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“My Name Is Earl”: The Frank Factor

In “The Frank Factor,” Joy visits Earl in prison, still feeling guilty about him doing time for her. Suddenly, Earl spots a guy in prison he knows, Frank (Michael Rapaport), and it turns out they have quite a history together. Flash back to seven years ago. Earl’s parents are having their house fumigated, so Earl and Randy are homeless, sleeping outside on someone’s discarded sofa. But trash day comes, and Earl and Randy are homeless again. Earl spots an ad for a cheap room to rent, and he and Randy sublet the kitchen floor of Frank’s trailer home. Paco, Frank’s […]

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Game Shows

“No Deal” To Breast Cancer

I don’t normally like NBC’s Deal Or No Deal, but I do have to applaud the show’s upcoming campaign to help fight and raise awareness of breast cancer. On an October 19 special episode (8pm ET), the show goes “pink” to show its support for the battle. Host Howie Mandel will be garbed in pink socks, the briefcase models will waltz on stage in pink dresses (carrying pink briefcases), and even the Play At Home Lucky Case Game has a “pink” theme, with home viewers having a chance to win $10,000 and a limited edition “Warriors in Pink” Mustang. A […]

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Casting Calls

New “Gladiators” Wanted — No Mullet Required

As you may have heard, possibly from Channel Guide Magazine, NBC is “reinventing” the “classic” (at least, according to ESPN Classic) early ’90s competition series American Gladiators. But in order to do that, they first need some competitors — and some gladiators. If you feel you fit either of these bills (of course, none of you will ever be able to replace “Lace” in my heart of hearts), the network invites you to try out and prove it. According to NBC, what they are looking for in “contenders” are “weekend warriors who have excelled and take pride in their level […]