing. I fell in love with Jesse Custer when he was a drunken turd of a crappy preacher … he should have stayed that way. Now he’s so much worse. It can be argued it’s not his fault, but it is. He had the golden opportunity to put Genesis back in its damn can last week. He didn’t. So, with that said, I am no longer fond […]

Preacher episode 6 Jesse LeBlanc Fiore

Preacher Season 1 Episode 6 – “God don’t make mistakes!”

Welcome back Preacher fans! Last week, we found out Jesse’s definitely not carrying around the Holy Spirit in his belly. This week we find out just what it is … okay, well maybe not exactly, but its name is Genesis, and it ain’t good. We begin where we left off – the diner. Fiore and DeBlanc want Jesse to give “it” back, but Jesse wants to know what “it” is first. Fiore tells him to mind his own business, but DeBlanc, under Jesse’s spell, spills the story of Genesis – “the most powerful entity every known, the singular force that […]

Preacher episode 5 Quincannot Green People

Preacher Season 1 Episode 5 recap: Going to church don’t make you a Christian

Dear Preacher fans: The world is sh-t and it’s all our fault. Now stop being sinners before Jesse gets involved. He’s not real good at using his powers yet, so we best take behaving upon ourselves. Preacher really gets me thinking about people and faith and my faith in people (I said I wasn’t religious, but I can still have faith, so no busting my chops). Yeah, it’s harsh and violent and maybe a little too audacious, but it’s creative and entertaining. Some say it’s just too twisted … seen the news lately? It’s a parody, people, and the world ain’t […]

Preacher AMC Emily Jesse

Preacher Season 1 Episode 4 recap: The Hole Truth

Bless you for your return, Preacher fans! Each week is full of surprises, and this episode is especially fun. It showcases many little tidbits of importantness, and it’s so hysterical, it damn near caused death by spaghetti. Preacher trumps sliced bread, rolled oats and all the other “best things since.” You with me, or do I need a life? (I appreciate all comments, BTW … even if they make me question my humanity … see last week’s comments.) It starts with the school bus prowling about. Maybe Jesse needs to think things through a little more before willing them to […]

Preacher Donnie
Based On The Comic

Preacher Season 1 Episode 3 recap: Grails, Fails and Bunny Tales

Hiya Preacher fans! It’s Sunday and church is in session! To begin, we meet Danny … who is not a guy. Danny would like her husband whacked, but Tulip’s not interested. However, she is interested in the paperwork being handed off. What’s Grail Industries … a holy bunch (wink)? Hmmm? We’ll have to wait and see. Danny takes the paperwork from Tulip, stuffs it away, and it’s a dead topic. In exchange for the Grail stuff, Tulip gets a slip of paper containing a “last known address.” Of who? Tulip recalls the day everything ended for Jesse and her. An […]

Preacher Tracy Loach
Based On The Comic

Preacher Episode 2 recap: I got the power!

Jesus, Preacher fans! Two weeks to wait? Felt like a damned month! So welcome back, sinners! • MORE: Preacher Episode 1 recap • MORE: Man literally seeks God in AMC’s new Preacher Episode 2 takes us back to 1881. A little girl is sick in bed. She sees a man in the doorway and smiles. I assume it’s her father. A woman (her mother?) pushes him aside and goes to her. The man in the doorway looks intense, and he has a journey ahead of him. Few details are revealed, but the woman expects the trip to take a few days. […]


AMC Preacher premiere recap: Ya get what you pray for

Hallelujah and bless AMC! For Preacher is here! • RELATED: We talk AMC’s smokin’ new Preacher with executive producer Sam Catlin! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dying to feast your eyes on this bad boy since the very first moment AMC made the world privy to its arrival. I expected good, but good just don’t do Preacher justice … It begins with a bang — literally. A “meteorite” shoots through space and beelines it to Africa where a man preaches passionately to a dedicated congregation. He shouts, “Something is coming!” He doesn’t know how right he is. That “something” smashes […]