Alexander Vlahos (Philippe)

Alexander Vlahos on the Final Season of ‘Versailles’: “I’m Incredibly Happy With How It Ended”

Versailles, the opulent show about the French court under King Louis XIV (George Blagden), returns for its third and final season in the United States on Oct. 6 on Ovation. With even more mysteries, power plays and court politics, the series explores new territory before coming to a fitting end. Alexander Vlahos plays Philippe d’Orléans, Louis’ darker, more emotional brother, who we last saw leave the palace at the end of Season 2 to go to war at his brother’s request. Speaking from York on his day off, where he’s currently performing in a theater production of Romeo & Juliet, […]

Who is Reza Aslan?

Who is Reza Aslan? He’s changing the talk show focus with “Rough Draft”

Who is Reza Aslan? Learn more about the New York Times best selling author who is hosting a new talk show you’re going to want to check out … Ovation introduces its first talk show with Rough Draft With Reza Aslan, beginning Feb. 28 at 8:30pmET. The show focuses on the art of writing in all its different forms as Reza Aslan, the best-selling author of a number of books himself (Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth), invites authors, screenwriters and songwriters to discuss their creative process. Sound boring? Far from it. And let’s be clear, this […]

Artful Detective
Historical Programming

William Shatner to guest on “The Artful Detective”

If you have not been a regular viewer of the previous eight seasons of The Artful Detective do not let that stop you from taking a look. The series is one of Ovation’s most popular shows, as well as an international success, airing under the title of Murdoch Mysteries on the CBC for years. The new season of The Artful Detective, which is set in Toronto around the turn of the 20th century, premieres Saturday, January 23 at 7pmET on Ovation. William Shatner will make a special guest appearance in Episode 2. Season 9 takes place in 1903 and explores […]

On The Record With Mick Rock

Go “On The Record With Mick Rock” on Ovation

Mick Rock and his iconic photographs of Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Lou Reed and Blondie helped define the 1970s glam rock era. Now the man who has photographed everyone from Queen to Queens of the Stone Age is looking at music’s biggest stars through a new lens. In his newest adventure, Ovation’s On the Record With Mick Rock, the photographer travels to the hometowns of music legends to gain an insider’s view of how each city shaped them. Two of the stars he’ll join for an unforgettable day are singer Josh Groban (who also serves as a series producer) and […]

A Young Doctor's Notebook Ovation

A Young Doctor’s Notebook: Jon Hamm, Daniel Radcliffe play the same M.D. in Ovation series

Physician, Heal Thyself: Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe play the younger and older versions of a troubled Russian physician in A Young Doctor’s Notebook which has its American television premiere Oct. 2 on Ovation.  Jon Hamm is 6’2″, from America’s Corn Belt and best known as unscrupulous ad exec Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men. Daniel Radcliffe is 5’5″ and English as Earl Grey, and became an international superstar by age 12 as the feature-film incarnation of literary kid wizard Harry Potter. Hardly two guys you’d peg to play the same guy in shared scenes in a single production. But as […]

No Picture

Shooter Jennings and Grace Potter talk Ovation’s “Johnny Cash: Song By Song”

Shooter Jennings could barely see over a church pew when his father, country music legend Waylon Jennings, had a falling out with Shooter’s godfather — Waylon’s manager — and asked the little boy to pick himself a new one. Shooter chose a guy who always made him feel important — his dad’s friend and sometime bandmate Johnny Cash. Meanwhile, a Vermont schoolgirl named Grace Potter who got the giggles over Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” would rediscover the artist as a young aspiring rock star when she heard Cash’s 2003 Rick-Rubin-produced remake of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt,” that […]