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When does a niche network give up its niche?

It’s hard to overestimate the influence that niche networks have had on us in recent decades. Thinking back to when cable TV was in its infancy and the concept was still pretty new, one might recall thinking, “How could you fill x number of hours of programming a day with _________?” (Remember — not all networks were 24 hours a day back then. That’s right, kids — television used to sign off at night!) But somewhere out there, someone had the idea to take a boatload of existing programming content, run it on the air and see what sort of […]

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Bret Michaels kicks off Season 2 of Nick’s “Glenn Martin, DDS”

Nick at Nite’s stop-motion animated comedy series begins its second season June 11 at 10:30pm ET/PT. The upcoming season will feature an impressive cast of celebrity guest voices, including Mel Brooks, Fergie, Kristen Bell, Sean Hayes, the ubiquitous Betty White, Jimmy Kimmel, John Corbett, Fran Drescher, Bradley Whitford, Cheri Oteri, MC Hammer, Jason Alexander, George Takei, Howie Mandel, Don Johnson, Ty Burrell, Ashley Tisdale, Jim Parsons, Bryan Cranston, Gabourey Sibide and Ellen Page, among others.