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The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses: BBC’s Shakespearean Smash Returns to PBS

In 2013, PBS thrilled history buffs and fans of the Bard with the Shakespearean miniseries The Hollow Crown, a BBC production that boasted Jeremy Irons and Michelle Dockery among its cast. Beginning Sunday, PBS revives the tale with The Wars of the Roses, a trio of lavish, star-packed film adaptations focused on Henry VI (Tom Sturridge) and Richard III (Benedict Cumberbatch) that will air as part of its Great Performances franchise. The new additions illustrate the ongoing battle for the English crown — a medieval spectacle encompassing French rebellion, England’s civil war, the rise and fall of Joan of Arc, […]

Great Performances: Hamilton's America

Lin-Manuel Miranda Offers A Free Opportunity To See Hamilton!

To say Hamilton: An American Musical is a phenomenon is an understatement. It has captured the zeitgeist of American history and culture in a succinct package that challenges and mirrors our own modern lives. The work of art has touched the world and has singularly elevated a humble public servant to celebrity status. And it is sold out on Broadway and in Chicago and will undoubtedly sell out its future residences in San Francisco and London’s West End. But if you’re not one of the lucky ones who’ve had a ticket in your hands, fear not! Hamilton’s America is your easiest (and […]